Lucky Romance 7


Lucky Romance Episode 7 Recap

As we forecast a kiss in this episode, we trash unniedeul had mixed feelings when we started watching the show. We are absolutely torn: we are extremely jealous to the point of wanting to stop the kiss and are a little excited to see the kiss though most would strongly deny it. The following is just the tip of the iceberg of our condition before the show and this pretty much lasted throughout the episode.

PoisonGiggles: Scared and nervous
Oni: Oh god here it is
PoisonGiggles: Omigahhhhhhhhhhh
Fuzzyla: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

We are terribly incoherent today and were given some words of wisdom:

Toera: You should give up on the idea of making this a post 😛

But never say never.  We shall move forward. 😛

Episode 7

On the night of her deadline, Bonui arrives at the hospital and sees Suho waiting for her.  At the sight of him, she stops to stare but as soon as Suho tries to approach her she walks away.  Bonui verifies Bora’s condition with the nurse and is informed that Bora is still doing well.  Suho tries to talk to her but Bora ignores him and walks out of the hospital into the pouring rain.


As she hopes and wishes in the rain that this is nothing but a nightmare, Suho shields her with an umbrella. He tells her to treat him like a talking utility pole like she used to.  He’s just a special one that can walk, talk and hold an umbrella for her. He follows her to the pojangmacha (street stall) without another word.

PoisonGiggles: 😭 Don’t be so concerned. It breaks my heart…

Fuzzyla: Our oppa is all wet because of her

PoisonGiggles: Especially since she doesn’t even notice him

PoisonGiggles: He’s so skinny when his hair is wet

Oni: Yeah. Why does he looks skinnier now. He look meatier when I watched it earlier.

PoisonGiggles: LOL He was meatless earlier too

Oni: BWAHAHHAHA I was Ryublind then

PoisonGiggles: His hair make him look meatier. With stringy, wet hair he looks skinny.

Oni: True true, where is my old wet hair meaty oppa in Reply 1988 days?

PoisonGiggles: At least he still got peaches

Oni: BWAHAHHAHAHAHA peaches won’t go anywhere

Gary waits for her at the bus stop, anxiously calling her every few minutes.  His imagination runs wild, thinking that Bonui must be with Suho doing the deed because of the full moon deadline which was tonight. Oh dear Gary, please stop having these thoughts.  It’s going to give us heart attacks.

PoisonGiggles, Fuzzyla, Oni: !%$#^%^&%#^%#^#
Oni: Ah! Bonui! Hand! AAAH!


At the pojangmacha, Bonui is dousing her sorrows with soju.  She was approached by a drunk man offering to have a drink with her.  She rants that she is unlucky and is willing to sleep with him if he is born of the year of the tiger.  Suho takes the man outside, takes notice of his wedding ring and threatens to call the man’s manager after spotting his company badge around his neck. The man leaves and Suho goes back into the pojangmacha to stop Bonui from drinking some more.

Oni: I am so jealous right now. Bonui, you lucky girl
Fuzzyla: Imma go to Korea and act like my dog will die if he doesn’t kiss me


She heads out in the rain again with Suho trailing her with a umbrella and she takes out her frustration by knocking the umbrella out of his hand. Suho tries to talk some logic into her, telling her that her superstition is not true and also telling her the kind of harm she would have gotten into at the motel earlier.  She yells at him that none of that matters when Bora’s life is at stake. He grabs her by the wrist dragging her away and tells her that he will fulfill her wish since he is a tiger. (RAWR?)

PoisonGiggles: OMG DON’T SAY THAT
Oni: …. I’m numb

Amy finds Gary asleep waiting outside Bonui’s apartment. She wakes him up, takes him back to his place and nags him for being out there in the cold. Amy bluntly asks if Gary’s behaviour was due to him liking Bonui but he brushes it off as being worried for her because it is late and raining outside. According to Amy, he has nothing to worry about because Bonui is most definitely with her boyfriend.


Still on the streets, Bonui is still getting dragged around by a worked up Suho. He finally explodes and tells her that her superstitions are wrong because she didn’t spend a night with her tiger man and her sister is still doing fine.  She argues that her reality is that the people she loves leaves her and Bora could die at any time; it could be today, tomorrow or the day after. Her superstition and his logic doesn’t work hand in hand, they argue and walk their separate ways.

Fuzzyla: Why is his shirt dry by now? Let it please be wet!

…or not. Je Suho is being a gentleman (I don’t think he himself is aware of this) and goes looking for her again. He hears her humming and finds her crouched in a corner of a park.  He says in the sexiest voice ever: Shin Bonui, let’s go home.


Oni: Wet hair oppa
PoisonGiggles: LEAVE HER HERE!

She refuses to go home because she sees traces of Bora’s things at home.  He piggybacks her.  


PoisonGiggles: OMG so cute! Oppa’s face, not the piggyback.
Oni: I know, Giggs LOL
PoisonGiggles: LOL high five
Oni: High five 😆

There’s a really irrelevant scene of Gary talking to the stuffed toy owl Bonui gave him.

PoisonGiggles: Lee Soo Hyuk, you are very pretty but sorry, I’m fangirling this genius silly boy here.
Oni: Nice arms
PoisonGiggles: Yes, those arms are nice
Oni: There is one man here that already stole our hearts 😆

Suho piggybacks her all the way to his place and drops her onto his couch but she rolls onto the floor. He looks like he is going to pick her up but hesitates, looking rather clueless at what to do with a drunk woman in his house.  He scurries around looking for blankets, pillows and a towel. Looking a little nervous and unsure, he covers her with a blanket and was just about to hold her hand when his cellphone rings.


PoisonGiggles: Why take her to your house? OMG
Fuzzyla: PLEASE GO TO YOUR OFFICE. You need to think about work. Leave her there.
Oni: Stop oppa!
PoisonGiggles: She’s pretty in this scene.
Oni: She’s got pretty hands.
Oni: Yes, saved by the bell. Thanks, Ryangha.

A drunk Ryangha calls Suho saying that the Zeze staff – who are look very drunk as well – would like to barge into his place.  Suho whispers threats of pay cuts and overtime into his phone if he sees any of his employees at his place. He hangs up and squats like a child in front of Bonui and hesitantly wipes her wet hair and face.  Trying his best not to wake her, he places her head gently on a pillow. He kneels in front of her and watches her sleep.


Oni: He’s like this kid who just found a stray cat
PoisonGiggles: He’s fascinated with her
Oni: He’s like this kid who just found a new toy
PoisonGiggles: and is scared to play with it
Oni: That’s a human female, Suho-ya

The night goes by, we see that it’s a full moon, and Bonui wakes up with Suho asleep on the floor next to her.

Oni: Amen

Suho wakes up to a wide-eyed Bonui staring at him and he is startled to find her there. He flops into a chair and tries to put on a cool facade as he answers Bonui’s pressing questions. He tells her that she’s in his place and should really get herself checked for alcohol related dementia. Bonui recalls bits and pieces of last night and questions how Suho found out about Bora. Bonui heaves a sigh and apologizes for making him annoyed and frustrated all this time, thanks him for his concern and promises that this will never happen again. She wishes him good health and leaves his place.

PoisonGiggles: LOL he looks like a homeless man in his own home. It’s cute.

Suho cleans up his place after she leaves and is very troubled by her politeness and wishing him good health.  He tucks all his furniture along his wall. No, Suho, that’s not how it’s supposed to look.


PoisonGiggles: His brain can’t compute her

The first thing Bonui does is to go knocking on the shaman’s door, desperately crying out loud for him even though she sees a note on the door that he is out for prayer. She is in tears again, worrying for Bora.  Meanwhile, Gary lingers in front of Bonui’s door like a sad little puppy. He goes out onto the street to wait for her and when he spots her, he asks a string of questions but lets it go unanswered when he notices that she looks tired. Gary works out at the park while having his own little monologue trying to figure out whether Suho and Bonui slept together the night before.

PoisonGiggles: The problem here is Gary’s dirty mind
Fuzzyla: Gary is a big guy but a little useless. He should have found his Bonui noona.

At the coffee shop, Ryangha teases Dalnim about the journal she dropped the night before.  He reads some pages out loud and a mortified Dalnim tries to get it back.  The content is pretty much a romance novel worshipping her hero, Je Suho. P.S. There’s so going to be love in the air for Ryangha and Dalnim.


Back at Zeze Factory, they are at D-100 for the beta version of the IF game. The staff starts gossiping about the relationship between Suho and Bonui.  Antsy Suho is looking out the windows for Bonui and practices how to scold Bonui when he sees her.  He runs into Gary who is here to interrogate him about his whereabouts last night and whether we was with Bonui.  Suho refuses to fess up, flinches a little when Gary approaches him (LOL) and walks away with a smirk after calling Gary nosy little boy. It must feel rather liberating to say that to a world champion tennis player.

Suho is pacing around the office still puzzled about why Bonui wishing him good health.  According to Ryangha, he is dumped with that phrase. Suho peeks out his window to see Bonui looking fine after last night’s events and checks his appearance before exiting his office. Oh poor boy is in too deep.  He’s a lovesick puppy and he doesn’t know it. He requests to speak with Bonui but Amy runs into them before they can have a conversation.

Suho’s mommy visits chicken shop ahjusshi recognizing him as Young Il oppa. She brags that her son is Je Suho.  She asks about his kids and praises how they would be smart if they took after him.  Chicken shop ahjusshi is childless because he divorced early when he went bankrupt.

PoisonGiggles: Is this Suho’s daddy?
Oni: IKR who is he?
Why are they talking like this?
Oni: Gosh, Suho is soooo his son. Why did he attend the press conference for Genius 2 in episode 1?

In a flashback, we see Suho completing Amy’s thesis while she is sleeping at her desk and covering her with his shirt as he leaves. In present day, Amy clears up the misunderstanding of using Suho to complete her thesis.  She feels bad about it and did not submit the thesis in the end. Back in her own space, Amy celebrates wrapping up the misunderstanding nicely and is happy to move onto the next step of mending her relationship with Suho (though is there a different motive?). Dalnim comes by to deliver the pass that gives Amy access into Zeze with a sulky face. Aww, her one sided love for him is rather cute.

PoisonGiggles: Awww geeky oppa. I wouldn’t have taken a second glance at this guy in school to be honest.
Oni: IKR??? Though he look great in that shirt XD
PoisonGiggles: but if someone treats me like this ❤

In the office, Suho pulls out the bicycle ornament in his drawer and places it on his desk.  I guess this signifies that he and Amy are in a good place right now.  He also notices at the cactus plant on his desk. He asks his staff about the cactus and finds a cactus plant on everyone’s desk from Bonui. I have a feeling he’s going to treasure that prickly cactus when she’s away.


Suho finds Bonui in the conference room and yells at her about bringing up nonsense like quitting and bad luck before she could get a sentence in. He exasperatedly tries to prove – yet again – that her superstitions makes no sense. His frustration is adorable. He starts writing his and his parents’ names in red ink to prove that superstitions are groundless.  Bonui tells him off for his reckless behaviour and tells him that it is awful to have parents dying because of you. At home, Suho’s father trips and falls.


Oni: Now his shouting is different. Before he used to be annoyed, now the shouting is cute
PoisonGiggles: Yeah, there’s aegyo in his voice
PoisonGiggles: why are they both in white? Means they are both pure? Still virgins?
Fuzzyla:  Don’t overanalyze.
PoisonGiggles: Yes ma’am!

Suho’s mom calls up Bonui to accompany her to check up on her husband at home.  He hurt his head but looks generally fine for the most part and a relieved Bonui breaks down in tears.  Once Bonui has calmed down, she tells Suho’s parents that she will be quitting her job soon.

PoisonGiggles: This mom is so useless on this show.
Oni: Both his parents are, actually. Maybe they are there for the birth secret reveal?
PoisonGiggles: Yeah, I think so too but why??? Why this plot?
Oni: Because we still have many episodes to go 😆 
PoisonGiggles: Why make him an illegitimate son?

Oni: Yeah, true. Maybe later it will be known to the reporters and stuff

Working on his laptop at home in his sole set of comfy pajamas, Suho startles himself when he sees Bonui lying in the exact spot she did last night.  This poor puppy is so smitten with her he’s starting to see things.  In Bonui’s home, Bonui starts recalling the moments she has with Bora.

The next morning, our puppy-man-boy Je Suho comes in to work to find Bonui’s desk cleared out.  Dalnim hands Suho a letter from Bonui.  Meanwhile Gary and Bonui are at the hospital to see Bora. Bonui still refuses to enter Bora’s room in fear that her bad luck will rub onto her. Gary visits her and gets unexpectedly choked up at the sight of her. He tells her to wake up so that Bonui will live her life properly.  At the hospital rooftop, Bonui tells the doctor that she is ready to discharge Bora.  Gary joins her at the rooftop, and she tells him to work well on the IF game. It sounds like last words, or so the show would like us to think.

Suho reads Bonui’s letter to him.  She apologizes and thanks him for the time they spent together.  After reading the letter, Suho rushes to Bonui’s apartment.  Gary comes out of his apartment hearing Suho banging loudly on Bonui’s door and the pair end up in a shouting match over Bonui. Suho is certain that Bonui is suicidal and Gary refuses to believe it thinking that she’s slept with Suho and Bora will be waking up any moment. Suho clears it up saying that nothing happened between them.

Bonui watches from a distance as Bora is wheeled out of the hospital and into an ambulance.  Gary and Suho arrives at the hospital after the ambulance drives away. They march into Bora’s hospital room to find an empty bed. The nurse tells them that Bonui has taken Bora to a place with a nice view to enjoy their last moment together. We see Bonui taking slow steps approaching a body of water (are you kidding me, show?)

Toera: Don’t worry. She’ll float with all those clothes

Epilogue: Truth or Dare

At Suho’s place, Suho lies down next to Bonui to watch her sleep and inches closer.  Eventually he falls asleep and his finger touches hers.  At the hospital, Bora’s finger twitches.


PoisonGiggles: OMG he’s so awkward
Oni: Gosh, this puppy LOL
PoisonGiggles: Aww, he crawled closer. Little boy.
Oni: Why do you keep watching your girl sleeping?
PoisonGiggles: LOL if they did *it* I think Bora will get up and start walking 😆 😆 
PoisonGiggles: BWAHAHAHA Ressurection
Oni: Because their fingers touched so Bora’s finger moved
PoisonGiggles: LOL

PoisonGiggles Comment:

I liked this episode.  Fuzzyla told me that I might have enjoyed it more because we watched it together, so it was that much more fun.  The first twenty minutes of the show was exciting because all we cared about was whether Suho will kiss Bonui again.  Yes, I’m biased like that so deal with it.  Them not kissing is a battle won for the health of our hearts, but eventually we will have to build a strong heart to handle the stress from the kiss.  I think we might need to work on it with super speed.  Overall, I enjoyed this episode because it explored more of Suho’s thoughts and how he was very, very bothered by the thought of Bonui.  I diagnose this as lovesickness.  Prescription: none. Boy, you have no escape.

There are parts of the story I felt could use more fleshing out.  I’d love to see more of Amy and Suho’s story arc and be more USEFUL in the storytelling.  It seems like they are just there to interfere a little bit with Suho and Bonui.  They are a rather negligible part of the story at the moment.  Same goes for Suho’s parents though I feel a birth secret bomb coming soon.  Show, please prove me wrong.


Fuzzyla: Totally what I’ve expected. No need for the “bed scene”. Our precious oppa is saved. Wait. I gotta tweet this.

Oni: Call me crazy. I’m shipping them now. Cos oppa fell for her already. I give them my blessing. I hate that I love this episode. I feel lost XD Like I’m prepared going to war, but I lost the battle.
Fuzzyla: I am calming down…
PoisonGiggles: The episode is over… My heart is still protected, my heart is still intact.


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