Kiss Meltdown II


Fuzzyla: I am okay, I don’t feel anything.

PoisonGiggles: Lol why are we menbonging (mental breakdown)?

Fuzzyla: I am still in Another Oh Hae Young mode

Papuli: I’m just excited that I can think byeontae now.  Oh yeah Fuzz, Another Oh Hae Young is my no#1 drama now (and she regretted this soon after)

Fuzzyla: I’ll go menbong if you go menbong, if you want to celebrate it I will too.

PoisonGiggles: LOL I won’t talk about the kiss.

Oni: Okay now I’m at numb stage.

Papuli: I will post that eargasm… G-spot meme

Bannyah: I am on, why am I on numb mood stage. I want Jinhyuk scene.

Oni: I was  just sent the HD cut of kiss scene and I saw that he responded. BWAHAHAHAHHAHA. He responded to the kiss.

Fuzzyla: Preview and you can check the kiss scene there too. Oppa lingers.

PoisonGiggles: OMG watching kiss again. OMG. OMG I can’t.


PoisonGiggles: I saw, his lips twitched. OMG. Should I slowmo that part  bwahahahahahhahhaha

Fuzzyla: His lips twitching. Oppa lingers… totally.

Bannyah: His lips moved. Moved Moved Moved Moved

Toera: Yeap they did.

Bannyah: That’s a damn twitch Twitch Twitch He responded. OMG.

PoisonGiggles: OMG twitch. That damn twitch. Now I need to gif *effffff*

Fuzzyla: If he twitched then why did he brushed teeth so angrily? Maybe it twitched cause he is a virgin.



Read Kiss Expectations Here


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