Lucky Romance Bed Scene

Fuzzyla : This is the “spending a night together”.

PoisonGiggles : Hahahahaha

Toera : Is this a bed scene Fuzz?

Fuzzyla : Yessss. There is a bed.

PoisonGiggles : This is a bed scene. Fuzzy got it right.


Oni : But the bed inside the office is kinda suspicious…. Why would there be a bed in the office? 

Fuzzyla : Yes, Oni. I like your thinking.

PoisonGiggles : For future bed scenes in drama. 😆😆

PoisonGiggles : How can he be cute and hot at the same time

Oni : IKR????

PoisonGiggles : That’s a sin

Fuzzyla : I really don’t want any girl to get near him but at the same time I want to see it. Waeeee (why)?


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