Shopping King Louise 3

Today’s editor’s pick for twatch (together watching) is Shopping King Louie. It’s already hitting the 3rd episode, and we’re gonna continue from there, but firstly first, we gotta feed Oni.

Oni : I’m going for snacks first LOL wait XD

Bannyah: Kay. BTW this drama is totally mwoya ige for me. Makes no sense but  Seo In Guk is cute with english and french

Oni : Bwahahahahhahaa. But I like it though it’s light and you dont have to think XD bwahahahha.

Bannyah: Yep its not annoying. its cutely light

Shopping King Louise Episode 3 Recap

With the title, “Her”, the episode is started with both guys said, “In my new beginning, she was there.”. Well they refered to Nam Ji Hyun who played as Go Bok Shil here. Continue from last episode, she left Seo In Guk (Louie/Ji Sung) for work and met her ginseng thief.


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Debut : SF9

FUZZILA: OOT, (Out of Topic) Do you know park haeyoung brother in signal? Lee Jehoon’s brother in signal? He will debut in FNC as idol.

ONI: Owh hyung? I kinda forgot his face though lol omg forgive me, hyung hahahaha. But I probably remember him as soon as I saw him.

FUZZILA: wp-1471923697917.jpg

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Uncontrollably Fond 5

PoisonGiggles: Omo! Date himmmmmmmm. I’d say yes XD
Bannyah: Why am I excited for watching Uncontrollably Fond XDDDDD
Bannyah: “Kill everyone I hate,” I’d do that too
Papuli: Okie…Kim Woo Bin (hereafter KWB) hahahaha me too. Have a list too kept in case
Bannyah: And sleep around too xDDDDD
PoisonGiggles: Yes Woobinnie
Papuli: Hahaha me too. Sleep and eat and smoke
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Uncontrollably Fond 1

We decided to watch this on a whim and liked the episode!  It’s a pleasant surprise to all of us.  We even like Suzy.  This is shocking news.


Kim Woo Bin is at the altar marrying a girl that is not Shin Min Ah, or anyone we know.  Oops, I mean Shin Joon Young.  Soon gangsters interrupt with sticks, cue the fight scene, Joon Young is covered in blood and we hear a gunshot.  Joon Young’s chest explodes with blood but he doesn’t fall to the ground.  “I don’t want to die.”  Joon Young is a famous actor and walks off the set after demanding a script change.   Continue reading

Lucky Romance 11

Confession: Only one trash unnie has watched this episode with subs so this will be a rant-cap.  Because I feel lonely.  If you can’t take rants, stay out. The spazz is an add-on from other unniedeuls while they read this rant-cap or watch short clips.  We shall call this Imaginary Spazz.

Lucky Romance Episode 11 Recap

We have a replay of the kiss from last episode to remind us where we left off – as if we need another reminder.  Our replay buttons have broken, there are scrunched up tissues on the floor and a barf bag on the side for emergency use. Suho kisses Bonui passionately as she stands there enjoying the kiss like a Totem pole and when she regains motor function she pushes him away.  Jjangyard unniedeul need to have a word with Bonui. Do you see the line up of girls wanting to kiss Je Suho/Ryu Jun Yeol?  

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Why Are You Two Still Not Moving On?

Ballad: I wonder what happened in the aftermath of the kiss in Lucky Romance 😚😚😚

PoisonGiggles: LOL she pushed him away 😆

Ballad: bwahahahaha 😆 Suho-yah, ottohke???

PoisonGiggles: I was like you don’t do that to my oppa 😆😆😆 He was surprisingly resilient and persistent ROFL

Ballad: When he kissed her and was like “is this what I’m supposed to do?” last episode I totally had Junghwan flashbacks, like when we’re all like JUST KISS HER in the hajima scene

PoisonGiggles: I know… I’m so bad with it.. I saw the preview for ep12 and can’t help but think about what could have been with Junghwan-Deoksun
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Suho the Untrained Puppy


PoisonGiggles: I realize I love Lucky Romance for the fan following, not for the drama itself

Papuli: Yep…. I know right

PoisonGiggles: I’m looking forward to next episode just to see oppa’s cute face (of course) and the squeals that are gonna happen online bwhahaha

Papuli: Lucky Romance plot is everywhere and still nowhere. It’s all Yeolie and nothing else to be honest

PoisonGiggles: LOL I think I don’t care about plot anymore 😂  I’m just waiting to see what oppa can do. And then how we freak about his cuteness.. Then the cute gifs Continue reading

Lucky Romance 9

As if to make all fans go crazy, Lucky Romance 9 repeats the hug scene from the last episode. Outside the hospital, Suho smiles while swaying Bonui that he’s always going to be available in case she wants to visit Bora. They say bye to each other but then soon after Suho runs to Bonui asking her to eat lunch together, playing a guilt card saying that he already drove her and played as her lucky charm all day.

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