9 Years of FT. Island

Uhm, Hi…

Well, I am alone in this. I can’t expect more when I am talking about kpop. Anyway, this is a post about a pop-rock band called FT. Island. Yes, a band, not boyband, but still filled with cuties. Do you want proof? Let me take you to a video of FT. Island bassist, Lee Jaejin. here.

Cute right? Damn, yes he is (although, I prefer not in that hair colour). He is 91-liner, my same age (not) friend. He is also my bias in the group. In the video he was talking about FT Island 9th Anniversary. Damn, only 25 years old but already working in the industry for 9 years. How awesome! Well, I am not gonna make a recap about the video. If I make one, you won’t watch it. So, I am gonna talk more about the band and it’s awesomeness.

FT Island debuted on 7th June 2007 with their title track “Love Sick”. They were the first and only artist of FNC Music at the time. The band consists of 5 members, Lee Hongki (vocalist), Choi Jonghoon (guitarist, and leader), Oh Wonbin (guitarist), Lee Jaejin (Bassist), and Choi Minhwan (drummer). I was not into them at that time (not even into kpop yet), but now I know how awesome they were. Their debut song charted really high and they won first place in music program just after 53 days since debut. On top of that, they won awards from Mnet and Golden Disk Awards in their debut year.

With the soaring popularity, FNC sent them to Japan. They had to start from the bottom there, but succeeded. From Indie artist to a Warner Music Japan artist, they’ve come a long way. However, with them leaving for Japan, other groups took over their place in Korea. They were not as successful as they used to be, but they still has a lot of loyal fans who call themselves Primadonna.

At some point during their journey (well, 2009), Oh Wonbin left the group to be a solo singer. He wanted to do other genre of music. He stayed in FNC and Song Seunghyun to took over his role in FT. Island. Funnily enough, this new member is the one who made me fall for the group.

Song Seunghyun appeared in a variety show called Maknae Rebellions, a funny show where the youngest of various kpop boybands ganging up to shine outside their respective groups. I watched the show for 2 AM maknae, Jung Jinwoon who was super cute in G.Na’s MV Black and White, but fell for Seunghyun instead. Seunghyun’s antics were too amusing to be dismissed. He invited his bro, Choi Jonghoon for one episode in the show and I gave up trying to resist the charms of FT. Island. I mean…

Well, thanks to Song Seunghyun I found this awesome band. They are pretty. They are crazy. They are talented. They are pretty crazy talented bunch of people! Do check out some of their songs here…


I love them, and hope that they will become more successful later. Congrats FT.Island for the 9 years of awesome journey. I WILL cheer for you on July Comeback. I HOPE this full self-composed album will hit daebak. PRAY hard!


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