Can Kim Jung Hwan Swim?


PoisonGiggles: We’re living on a cliff and the byeontae (pervert) lake is below. All we need to do is take one step and we fall in.

Bannyah: ooooo I like that sentence, it’s good 😆

Fuzzyla: Quote that sentence

Toera: The ratio of recap vs. innocent posts on the blog right now fits that sentence 😂

Papuli: PoisonGiggles…that is so good….the wordings

Fuzzyla: hahahahha, yes Toera

Papuli: But the question is who will be swimming in that byeontae lake when we take a dive?? hahahahahaha

Bannyah: Oni doesn’t know how to swim if I remember correctly. So she dies 😆😆😆

Oni jugeo (die) 😆😆😆

Toera: Oni and Je Suho

Bannyah: I knew byeontaeness (pervertedness) would kill her one day 😆

Papuli: Hahahaha…aigoo…Oni can use a talisman to float Je Suho

Fuzzyla: Ah, then I don’t know how to swim too. But will Oni float?

Papuli: Fuzzy…you’ve got too many men stamped… You’ll be fine

Bannyah: If it’s Suho then Fuzz doesn’t know how to swim either BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Toera: Fuzzy, if Je Suho and Kim Junghwan fell into a lake who would you save?

Papuli: Toera excellent question!!!

Fuzzyla: I’ll ask Junghwan to save me and save Je Suho later

Toera: Everything figured out hahahaha

Fuzzyla: I think Junghwan can swim.  He can fly, so he can swim. This is a fact. (Author note: this excellent deduction skills will take her far 😂)

Papuli: OMG…Fuzzy is a genius hahahaha

Toera: She gets her one man to save the other hahahaha

Papuli: She knows the qualities of her men hahahaha

Fuzzyla: Yes, I come to that conclusion after an elaborate research

Bannyah: He can fly so he can swim. OMG that’s epic 😆😆

Toera: I can swim so I can fly

Papuli: Toera…OMFG!!! you win!!!


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