Lucky Romance Kiss Expectation

Oni: I think we might have a kiss tonight. *Cries*

Papuli: Hwang Jung Eum better open her mouth hahahaha

PoisonGiggles: And I think.. It’s going to be like the scene I drew 😂

Oni: LOL Yes, Papuli. If they kiss, might as well make it the best one ever

Papuli: IKR

PoisonGiggles: About Hwang Jung Eum… Look at Oh Hae Young. That’s so natural and pretty

Oni: True, true. I love that kiss 😂

Papuli: Another Oh Hae Young…..I think Seo Hyun Jin is more into Eric

PoisonGiggles: I hope Hwang Jung Eum kisses back.. If oppa’s gonna kiss just make it good so that all fangirls cry

Oni: Right, right.

PoisonGiggles: And burn our fangirl souls to ashes

Oni: 😂 Yeaaaps!!

Papuli: If Hwang Jung Eum doesn’t open her mouth…I’m gonna be pissed hahaha

PoisonGiggles: And I like the hugs in Another Oh Hae Young episode 14. It was nice.. The background was light and pastel-y and they were just cute and huggy

Papuli: Yeolie’s mouth needs respect!!!

Oni: Question, what if oppa is the one who won’t open his mouth bwahahahahahaha

Papuli: Bwahahahaha….if Yeolie doesn’t open his mouth ..hahahahaha Why?

PoisonGiggles:  Bwhahaahha oppa! Do a good job! Fangirls need to imagine ourselves kissing you. Please do a good demo so we know what to expect 😂😂😂😂

Oni: Yeah Giggs. Yes, I’ll forgive you oppa so please do a great job 😂😂😂

Oni: The sexual tension is there for Another Oh Hae Young

Papuli: I think I just feel sexual tension from Eric…hahahaha

PoisonGiggles: I know … The tension is electrifying

Papuli: Yeolie better get a good kissing scene. It was like Park Seo Jun doing all the work in the kiss scene on She Was Pretty hahahaa

Oni: Paps LOL LOL

PoisonGiggles: Bwahahahahaha Park Seo Jun is good. Hwang Jung Eum was just receiving.

Papuli: Oh yeah, Park Seo Jun is an excellent kisser


PoisonGiggles: Oppa doesn’t have lots of good scenes with Hwang Jung Eum so far. It’s just her getting scolded or him dozing off.

Oni: Yeah no memorable sweet scene yet

PoisonGiggles: They didn’t set up the opportunity for tension

Papuli: I still don’t feel Suho-Bonui

Oni: Maybe a bit of tension from the “times up” moment… but it’s because of his voice LOL

PoisonGiggles: Eric and Seo Hyun Jin had tension before they went all lovey-dovey.  Reply 1988 was feeding us tension throughout.

Papuli: Yeah… Another Oh Hae Young did have that chemistry.

Papuli: Yeolie shud do a tvN drama next. Hahahaha! Kiss galore

PoisonGiggles: Agreed

Oni: Agreed


2 Hours later….


Fuzzyla: Oh, you guys talked about Hwang Jung Eum-oppa kiss. I prefer dead fish kiss. I super hope it would be a dead fish kiss. Please don’t be too hot. Andwaeeeee, my oppa lips…. Andwaeeeee. DOOOOOON’T! 


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