2 Days 1 Night episode 450

Part 2 of Ewha University Special

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University Specials have never been my favourite on 2 Days 1 Night, or any other variety show program.  However, this episode in particular struck a chord with me.  The cast were to prepare a short lecture for students on any topic they like with their dinner on the line.  In this episode, only Yoon Shi Yoon, Deffcon and Kim Jung Min’s lectures were aired.  Three other lectures will be aired next week.

Let’s just cut to the chase.  I loved Yoon Shi Yoon’s speech and I am going to share the transcript. In true Jjangyard fashion, I will be making my comments in between as well.

The Road that Navigation Doesn’t Know (Unmapped Road) – Yoon Shi Yoon

Before I begin my speech, let me introduce myself.  I decided to join 2 Days 1 Night to promote myself as Yoon Shi Yoon.  However, I became Dong Gu on this program1. I would like to believe that someday I’ll be better known as Yoon Shi Yoon.  Though I still like to be called Dong Gu as well2.  

I heard that I will be giving a lecture today just an hour ago.  So I thought about the talk I had with my mentor Jung Ah3 earlier today.  She wasn’t sure if she should follow her dreams or live a stable life as her parents wish.  I think it is very hard to decide.  So I’d like to tell you my opinion on this issue without being too pushy.   

People are becoming more knowledgeable these days. In contrast, I don’t think we know much about ourselves. We don’t really know what we like or what makes us sad.  We could test a few people for this.   I saw some teenages wandering around the campus earlier and I can ask them what they like… (He gets interrupted by the cast) If I ask them about their dreams, they wouldn’t know what to say.  Even if they say the have a dream, it wouldn’t be easy for them to explain why they want it. They are not sure about what they like or what they want to be.

In fact I was discharged from the military not long ago.  I met a lot of men that are around your age there.  I found that they have the same problem.  “How should I live?” I want to ask you this question: If you are given one day and you must be happy on that day, I know the question sounds silly, is there anything you can do that makes you happy?4  You’d have one if you were in the military. (Audience laughs).  You only have one day off and you have to relieve all the stress in one day5. You’ll want your favourite food, and even be a good son to your parents.  There would be a lot of things to do.  But which one of them will really make you happy?  It’s hard to decide.  No matter how many books I read or how hard I thought, I couldn’t find the answer6.

Given that I have yet to reach my success (Audience makes sound to disagree)(and editing cut was made here).

There is one animation I want to tell you about.  Have you watched “Cars”?  The main character in “Cars” is a frontrunner.  One day, he drives down the highway to participate in a race.  But on the way, he falls onto a road and ends up in a run down desert.  He ends up in a place that cannot be found on the navigation.  He meets a lot of weird characters there and after some time he began to like them.  Later on, he finally finds the highway he’s been looking for.  He has been on the highway thousands of times but he didn’t know there was a road next to it.  This road was not shown on the navigation.

It’s easy to get to your destination through the highway.  You can reach your destination quickly.  But if you make a detour, you’ll see the beautiful scenery you wouldn’t see on the highway. There will be uphill and downhill, and you will realize later that they were beautiful and meaningful.  

I was also a student like you who went to school and worked part time until one day when I was cast in “High Kick Through the Roof”.  I didn’t even know how to read a script or how to act7 but the drama became very popular.  The ratings were 20 to 30 per cent.  I was cast in TV commercials and started making money.  I got a new car and people started to treat me differently.  On top of that, I was cast in “King of Baking: Kim Tak Gu”.  The ratings was over 50 per cent.  (Audience laugh and cheers)  Do you think I was happy?  No.  I was scared.  Because it wasn’t my achievement.  I just had been very lucky.  I was afraid that I would lose everything if I went further.

I started to hide since then.  I avoided seeing the public8.  I completely hid myself and avoided being on entertainment shows.  Why?  You saw that I was horrible at table tennis.  (Audience laughs)  I was afraid of being revealed9.  But meanwhile my coworkers, for example, Joo Won (my oppa!), Shin Se Kyung, Park Shin Hye and Choi Daniel, they continued the challenge even if they failed.  Sometimes they would stumble upon mean comments on the internet but they kept going on as actors.  When I was in the military, I regretted so much.  I imagined how beautiful it must have been for them to go on.  I regretted that I avoided experiencing ups and downs because I was scared.  Now I want to see the beautiful scenery of the uphill and downhill myself.  That’s why I decided to join 2 Days 1 Night.  It will be hard to go up and scary to go down. Still I’ll give it a try.

Our meal depends on this mission. (Audience laugh and bwahaha I laugh too hard OMG) I want to see how delicious it would be.  Thank you.

Standing ovation from me.


  1. Bwahahaha! Did that stress you out? Awww you are adorable.
  2. I really like you as Dong Gu.  Let’s keep it that way.
  3. Jung Ah is a student at Ehwa University that was pair up as Yoon Shi Yoon’s buddy earlier in the day
  4. I… don’t… know either *cries in corner*
  5. Don’t go to room salons.  Is the joke too soon?  Sorry.
  6. Hello, Yoon Shi Yoon.  I see that you are also living in my world.  Let’s be neighbours.
  7. Now you are doing awesome in Mirror of the Witch.  Keep it up!  It’s my favourite among all your dramas.
  8. Yoon Shi Yoon, why are you talking about me?
  9. Sometimes you feel like a fraud when you achieve success.  You may be afraid you will be found out that you are not all that awesome anyway.  But OWN your success.  This is another great Ted Talk on the subject, and a similar discussion happens from 15:40 onwards. 


I’m at a point where I’m evaluating if I should take that detour.  It’s scary and I am trying to find the courage.  It’s also nice to see how self-aware Yoon Shi Yoon is.  He knows that he is where he is because of the choices he made.  Although he regrets some choices, he knows that he can make better ones from now on to change his future.  It’s interesting how he compares himself with Joo Won, and then Joo Won also gets compared to other actors his age.  Joo Won has also been asked how his popularity, recognition or success isn’t as great as other actors. I think it is an endless struggle to find yourself and be in a place where you are confident and comfortable with yourself.  I’ll link Joo Won’s interview on Healing Camp in 2015, see 18:02 onwards of this following video.

 (Part 1 of the interview can be found HERE.  Video credits to joowoncutie.wordpress.com)

OK, that’s enough of being sentimental and insightful on this blog, let’s return to fangirling.


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