When trash unniedeul’s trying to branch out to football world, funny things happened. Check out our conversation when watching a match between Germany-Ukraine in European Championship 2016.

NUGU (1)


Fuzzyla : Neuer…Omoooo so handsome. Toera, watch with me!

Toera : hahahhahahahhaa.I’ll take a glimpse.

Fuzzyla : Schweini obsoooo. Yeah it’s okay to only catch glimpse. Football is not too important anyway.

Toera : I can tell you the score though.

Fuzzyla : I am just watching for the handsome. Give me score!!

Toera : No goal so far.

Papuli : Ooh football…. isn’t it germany vs. ukraine now??

Toera : Yep, fifth minutes, and ukraine just missed a chance.

Fuzzyla : Aaah Neuer.

Papuli : Omo…ukraine.

Fuzzyla : I think i have to remember new germany players. I am so not used to them.

Papuli : Yeah  i cant remember all germany player names hahahaha

Fuzzyla : Ouchhhh ….Omoooo. Neuer

Papuli : What?

Fuzzyla : I think I only remember Neuer for now. Neuer just saved the team.


Papuli : really?


Fuzzyla : Awwww. I forget this guy name.

Papuli : Who? Müller??


Fuzzyla : Omooooooo. Özil.

Toera : it’s ok Fuzz, it’s not like you can tell them apart using their skills, they’re like soda cans.

Papuli : hahhahahhaah Toera, perfect explaination!

Fuzzyla : Mian that was Müller. How can I forget Müller!!! Mianhae Müller.

Papuli : hahahaha Fuzz’s namja.



Germany v Ukraine - EURO 2016 - Group C

Fuzzyla : Aaaaa Hahshdhdhshus9wis Sbbdbsvdvdhdihfhd9w Zbdbsjsksja Vvshdhdhdhheue Dbdhhshsgscdvdhhdid Waaaaaaa GOAL!

Papuli : Omo…Germany scored!!!! Fuzz what were you typing? in which language? Hahaha. Müller scored??

Fuzzyla : OMG, I just scream in the middle of the night. Molla, who scored.

Toera : Yes,  nice header, but wasn’t he the defender? no?

Fuzzyla : Oh handsome. Idk who you are but you are handsome. Oh well Toera, I don’t know header or defender. I know handsome or not handsome. Bwahahhaha

Toera : Italy’s not playing tonight. hahahhaa

Fuzzyla : The handsome one is sitting on the bench. Nugu?

Papuli : Hahahahaha Gotze?

Fuzzyla : He is new player from last World Cup. Oh right maybe, he is Gotze the singer.

Papuli : Ah…ok

Fuzzyla : I am not into Italian. Too much beard. Bwahahhaha. Spain is handsome too btw. But again too much beard.

Papuli : Oh..Mustafi scored the goal.

Fuzzyla : Oh Mustafi? I thought it was Kroos.

Papuli : Nah..its Mustafi.

Fuzzyla : Okay mian Mustafi.

Papuli : Arrasseo.

Toera : It’s ok Fuzz.

Papuli : I saw TV to know the goal scorer hahahaha. Imma not good with names too.

Fuzzyla : Ahahhaha. We’re not good wIth football.

Toera : Talk about yourself hahhahhaa.

Papuli : Hahahah Fuzz…I used to know most of them…but now I just forget the new ones hahahaha. hahahahahah yeah dont mess with Toera when it comes to football.

Fuzzyla : Mian.


Fuzzyla : Neuer is way too tall, climb-able. Bwahahahha

Papuli : BWAHAHAHAHAHA Fuzz…how far can you climb? hahahaa

Fuzzyla : Hahhahaa

Papuli : Neuer is broad and did you see his arms lenght? hahahaha.

Fuzzyla : Yeah… like wayyy too big. Omoooo. Özil. Oh, Boateng has nice peaches.

Papuli : hahahah Boateng yeah.

Fuzzyla : I always notice that. Who is number 11? Özil is invisible. Whereeee? He is not really fast runner too i guess


Papuli : hahahaha Özil.

Fuzzyla : Should be there where the cameras are! Sigh, Özil.

Papuli : Here is the squad index Fuzz.

Fuzzyla : Oh thanks. Okay so, 11 is Draxler, and the handsome one is Hummels. Kroos got way too big nose.

Papuli : Kroos…hahahaha yeah and those cheekbones hahaha. See the Spain team…those men are so freaking gorgeous and most of them have noona romance hahaha.

Fuzzyla : True Spain! Who is the goalkeeper there? I’d approve him. The goal keeper and also leader (?) I think.


Papuli : Who?? Iker Casillas. He is cute.

Fuzzyla : Ah yesss. Iker!!! He is like…. Gosh!!! So handsome and sexy.

Papuli : I know right?…Iker is too sexy, OR, if you want other…. Shakira’s boyfriend, Pique hahaha.


Fuzzyla :Yeah everybody talk about Pique. But I am not too into him. Beardy.

Papuli : Pique is celebrity, but now more famous coz of Shakira… yeah I don’t like him that much. My sister has a crush on David Silva from spain by the way hahaha.


Fuzzyla : Again, beardy… as far as I remember.

Papuli : Silva??

Fuzzyla : Ahahaha.Yes Silva.

Papuli : Silva looks cute when clean shaven.

Fuzzyla : Okay. Gosh. Neuer.

Papuli :  First it was Özil and you adding Neuer to your list now hahah

Fuzzyla : I think I am adding whole team Papuli.

Papuli : hahahahah good going Fuzz.

Fuzzyla : Ahahhaha. Can’t never be sure that you got enough men.

Papuli : hahahaha yeah so true Fuzz.

Fuzzyla : Ahahhaha.

Papuli : You never know, new one always round the corner hahaha

Fuzzyla : Ahahhahaha. True Papuli.

Papuli : I dont like Ronaldo…such an ass hahaha

Toera : Ronaldo cries more than Oh Haeyoung.

Papuli : Pwhahahahaah OMG. That’s an epic sentence.

Fuzzyla : Bwahhahaha. Somebody gotta save Toera’s one liner.

Papuli : Maybe Ronaldo is a makjang kdrama actrees within hahahaha.

Fuzzyla : He changed into new hairstyle in the half time. LOL Ronaldo

Papuli : hahahaha I know right? Ronaldo such a drama queen

PoisonGiggles : Soccer talk? Let me leave you guys alone. LOLOLOL

Papuli : hahahahahah Pogiggs.

Toera : hahahha  LOL Pogiggs.

Papuli :  I like how Pogiggs calls it soccer.

PoisonGiggles : football XD

Papuli : hahahaha

Fuzzyla : okay now I see Özil. Ouch, 10 more minutes

Toera : Pogiggs left already?

Papuli : Now 6 more minutes

Fuzzyla : Yeah germany is frustrating today. Why isn’t any more goal? Their minimum number is 4 goals.

Toera : They’re not that but, but their offenders are their oldest players.

Papuli : Yeah Toera so true, week one itself looks so tough with only 1 goal per match hahaha

Fuzzyla : Who is the oldest player?

Toera : Podolski? Probably.

Fuzzyla : Müller? He is offender. Is Podolski playing tho?

Toera : No, he’s on the bench to freshen them up if they’re stuck

Papuli : Yeah podolski is the oldest player.

Toera : He’s probably 2nd or 3rd oldest

Fuzzyla : Why is Podolski still playing when Philip Lahm is not anymore? I thought Podolski is older.

Toera : I don’t know, I’m so not a Germany shipper.


      THE EUROPAPS (4)

Fuzzyla : Wahahahhahaa. What shipper are you  Toera?

Toera : Not playing in this one. So i’ll choose as I watch.

Papuli : Sis Toera is my shipper…she ships me with every sexy namja I choose hahahaha

Fuzzyla : Ahahhahaha. Nice.

Toera : See? There’s a ship right there.

Fuzzyla : True.

Toera : Europaps

Fuzzyla : Bwahahhahaha Europaps

Papuli : Yeah ..europaps..crank up the music…open the lager, and bring me the men harem hahahaaha.

Toera : Fuzzy take Germany, whole country ships hahahhaha

Fuzzyla : Ah yesssss!

Papuli : hahahahaahha OMG


Papuli : oohh…that reminds of copa america…all sexy men  there too.

Toera : I like the crowds in copa america, more alive.

Papuli : yeah Toera, copa is buzzing

Fuzzyla : Ah really?

Papuli : Uruguay..lost…!!..I was hoping to see Suárez in action… hhahaha


Fuzzyla : Which country you ship?

Toera : Brazil.

Fuzzyla : Owwwwwwh

Papuli : hahahaha finally Toera. brazil..oh yah

Fuzzyla : Of course brazil

Papuli : who do you like…Neymar?

Toera : Suárez and his biting habit hahahaha. Neymar dancing yeap

article-2317388-197fd145000005dc-819_634x475  giphy

Papuli : hahahahahah yeah Toera…thats what I wanted to see..Suárez going on a flesh fest hahahaha

Fuzzyla : Suárez. Bwahhahahaha I do not know him but his meme is popular.

 ivanovic-sandwich-002screen-shot-2013-04-22-at-16-25-18 luis-suarez-biting-meme7


Papuli : oohhh..Toera like Neymar…cute and sexy.

Toera : Fuzzy don’t say Suárez has beard please.

Fuzzyla : Idk if he has beard or not. Bahahhaha.

Toera : I like all crowds though, esp mexicans with hats.

Papuli : Suárez is sexy…he must be so raw in bed hahaha.

Fuzzyla : But not my type.

Papuli : he bites…hahaha



Fuzzyla : Okay finally Schweini. Argh. Schweini only play for 1 min. Mmmkaaay. Omoooooo.

Toera : chance for second goal.

Fuzzyla : Schweini. Omoooo. Imma kiss him. Sooo cute. Omooo. Scwheini and Neuer hugged.


Papuli : ahahahahaha Schweini

Fuzzyla : Omooo. Özil. Nice assist.

Papuli : 2 more mins right?

Fuzzyla : Donee. Omoooo. Özil. Woah, Neuer is really big.

Papuli : Schweini…made the goal !!! thats what imma talking about! 2 goals hahahhaa


ÖZIL (7)

Fuzzyla : Özil eyes looks like someone just beat him.


Papuli : hahahaha Özil looks tired

Fuzzyla : God, handsome. Neuer is my number #1 now. Mian. Didn’t see Özil too much tonight.

Papuli : hahhahah Fuzz, you changed your number #1 namja hahaha.

Fuzzyla : Number 1 in Germany only.

Papuli : Men we love fandom.

Fuzzyla : But then again there is my long time crush Özil. So maybe Özil still.

Papuli : Of course..Özil !!!

Fuzzyla : Beside I like him in white.. not red

Papuli : like how when Mustafi made the goal you were happy but your eyes were seeking one view of Özil hahahaha

Fuzzyla : True. I even like his eyes

Papuli : Özil got those drunk eyes hahaha. so blank yet intriguing hhahaa

Fuzzyla : EL BUHO

The End




    This is not soccer talk, you just ogling at hot and sweaty men

    but now im gonna check out some neuer pics too..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahahahaha. Yess.. I admit, this is not a football talk. Find Neuer, he is my fave footballer now (I hope Ozil doesnt read this).


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