Alice: Boy from Wonderland


“Alice: Boy from Wonderland” is horror/melodrama/romance movie written and directed by Huh Eunhee with Hong Jonghyun, Jung Somin and Jung Yeonjoo as lead actors.

Truthfully I`m not familiar with Huh Eunhee but since this is horror romance and I am not that crazy about cheesy romance plus one of the leads is a member of models avengers squad Hong Jonghyun , I decided to give it a try and watch this.

Jung Somin plays Hyejung, 28 years old girl who lives with her aunt Soomi (played by Park Hyunsuk).

Due to Hyejungs murderous nightmares of little girl killing people, aunt Soomi visits shaman lady (played by Lee Seungyeon) to find solution for Hyejungs nightmares.

Two of them take Hyejung to a villa known as “Wonderland” where she stayed 24 years ago. There she meets Sooryun ( Jung Yeonjoo) who works as maid and Hwan. Hwan ( Hong Jonghyun) was waiting for her to come to Wonderland for 24 years. While he is all thrilled about seeing her, Hyejung is totally confused by him. They have 15 days to solve their problems. Mysterious journey starts from here.


Bannyahstyle epilogue with spoilers and screencaps:

Plot by itself is already paked up (f-word censored version) and really hard to understand, so if you decide to watch it now,  better delay because subtitles suck bad. Even though this movie is horror genre,  I wasn’t scared (though you might be). Hyejung’s dreams were disturbing to watch and if you ask me that girl needs help from psychologist, not from shaman, but this is k-movie where shamans run the world. Story is going back and forth between fantasy and reality; I am not even sure what really happened. One thing for sure is that Hwan and Sooryun are pitiful characters. Their destiny is so sad, they did not deserve the ending they experienced, especially Hwan (and I’m not saying this as a biased fangirl who goes all crazy over handsome oppa, though he is). Romance was nice, really really nice. Hwan’s love for Hyejung was great, pure and innocent till bed scene came on. Jung Somin and Hong Jonghyun had great chemistry, nothing to complain about. Jung Somin knows how to kiss her leading man, thank goodness I was saved from those dead fish kisses here.

cr to: owner

Now going back to the serious part. For those who doesn’t want to be spoiled I’ll spill everything so skip next section.

After more than 1 hour of sweetness, mystery and darkness movie turned all sick. So little girl that Hyejung dreamt was of Hyejung herself. When she was little, her father brought Sooryun in their house to work for them and got her pregnant. Hwan was born one year later. Hyejungs parents had problems, so Sooryun watched over her most of the time. I don’t quite remember what happened but it was the most ridiculous thing in the whole movie. Sooryun told 4-year old girl that people who love each other, hurt and cut each other. I mean HELLO ahjumma (married woman with kids or older woman) you talk to a 4-year old about hurting people, michyeosseo (are you crazy)??? Well, she taught her well and paked up not only one kid but herself and her son too. Good and smart girl  Hyejung wanted to use her new knowledge in practice so she went to play with Hwan and killed him. After Hwan was found dead, Sooryun hung herself.


Hyejung had 15 days to regain her lost memories so her nightmares could stop, and Hwan the 24-years-old ghost had 15 days to make person he loves the most remember him so he could move on to the other side. Movie ends 6 month later with Hyejung walking through campus and running onto guy who looks like Hwan who plays songs on the guitar Hwan always played.

The End

I already said this movie is paked up but it was a good watch, confusing, interesting, dark with bits of romance and good acting. In my opinion its worth watching, Rating 7/10


Trash unniedeul commentary

BANNYAH: Lol Oni mentioned models and I am watching a movie with Hong Jonghyun as lead 😄 He is so sexy here, there is one creepy showering scene but OMG he’s hawt 😍

ONI: Lol really what movie is that share Bannyah 😂😂😂

BANNYAH: Alice Boy from Wonderland, horror😂😂😂

ONI: It’s horror?

BANNYAH: Yep it is though I don’t find it scary but it’s creepy 👻😂

ONI: Wait, are you still watching it now? Who is the lead actress?

BANNYAH: Jung Somin. I am watching now 😂 I have 1 hour left. This girl is lucky. I think she acted with all guys from model squad except Lee Soohyuk.

ONI: Ooh, How about Kim Woobin?

BANNYAH: Kim Woobin, Sung Joon…

ONI: But true OMG 😂😂😂 What luck

BANNYAH: That tall guy in D-Day (refers to Kim Youngkwang)

ONI: She got all the model avengers except Lee Soohyuk 😂😂😂

BANNYAH: Next is Lee Soohyuk 😂😂😂 She kissed them all 😂😂😂

ONI: Great, one more to go LOL Bwhahahahhahah 😂😂😂😂 OMG

BANNYAH: She even kissed Kang Ha Neul 😭😭😭 Damn her, I wanna be her 😂😂😂

ONI: She kissed all the hot guys 😂😂😂 She must have saved her country in her previous life LOL

BANNYAH: Hahhaahahahahha true that😂😂😂 OMG they have a bed scene 😱😱😱

PoisonGiggles: OMG GIMME LINK

BANNYAH: Are u sure u wanna watch confusing horror with bad subs? 😂😂😂

PoisonGiggles: But I can’t watch horror movie 😆 It’s confusing??

BANNYAH: Yep I still don’t get most of it 😆  Bwahahahahha

PoisonGiggles: Bwahahahaha I wanna see their promo and interview then

BANNYAH: It’s not as Empire of Lust or something like that 😆 Why is she so lucky???

PoisonGiggles: Is there lots of action? 😂😂😂 Or is it short? LOL 😂 Why is there a bed scene in horror?

BANNYAH: Well kissing, not “action action” 😆

PoisonGiggles: But it’s not dead fish kissing?

BANNYAH: Noooo it’s making out, not dead fish 😆

PoisonGiggles: LOL I don’t know why I was thinking the bed scene would be horror genre 😂😂😂 Did you finish the movie yet?

BANNYAH: They might kill each other in bed 😆 Not yet, I keep pausing 😆😆

PoisonGiggles: 😂😂😂 I know right? Since it’s horror. Would you watch Ryu Jun Yeol’s bed scene if it’s like this?

BANNYAH: I keep pausing on normal scenes 😆 I would, this is nice 😆 And hot!

P.S.- Who am i kidding? Watching Jun Yeol oppa’s bed scene? Yeah right. I was in mourn for 2 days after the accidental press lips kiss in Lucky Romance episode 2.






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