Protaek the Oppa

Casual convo in JJANGYARD about Lucky Romance.


Fuzzyla : Je Suho is gonna date Bonui, Oni. Oni, accept it!

Oni : I’m blocking Fuzzyla.

Fuzzyla : Hahahhahaha.

Toera : Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

PoisonGiggles : Stages of grief, T?

Oni : Hahahahahahikssssss.

Toera : We have long way to go

Oni : Still stage 1? Okay

Toera : Yes, still stage 1, hahahha

Oni : I have 24 hours to deal with this and facing another denial tomorrow.

PoisonGiggles : Bahahahaha. I love Oni in denial.

Fuzzyla : Hahahahahahaha. Good luck Oni. But wae, Oni? You shipped Junghwan with Deoksun before, this is not different.

PoisonGiggles : This is very different, F.

Oni : It’s somewhat different. I don’t know Junyeol before Junghwan.

PoisonGiggles : Same.

Oni : I know Junyeol before Suho I got protective.

PoisonGiggles : Yes, Oni. Perfect. Exactly what I was gonna say.

Oni : XD XD

Fuzzyla : Hahahahahahhaha. OMG. You sound like you don’t know actor’s job.

PoisonGiggles : And you sound like you don’t know fangirl’s job. 😆 😆 


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