Lucky Romance 5

Lucky Romance Episode 5 Recap

Disclaimer: A Ryu Jun Yeol biased recap and very heavy fan jealousy.  We are oversensitive when our oppa falls for someone else. 2016-06-13 (8)

Suho is in Bonui’s apartment after their (sorta) failed first date.  Suho shows himself out after telling Bonui that their date went a little longer than scheduled and tells her to use up the remaining 1 hour and 30 minutes on their date next week.  Bonui suggests that they use it up that instant, begging him to sleep with her that night and that would also cancel their dating contract.

2016-06-13 (7)

Suho is upset with her and raises his voice to stop her.  He is not there to judge her lifestyle and asks her to not involve him in the kind of life she is living.  Bonui gets on her knees to beg him to sleep with her and it has to be no one else but him.

PoisonGiggles: OK Jun Yeol oppa shouting at Bonui is hot.  He’s so sexy when he’s angry.

Oni: Oppa’s voice is great 😆 

PoisonGiggles: His voice.. It’s like there’s a whisper with the voice that comes out. I don’t know how to describe it well LOL


Oni:  Can I say that to oppa too?  It has to be you?

PoisonGiggles: Yes, you can Oni.


Troubled and sulky Suho seeks out his best friend Ryang Ha for advice. Why would a woman ask to sleep with you?  Ryangha tries to narrow it down: Is she drunk? Is she on drugs? Is she pretty?  Suho says no to all but the last suggestion, quick to regret to admitting it.  Ryangha throws in two guesses and figures out that Shin Bonui was the woman in question much to Suho’s annoyance.  He wishes that Suho will have a wonderful first experience and offers some tips.  Suho shushes him.  Ryu Jun Yeol is so cute!  Look at that face!

PoisonGiggles: Those cute dimples

Oni: Oh look at those face muscles! It’s all moving. I even enjoy him swallowing.  All those micro muscles on his face moving 😂

Oni: So he really is a virgin? 😂

PoisonGiggles: Yes, he is.

Gary meets Bonui on the rooftop on their apartment to check up on her.  He figures that Suho is born in the year of the Tiger but wonders what Bonui needs to do with a man born of that zodiac. She is upfront about the fortune teller’s instruction to sleep with her Tiger man.

Back at home in his bathroom, Suho washes off the writing Bonui made on his hand.  As he was scrubbing off the ink, his vivid imagination puts Bonui next to him telling him that he has to be THE ONE.  He jumps at the thought then collects himself and scrubs harder at the ink. 

PoisonGiggles: Find other tiger please. Don’t mess with my oppa.

Oni: Oppa forget about her

PoisonGiggles:  Bannyah, protect your heart now

Oni: It’s only a shock phase

Bannyah: I can’t right now.  I can’t enjoy it. Can we fast forward?

PoisonGiggles: No. 😂

Gary takes Bonui to the tennis court and puts her to work.  He says that physical activity will be the best to clear a busy mind.  They have some fun and are reduced to little kids again until Bonui trips and falls.  She starts crying in that position at the thought of Bora.  She cries for Bora to wake from her coma. 

PoisonGiggles: Lee Soo Hyuk is a bad tennis player LOL! He plays like a badminton player

Bannyah: Okay I threw my earphones and smacked something.

Bannyah: Aweeeee I broke my earphones!

Oni: LOL LOL for real?

PoisonGiggles: Really????? Lololololol bwahahahaha

Bannyah: For real

Suho arrives home and he exclaims when he can still hear Bonui’s voice in his head.  He turns on his television to get rid of the thought.  He studies Gary Choi, the star tennis player that will be featured in his game, and notices he looks familiar. He finally makes the connection that Gary is Bonui’s neighbour.

PoisonGiggles: His voice OMG It’s a blessing for audio in this drama

Oni:  Oppa’s voice only 😂😂😂

PoisonGiggles: 30% of why I fell for Kim Jung Hwan in Reply 1988 is because of his voice bwahaha

Bonui calms down at the tennis court and wonders if Gary has ever wanted to turn back time.  He tells her that he would love to return to the day before he left for Canada when he turned down his dad’s suggestion to sleep together. Bonui shares that she would like to return to the day Bora got into that accident. (Question: why wouldn’t she want to go back to the day her parents died and not ask them to buy her those concert tickets?)  A group of three fangirls rushes in to ask for his autograph screaming “Oppa! Gary Choi!” and that was when Bonui realized who he was. The man that was featured in every single Zeze meeting where all she could think about was sleeping with her boss, you very irresponsible worker. *clears throat* Got carried away there. *ahem*

Oni: So Bonui was not paying attention when they were in meetings before since she kept thinking how to sleep with oppa 

ANONYMOUS: Yep, like us

Oni: 😂😂😂 okay

ANONYMOUS: But we don’t have a dying sister 😂

Oni: Yes, true

2016-06-13 (9)

On their walk back home, Gary playfully chides Bonui for not recognizing him and for thinking that he is a jobless bum.  She defends that he’s always wearing slippers and a hat and it is natural to come to that conclusion.  She marvels how her little Puku grew up to be successful.  They should do the puku puku bang bang more often.  That was incredibly adorable.

Gary tells her that he makes a lot of money and she can count on him.  She rejects the offer but brings up those Canadian tiger men acquaintances that Gary mentioned earlier… then brushes it off.

PoisonGiggles: He offered money so she should take it. Lots of Canadian tigers so, go,  but leave my Korean tiger alone.

Oni: Send her one and save oppa

PoisonGiggles: Do u know any tigers? Please send one to her LOL

Oni: Let’s see 1986… I know some rats but not tiger

Bannyah: I know tigers 😂

Oni: Go send her one Bannyah

At Zeze, Suho comes in to work trying his best to act natural after the awkward night he had with Bonui. He’s doing a terrible job faking it, falling around his office and faking a phone call just to avoid Bonui.  Bonui tries to hand in her resignation but Suho is hard to pin down because he keeps avoiding her. She finally gets him in the office and apologizes for her behaviour.  Suho stops her from quitting and gives her the responsibility of talking to Gary Choi to be the star of their game.


Oni: Let her resign oppa

PoisonGiggles: Let her gooooo

Bannyah: He needs her game

PoisonGiggles: Oppa knows to keep her for Gewi

Oni: Those are really long white socks

PoisonGiggles: Yeah those socks can burn in fangirl hell 😂

PoisonGiggles: Once he gets Gewi he’s gonna dump her 😂

Oni: Yes yes 😂

Bannyah: Only in your bubble, Giggs 😂 He’s sooo gonna love her and you’ll hate it 😂

PoisonGiggles: He loves her already, Bannyah

Oni: Let’s deal with that when that happens 😂😂😂 What do you mean, Giggs? Ignoring Giggs

PoisonGiggles: Dammit, he’s gonna be topless under the sheets with this woman

Oni: andwaeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

PoisonGiggles: 😂😂😂

Oni: Gosh, no, topless under the blanket, no. Just close the door LOL

2016-06-13 (10)

Amy moves into the Zeze building and manipulates Ryangha to take her up to Zeze headquarters with the excuse of handing out rice cakes to her new office neighbours.  Ryangha, of course, somehow gets roped into doing things for pretty girls.  Suho invites Amy into his office for a private conversation about signing Gary for IF game.  She asks for a pass into the Zeze office in exchange for Gary signing with Zeze.  Suho indirectly agrees, needing whatever it takes to get Gary on board.  Amy leaves him for the day, and coincidentally Suho finds a talisman wedged inside one of his books. He sighs at the thought of his superstitious mom.

Bonui meets Gary after work to scout him for IF game. Gary turns her down saying that there are other amazing people and who would want to live a life like his?  He quotes his daddy issues and how he hasn’t been looking for dad in the past 10 years and that isn’t something to be proud of.

Suho’s mom tries to inflitrate (LOL) the Zeze building but is kicked out by security.  She meets Bonui outside.  Hmmm… I really do not like these two together.  Mom said that the talisman that she had Bonui smuggle into Suho’s office earlier was to ward off a raccoon woman that is around Suho.  Bonui realizes that the talisman was directed at her. Mom asks for Bonui’s number and saves it on her cellphone. Uh-oh.  As mom was leaving, she notices Chicken Shop ahjusshi and seem to have the face of recognition and calls him “Young Il oppa”.  That could easily just be the 01 number on his motorcycle, which is pronounced as Young Il in Korean.

PoisonGiggles: I don’t get this part

Oni: Me neither

PoisonGiggles: Don’t tell me this guy is Suho’s father

Oni: I get the feeling too 😂😂😂

Bannyah: OMG

Oni: But really?

In the office (on company hours) Bonui logs in to her online dating website and finds that her post has been removed due to inappropriate content.  I guess finding tigers can sound very wrong HAHA. She looks at her June 19, 2016 deadline and laments that she doesn’t have enough time. Suho steps out of his office wanting to ask why Bonui wants to sleep with him but couldn’t bring himself to.  Instead he asks if she was having a tuna sandwich, hears her reply but is not even interested in her answer, then walks away.  Smooth, Suho, very smooth.  

2016-06-13 (11)

While Dalnim makes her presentation, Suho zones out, cutely sighs and wonders out loud about Bonui.  She’s gotten under his skin and it seems like he just can’t get her out! Aah! He goes to his office and finds a sandwich on his table from Bonui and stares it down wondering about her motive.

Suho drops his pen and he gets on his knees to pick it it up only to spot two talismans stuck onto the underside of his desk. Meanwhile, Bonui walks home and meets Gary who is rushing out to to head to an address in Cheonan where his dad used to live.  Bonui offers to accompany him to Cheonan. Back at the office, Suho and his sexy face is in deep contemplation about the talismans, desperately trying to put the pieces together to figure out Bonui’s motive.

2016-06-13 (14).png

Gary and Bonui arrives at Cheonan only to find that Gary’s dad no longer lives there.  Looking through his dad’s belongings, he finds a diary his dad used to keep.  Through that he finds that his dad bought tickets to visit him in Canada but he has no recollection of that.  In a flashback, we are told that his dad made it to his match, but Gary walks straight past him.  His dad watches from a distance as Gary reunites with his mom and his Canadian stepdad. Gary breaks down in tears reading his father’s diary.

PoisonGiggles: why is Gewi so desperately looking for daddy? Makes no sense that he suddenly loves his dad. On the part of his dad it’s sad, but for Gewi…? Lee Soo Hyuk crying like baby is cute though hahahaha

2016-06-13 (13).png

On the train ride back, Bonui tries to comfort Gary and asks him to sleep on her shoulder.  She pulls out her mirror and as the train rattles, her mirror falls and breaks.  Uh-oh.  That’s bad juju.  At the office, Suho is at Bonui’s desk and picks up her diary. He notices the resignation letter, the list of birthdays in her diary and finally a page of his name, birth year and a note of failure to find a tiger. He paces in the office, trying to piece together all the clues he has and comes to a conclusion that he is a sacrificial offering.  ROFL.  I’m loving this.  Too bad that the choice in the background music is a dramatic one, I’d love a silly track when he does these calculations in his head.

2016-06-13 (12).png

A very angry Suho meets Bonui and yells at her to spill the truth.  He demands to know if the reason she wants to sleep with him is because of his tiger zodiac.  Aww… he feels that he’s just a mere sacrificial offering in her ritual.  Gary steps in to defend Bonui and take her away.  She feels the need to explain everything carefully to Suho and seem to be very understanding about Suho’s feelings.  Awww, good girl, explain yourself.  Bonui runs towards Suho’s car and sees him inside.


Suho searches up the two different talismans and its meanings: one is a protection talisman and the other a seduction talisman.


PoisonGiggles Comments:

Overall I feel that the drama, and also this episode in particular, is going with the wrong tone.  It is a little too melodramatic for a romantic comedy and a large part of it might be due to the choice of background music.  The ending soundtrack in this episode is a little too sad for the drama.  While there could be many funny ways Bonui can try to convince Suho to sleep with her, the show made a choice for Bonui to beg – with a sad and desperate tone – to sleep with Suho. The episode started off funny but went downhill.  Hopefully it improves in the upcoming episodes.

One other thing that puzzles me is how emotionally involved Gary is with the search for his dad.  For someone growing up without a dad for 13 years and not caring an ounce, what made him care so much?  I understand the want to find dad again, but it doesn’t make sense to me why he feels so strongly about this.  Is there more to this story?  What are we not told about Gary and daddy?

And our Ryu Jun Yeol oppa… what else?  We’re just falling deep into his charms.  Sometimes I catch myself just watching his face and his tiny facial movements so much that I am deaf to the conversation and blind to the subtitles.  I need a cure, but I don’t want to be cured.

Episode 6 Recap HERE


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