Shim Bonui’s Wardrobe

Jjangyard unniedeul were having a wonderful time talking about how Gong Shim (Minah) of the drama Beautiful Gong Shim might be getting a makeover pretty soon and that lead to this…

2016-06-13 (9)

PoisonGiggles: Oooh a makeover. Hwang Jung Eum (who plays Shim Bonui on Lucky Romance) needs one.

Oni: OMG Yes, please. She desperately needs one.

PoisonGiggles: So that Suho will fall in love with her

Papuli: Hwang Jung Eum needs less baggy clothes

Oni: Burn those denim. Burn it.

Papuli: She can’t pull that hippie look

Toera: And one outfit at a time

Oni:  Doesn’t she feel hot. Like, gosh, even oppa wears shorts 😂😂😂

PoisonGiggles: For someone who is trying to get some action she’s dressed too much

Papuli: Hwang Jung Eum… I mean those clothes don’t make her look young

Toera: It’s like she went to the airport and discovered her luggages are overweight


PoisonGiggles: It’s easier to strip Suho than it is to strip Bonui

Oni: LOL OMG all your comments make me LOL hard

Papuli: hahahahaha Giggs! My mind is now concocting images. Giggs even timed stripping hahahaha

Toera: Decided. It’s convenient to undress oppa


Papuli: That’s why she needs to to undress before she plans to sleep with Suho… Poor guy will be so tired undressing her hahahaha

Toera: hahahhahahahaha

Oni: He’s like undressing her and then goes: naaah I can’t do this. Too tiring. Bye.

Oni: If they play strip poker oppa would be naked and Hwang Jung Eum will still have some clothes on her

PoisonGiggles: But I guess it’s fair for strip poker because Suho can count cards. So he’ll make her lose all her clothes and he keeps everything on.


Oni: LOL count cards 😆

Papuli: Hahahahaha Giggs that’s an idea. He will be like “split” hahahaha


PoisonGiggles: Hit

Toera: PASS 😂

Oni: LOL but I’d rather see oppa with no clothes than Hwang Jung Eum. This is a dilemma.

Papuli: Yeah… Pass after he fails to locate Bonui’s dress… It’s like digging a mountain hahaha

Toera: He’ll mess up cause he’ll count clothes

Oni: Wait isn’t there “BUST’ in poker too?

Toera: And royal flash

PoisonGiggles: Hahahahahhahahahahahah OMG I’m laughing like a hyena.

Oni: 😂😂😂😂 OMG I can’t stop laughing

Papuli: And then if he can’t locate a zip… Suho will be like, let’s call it a “bluff” hahahaha


Papuli: I think they gave HJE more clothes for a reason…. to not get too excited when Yeolie touches or hugs her hahhaha



Oni: But seriously, as Giggs said, for someone trying to seduce a man, she wears too many clothes, she should be like shirt and shorts or something. Wouldn’t it also make her younger? Maybe? 😂😂😂

Papuli: IKR! In She Was Pretty her clothes were good… I dunno why her wardrobe is so weird here in Lucky Romance

PoisonGiggles: She doesn’t even need to dress provocatively. She just needs to dress like a girl. Now she looks like a fortuneteller herself.

Oni: Or is there a thing with denim and shaman?

Papuli: Hwang Jung Eum does not have that flair to carry those hippie clothes

PoisonGiggles: But on dates she knows to lose the denim.

Oni: Yes… I mean she get it though, she knows to wear less when seducing a man because she did that at the hotel. But then her daily look 😂😂

Papuli: You know that orange dress she wore for those LR poster pics…that was so good

PoisonGiggles: Why only seduce on dates? She coulda land a tiger anytime in the day.

Oni: Why can’t she be full time seducing LOL


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