2016-06-10 (10) - Copy

Papuli: V line is the best….It’s the perfect map to bananaville hahahahah

Oni: T-line

Fuzzyla: LOL Paps! I wanna pull down oppa’s pants immediately

Papuli: hahahahaha

Bannyah: What is T-line?

PoisonGiggles: omo Fuzz

Bannyah: T-line name?

PoisonGiggles: Screencap this. We need to threaten Fuzz with this 😂😂

PoisonGiggles: Thong? T-line? 😂😂

Bannyah: So we have T-line and V-line 😉😉

Oni: You know what’s funny, we all paused for a few seconds after T-line

Fuzzyla: Hahahaha threaten?

Bannyah: DirtyFuzz

Oni: DirtyFuzz

PoisonGiggles: DirtyFuzz

Papuli: Fuzzy just goes for the capture hahahahah

PoisonGiggles: Send it to Cjes so that she gets blocked on Instagram 😂

Fuzzyla: Paps said it was a map, so I just went along with it

Toera: Hahahaha Fuzz is bad example for the maknaes (youngest in the family) here, as if they need one. LOL.

Fuzzyla: nobody knows who the oppa is in this (Author note: We know)

Bannyah: You followed the map 😂

Papuli: bwahaha Toera! Bwahahahahahahah Bannyah…OMG…hahahaha

PoisonGiggles: No map needed

Oni: Fuzz needs GPS

Bannyah: I mean, I like map, but the finish line might be small

Fuzzyla: I need a lawyer.

PoisonGiggles: Damn, Bannyah 😆😆

Oni: Bannyah, shut it 😂😂😂

Bannyah: Bwahahahhahahaha mian (sorry) 😆

Toera: everyone slopes downhill

Papuli: That would be a big surprise of a mini gift hahahaha

2016-06-10 (10)

PoisonGiggles: Dammit bwhahahah

Fuzzyla: Pretend not to see Bannyah

Oni: To the south we go! 😂😂😂

Papuli: aye aye, Fuzz!!

Bannyah: We are on roll 😆 I don’t know what’s happening 😆

Papuli: Fuzz..is a leader now

Toera: Biased Bannyah is shipping v-line over final line 😂


Fuzzyla: Am I a president now?

Papuli: President, whoa!

Oni: Congrats to Fuzz. You are famous now

PoisonGiggles: lead us to victory Fuzz

Bannyah: Lead us to the finish line Fuzz! Though we might get lost there 😆

PoisonGiggles: Lost in the jungle Bannyah?

Oni: 😆😆😆

Bannyah: You think it’s a jungle Giggs? 😆😆😆

PoisonGiggles: I don’t know.  You tell me, Leader Fuzz 😆 Tell us if it is a jungle out there.

Oni: OMG I’m out of breath laughing

Fuzzyla: Map is needed. Indeed I am lost

Oni: Just bring a compass. Go south 😆😆

Papuli: Hahahaha Fuzz’s fingers are her compass


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