Another Oh Haeyoung : A Quickie Review


Another Oh Haeyoung is a drama which airs every Mon-Tue in TVN. The premise is simple, about 2 women who share the same name and the misunderstanding surrounding them. Of course you should expect four ways romance, as usual. I was about to make a recap for this drama, but I don’t think I can commit. Well at least for now, because this drama has went to a crazier plot. I remember how much I loved this drama before. I recommended this drama for any k-drama lovers that I know and managed to get quite a handful people to watch it. I even made some memes about this drama in my tumblr. However I can do that no more, my love for this drama has decreasing. I will keep watching for this drama, hoping it will somehow become the fluffy show I remember, but I still can not promise for week to week recaps. So, let me do this in different way, a drama review.

First of all, I will introduce you the drama characters :

Cute Oh Haeyoung (CuteOHY)


CuteOHY is really  cute. She is the poor girl who takes all the fall for another Oh Haeyoung’s misfortune. Yup, she is the main character in this drama (or so I believe, because you can’t never be sure for *cough* TVN drama*cough). She went to the same high school with prettyOHY and practically lived under the famous  prettyOHY‘s shadow. She thinks her bad luck having the same name with popular girl will goes away after graduating from high school, but naaaaah. A guy named PDK “ruined” her engagement which was only driven by jealousy and revenge to prettyOHY. Funny thing is, she got tangled with PDK, who should have been her enemy. Well, not only tangled, she fell for him too. I can’t really blame her for falling for PDK, because I fell for Eric him too (in early episodes).

Park Dokyung (PDK)


PDK is played by Eric, leader of Shinhwa. So you can guess what’s make me watch this drama. He is tsundere to the bone, meaning that he does all sort of caring things except for saying I-love-you. He got left at the altar by prettyOHY, and got into some kind of depression. He ruined HJT’s business (sort of), which resulting HTJ to broke off his engagement with with cuteOHY one day before their planned wedding. PDK has the ability to foresee the future. We don’t know yet why, how, and when he started seeing the future. Most of the future images that PDK saw was about cuteOHY, except for the time he foresee his own death.

Pretty Oh Haeyoung (prettyOHY)


PrettyOHY was PDK’s fiancé who flew to Paris in the day they supposed to be married. We got only a little info on her in early episode except for her past life. During high school we know that she was the smart-friendly-rich girl, who has so many friends and fans. She was super bright, and always shown with her smile-on. Only in later episode we found out how insecure she was. She left the guy she loved just because he can see right through her. PDK knows how she always pretend to be happy and blessed with perfectness just to hide the fact that she has parents who was too into free lifestyle. She left him only because PDK felt sorry for her. Of course she regretted her decision.

Han Taejin (HTJ)


HTJ is  cuteOHY‘s fiancé, who was nice until he went jerk and told her that he could not stand seeing her eating. That line was super harsh. He learned that line from a waiter at a bar, which was not the best place to learn poem to woe women. However, he didn’t actually mean that. He was about to get jailed, and he could not make her wait for him. Beside, he has big ego which tells him it’s better to be a jerk than be a failure. We did not see him much in the first part of the drama. Not much either in last part of the drama. So, you can safely assume that he was just a cameo there.

Jinsang (lawyer)


Lawyer is PDK’s friend since childhood.  He is part of us, meaning he is a trash (according to Isadora, ep 13), who meet different women every night and burn away dirty money he got from defending sexual criminal and serial killer. He knows many part of PDK’s life, except for the fact that his buddy see himself dying in the future.



Isadora is PDK’s noona, and also cuteOHY‘s boss. She is fierce and strong but she has scar inside. She like a man she met in France. She keep being drunk to wash away her pain. Jinsang keep her company in one night, and it was unforgettable.

Cute OHY’s parents


This couple is so cute and lovely. I really love them.  They are not the best parent, but you can tell how much they love cuteOHY. The mom is a spunky, she tried her best to complied with cute OHY’s craziness. Appa is a lot more calmer than his wife. Appa didn’t have many lines in this drama but he broke me one time with his crying scene. CuteOHY family is really are cute.

PDK’s mom


PDK mom is a woman who loves money. She only comes to PDK on the time she needs his money. She is funny, annoyingly. Well, she is annoying, actually.

CuteOHY’s chic friend (Chic chinggu)


She is chic and pretty woman. In my opinion, she is cuteOHY-PDK cupid. She works with PDK in movie industry. One time, she blabbered about her friend (cuteOHY) to PDK, and make him thought that her friends was his run away bride. Next things she knew, her friend (cuteOHY) was head over heels for PDK. I liked her, not only because of her fashion, but also because she is a good friend to cuteOHY.

Yellow tie


I call this guy as Yellow tie because in one episode he was wearing a funny-looking yellow tie to match with his shirt. Ever since that yellow tie happened, I call him accordingly. This guy is so cute when he tries to hide his feeling to OHY1. I like his personality (as shown in a the drama) better than the other male leads, too bad cuteOHY pick the other male for this. Yellow tie is the kind of man who defend her many times at work. He has cute jealousy moment when he saw how affectionate cuteOHY to PDK.

Park Hoon and Anna


Park Hoon is PDK’s step brother and Anna is his girlfriend. I kinda don’t get how they become boyfriend and girlfriend but it happened, and it’s cute. Hoon is in his 30s and Anna was still 21 years old, but they are in love. Anna appears even brighter than prettyOHY and has long list of ex. Meanwhile PH (not Pizza Hut) is a scaredy-cat especially in front of his brother, PDK. So, you can see their dynamic. Everything they did was a gag. There is one episode when Anna did his nail prettily. I am not sure why this couple is needed, but they are interesting enough to stay.

Second Shinhwa


Consisted of PDK, lawyer, Park Hoon and PDK’s minions, this group is not really the second shinhwa.  NO. Never. Naaaah. However, since they make up for six person, they reminds me of Shinhwa.

Gag Doctor


Doctor is the one giving “treatment” to PDK because of his visions. At first, he did not believe about PDK’s ability, but in later part he tried to make somekind of theory about it. I think the writer of this drama sort of thinking that he could be the Dumbledore of Another Oh Haeyoung, the one who gives answers to all confusion …..but, nope, he is not there.

Now that you read the character explanation, I think you can draw conclusion about the story. The drama was good in first 9 episode but went downhill afterward.

Episode 10-12 is full of crying and angst. It’s should be good but it’s truly not. It feels like the characters are going backwards. They stop maturing and be child instead . When I say I liked the drama, I thought I was signed up for cuteness and fluffy-ness of all characters, but darn, I was wrong. Another Oh Haeyoung just went too makjang for my taste. PDK and not-so-cuteOHY were all in for the madness. The show chose anger as the focus emotion. That’s really anger me as the viewer. There are other things they should have touched. They could give us more Taejin, so we can see him shirtless understand his POV better, OR give us more story about PDK’s childhood, but make him more humane and less superman….


They could totally go deep about the Park siblings childhood with their queer Mom.We need to know why these 3 person who were not even real siblings has tight bond.

Also, come on, show! There are other characters as well. I feel like invasion of other charactes but not-so-cuteOHY & PDK was desperately needed, in order to keep the sane cuteOHY and sane PDK. Do more about Isadora-lawyer loveline! Gimme chic chinggu and Yellow tie loveline (I know they haven’t met….YET) ! Moar of second shinhwa’s scenes!! Sigh. Anyone is actually better than too-much-cryingOHY and slightly-obnoxious-PDK.

One thing I love about this drama is that they really can make you laugh with their comedy. Even in the madness of episode 10-12, I still find my laughter watching this. Although, it would probably last for only 5 minutes, then my expression goes sour again.

I still have a soft spot for this drama. However, deep down I know, that this drama could be better but it lost its chance. My weeks spent by waiting this drama to amuse me again. I really hope that the next episodes will erase all the doubts.

Notable Scenes


 Trash Unniedeul Commentary

Toera : It was fun watching Another Oh Haeyoung though.

Fuzzyla : Yeah Another Oh Haeyoung was fun, although Banyah and PoisonGiggles do not like it.

Toera : It’s double the fun, seeing their reaction actually ahhahaha

Fuzzyla : Hahhahaha

Toera : I ranted too, about their characters.

Fuzzyla : I did too, cos its so makjang now. Mostly, I am just ogling at Eric. He cut his hair i think

Papuli : Hahahah AOHY, to be honest, I dont like cuteOHY. She is such a crybaby

Toera : cuteOHY is walking down the street crying. Eric in his room is crying.

Fuzzyla : Yeah

Papuli : Grow up!! Hahaha.Why act so desperate for a guy to love you? I dont get it.

Fuzzyla : CuteOHY was not a crybaby when Taejin left her. Why does she change now? She used to dance instead of crying.

Papuli : Yeah..right she was spunky before. It looks like she is desperate to get a boyfriend hahahaha. I mean give DK some space.

Toera : Cause CuteOHY responds to PrettyOHY and not to Eric, if they were oppas, they would have people shipping them by now.

Papuli : Hahahahahahaha true.

Toera : Fuzzy come back i’ll repent.

Yep, I left them. Cos they were right. Sigh. I need people to like this drama though. Anyway,  I wrote this long post after watching only 12 episodes, so maybe I was wrong.


Yes, I was wrong, 50% wrong. It seems like the show was going back to what they did the best, fluffy scenes galore!!! I feel like I am too cheap for this show, really. I forgive them right away.

Again though, this drama could have been better if not for 10th-12th episodes. 30% of me still despise this drama, but if they could make Banyah to…”kinda accept” the drama again, that means they do it right (for episode 13-14). As for PoisonGiggles…Well, she said this :

“At least they make up for idiocy with sweetness”


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