Lucky Romance 6

Lucky Romance Episode 6 Recap

This episode was opened with a scene of Gewi’s grieving. Perfect time for us, the fangirls to go all emo with him, even though we’re not really sure why. Anyway, continuing from the last scene in episode 5, Bonui tried to explain her condition to Je Suho, but he left before she could say anything. She could not find the perfect words to explain him through text either. Poor him, waiting for her text.


Gewi was running alone for his health, while Aiymee waited in his house. Aiymee tried to do aegyo to get him for modelling IF. Gewi rejected it by saying that he didn’t like the CEO of the game company. Oh, I wonder why. Gewi, can’t you see how cute Aiymee is?


Unknowingly, Suho knocked on his door. He wanted to talk about Bonui, but since Aiymee was there so the topic change into scouting Gewi. The three had a nice chit chat in a café. Still, Gewi rejected IF offer. This scene is nice while it lasts. I need this two to keep talking. Eargasm to the max. Aiymee is so pretty, so she can be there.


In office, Je Suho told ZEZE Avenger that Gewi would decide tomorrow whether he will be the IF  Game model or not. Bonui looked worried the entire time. Her concern was not about Je Suho , but rather because of her quest. Bonui’s newest way of tiger hunting was to give away her number so people can send their ID and she would sleep with them. I don’t know if this smart move or not, but she received many censored pictures. So, I guess her tiger hunt quest is going well. Je Suho thought the same when he snooped through her phone. He was okay about that but prefered her to work a little more on her other quest. The quest to make Gewi sign the IF contract. Well, our CEO was great at pretending that she didn’t matter, but ready to wear ahjumma items if it’s what it takes to block her doing her tiger hunt.


Bonui explained to Gewi that she made IF  Game with Bora in her mind. Her little speech about what she thought if Bora was healthy moved Gewi’s heart. Good, cos Aiymee needed him to sign the contract. She was in desperate mode the next day because her athlete did not contact her about signing ZEZE contract. She came to ZEZE anyway, an opportunity to meet Je Suho should not be wasted. I know you are smart, girl. Gewi did not waste his opportunity to meet him either, even though I am sure he didn’t want to (at least for now. He’ll get used to that cutie pie. Teehee). He was there, ready to be ZEZE model. This surprised Aiymee, especially when she found out that Bonui worked for ZEZE too.  Anyway, ZEZE Avenger had funnier shocked faces when they understand that Bonui  knew Gewi, The Gewi Choi.


Gewi signed the contract for Bonui. Aiymee thanked her but she was poured with salt instead. “What are you doing?” she said. Yeah that’s totally my line too. In her defense, Bonui thought that she was driving away the evil spirit.


Aiymee and Gewi had an honest talk about how Aiymee had a thing with Suho. She told him that Suho was bullied in the past, so he didn’t like people taking advantage of him. Aiymee did something similar to Je Suho too, so they are not in good terms now. She thanked Gewi for bridging her back to Suho.


Suho’s omma was out to see her Chicken Shop CEO. “Is this CEO the father of other CEO?” Hmm, that’s what Oni asked but let’s not go there. Anyway, Je Suho’s Omma was spying on him when she met Bonui. LOL. ZEZE Avenger had a dinner party there. But that was not the highlight. That scene cannot be the highlight when Ryu Junyeol water CF was there. No. Not a chance. This guy is so cute!

The next day was a Saturday and Je Suho wanted to meet Bonui no matter what. My only question is: “Why is Je Suho dress better than Bonui?” He is the one who is a nerd. Look at this. Our oppa looks so great.


Anyway, their date means shamans visit for Je Suho.  Those shaman were all stupid compared to him. Je Suho kept embarrassing shaman in front of Bonui. He definitely tried to brainwash her. He’s like Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory here. Je Suho is no fun to be around, but it’s okay. He can babble all he likes, I’ll listen. I am not sure those shaman will do the same though.


In the end Bonui left him. Bonui went to find tiger man, but Je Suho saved her. Seriously, this tiger man had two friends with him, probably wanted to do 3 on 1 with her. However Bonui got mad at Je Suho instead. So stupid. Bonui told him that if he did not want to get one night stand with her he should not bother her. Mmmkay. They went to their own homes. In the rooftop, Bonui was praying to get tiger when Gewi come. It’s okay, because Je Suho got Ryangha to talk with.

The next day, Aiymee had a cute small fight with Dalnim in Ryanghan’s coffee shop. Dalnim-ssi, your enemy is Bonui.


The countdown to the day IF is completed also reflects Bonui’s need to sleep with her tiger. In the middle of all of this, her boss tried to sell her something. It’s not important scene at all.


Zeze conducted a presentation and press conference for the launching of IF. Suho was still on pills before presenting IF to the journalist. Bonui got him a talisman but she didn’t dare to give it herself. She sent Dalnim for the job. Gewi was so daebak in IF press conference, like true model he was.

After the press-con, Zeze Avenger had a little party but Bonui could not come cos *cough* date *cough*. Je Suho listened to her conversation with the newest tiger. He was trying to catch Bonui but Aiymee was in a way. He lost her, and mindlessly talk in banmal with Aiymee. She was stupidly touched by this development. Bonui went to a Motel. Suho saw that her newest tiger guy has friends with camera. Meanwhile Gewi was still promoting IF.


Bonui was half crying in motel. She did not want to do “that”, but still believe that she had to do “that”. Gewi tried to call her but she didn’t answer. She put talisman in the bed and got caught by the newest tiger guy. He was still okay with her antic. Euwh. Thank god, police come on him, and revealed the whole cameras installed in the room. Je Suho definitely helped her but not revealing himself. He left the motel without Bonui. Gewi tried to to find her. Her whereabouts was unknown until we see hospital in the scene. She went to her sister, probably sad for not able to save her. Je Suho was in hospital too.



Turned out Je Suho listened to her confession to a wall that she had to find tiger because of her dongsaeng.


This episode get the number one in rating for the time slot. YAAAAAY, FINALLY!!! Please maintain your number one rating, Lucky Romance! I don’t really like it, but it’s needed for Oppa’s happiness. As for me, from a scale 1-10 I’d give this episode a “HEOL“.


 Trash Unniedeul Commentary

Poisongiggles: Is it good? Episode 6

Oni: Okay, I ranted. Episode 6 was… jealousy moment.  BWHAHAHAHAHA
Since he seems to worry about her a lot. Fun though I think, better than yesterday? Maybe. But again, don’t trust my words since I’m biased.

Fuzzyla: I don’t get why oppa has to be concerned about her. I really don’t get this. Why?? It’s too forced. Oppa didn’t want to sleep with her but is concerned about her. So out of character. This person supposed to be hating to do stupid things. However oppa is so cute so it’s okay.

Banyah: Either way, DalRya sails.

Poisongiggles: Out of topic. I want that massage chair.

Fuzzyla: I want sofa-TV!!!

Oni: Right? I want it too.

Poisongiggles: I need to watch this with alcohol. I hate Bonui. I know why i’m irritable… I finished my coffee

Banyah: OMG I know why am I in good mood for this


Banyah: I’m on frozen yogurt and ice cream. I totally overdosed

Poisongiggles: Bwahahahaha

Oni: One lacks caffeine and one on sugar.

Banyah: In the last 10 minutes, I was super pissed.  😆

Poisongiggles: I notice i get pissed in middle of every episode. Yesterday I got pissed until end. Today is not that bad.

Oni: Right Giggs?

Poisongiggles: Yep.

Oni: But don’t you think it’s better Banyah? Than yesterday?

Banyah: No.

Oni: Keep eating those ice cream Banyah.

Poisongiggles: I wish they spend more time with Gewi. As in Gewi at Zeze. I will buy ice cream later. OMG this woman.So stupid. Sleeping with a random stranger.

Banyah: I might gain weight if I eat sweets every time I watch this.

Poisongiggles: Bwahaha Bannyah.

Fuzzyla: Right? I think sleeping with sunbae is a lot better. Why can she meet these stupid porn guys but not the tiger sunbae?

Oni: Oh, right. Sunbae… Almost forgot about him.

Poisongiggles: She’s so annoying. At the motel, I wanted Suho to save this damsel in distress but I don’t want her with him. Dilemma.

Banyah: I wish this have open ending. No happy end, no romance.

Poisongiggles: Gewi knows the deadline right?

Banyah: Go to Gewi.

Fuzzyla: But Gewi is a rooster.

Poisongiggles: Make him a tiger. Roar!

Fuzzyla: I dont know why Suho likes her. Like how?

Poisongiggles: She’s pretty. EUGH.

Fuzzyla: AIYMEE IS PWETTY. Did he forget about Aiyme already? Why? First love dies hard! This episode is worse.

Oni: Nope, this episode is better  😆 😆

Poisongiggles: Fuzz, this episode is less annoying. But this episode is more about fan jealousy like Oni said. OMG. Is he gonna sleep with her next ep?

Oni: I know Giggs would think the same LOL


Oni: The preview suggest so…But I don’t think so.

Poisongiggles: Oni we are similar.

Oni: I think next episode would annoy me.

Poisongiggles: I know this is the plot but why??? Oni let’s cry together…

Banyah: Yesterday was worse. Today is just… I hate it. But I was okay first 40 minutes.

Fuzzyla: Previous episodes were better for me. I am not even sad for kiss scene. Because at least Suho was still not in love, just curious.

Poisongiggles: LOL Fuzz.

Fuzzyla: Seriously, yesterday episode (watched it today though) was better, except the last part for me. I thought Suho hated Bonui because, well who wants to be your sacrifice? But then, Gewi asked if that’s because of love? Arrrgh.

Oni: Cos he already fell for her before he knows it

Poisongiggles: He started to sympathize with her and that’s the problem.

Fuzzyla: Problem is we had to believe that Bonui IS 25, and good looking in those outfit. I don’t believe it. Hence I disliked this.

Oni: She’s pretty in his eyes, errrghh.

Fuzzyla: At least make her wear pretty clothes. SOCK IN SANDALS. Sigh.

Oni: I think cos Suho often sees her without his glasses. LOL.

Fuzzyla: THOSE DENIMS. I am crying.

Banyah: I see a lot people without glasses and I am not falling in love.

Poisongiggles: Bwahahaha this is too funny.

Oni: But he cant see the wrinkles Banyah.

Banyah: I can’t see either still I’m not in love.

Poisongiggles: LOL that’s why he thinks she’s 25.

Banyah: I think it’s drugs. He’s on drugs.

Fuzzyla: Bwahahahahahha.

Poisongiggles: LOL always drugs.


Banyah: I always blame drugs.

Fuzzyla: Drugs are bad, kids. Say no to drugs.


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