Running Man episode 304

The cast from Doctors visits Running Man. We’ve got Park Shin Hye, Lee Kwang Soo’s girlfriend from It’s OK It’s Love Lee Sung Kyung, cute chef of Descendants of the Sun Kim Min Seok and Moo Hyul of Six Flying Dragons Yoon Gyun Sang.

First game has each team trying to transport an opponent’s queen across the platform in the pool.  The Queens defend by trying to attack their piggyback rides. Some strategies include:

The Facial Cleanser

The Ribs Squisher (though it looks a little like The Nuts Squisher.  No nuts were harmed during the filming of the show. I think.)

The Scrubber

The Pincher

The Headlock Choke

The Biter

The Intertwiner


Second game is where each team needs to kick and break as many rows of boards as they can *snore*.  Kwang Soo comments how Sung Kyung doesn’t tan easily and he knows that because they are really good friends. Riiight.  Have you taken her to the beach before? Or maybe a Hawaiian getaway? #BeingAnAnnoyingFan

At the end, the teams starts voting who the real queen is but all I could think about is whether Lee Kwang Soo or Yoon Gyun Sang is taller.  Who is taller anyway?

I don’t know who won but some boys gets flogged with an oar. This gif is so satisfying to watch.

Evaluation: I laughed in the early parts but yawned in the last 40 minutes.  On the up side, it was my first time finishing a Running Man episode in a while.



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