Lucky Romance 8

Lucky Romance Episode 8 Recap

Suho worries about Bonui’s farewell messages to everyone while Bonui spends the night by the Han River. Suho does a search by the river and spots a girl with short hair, wearing dress over jeans but it’s not Bonui, it’s just a same dress sense girl. Gewi is pretending not to worry but also looks for her while Bonui is actually by a different river bank thinking about Bora and her parents.

Papuli: You know…now that Suho is opening up to Bonui….I want Bonui to not be melo anymore

PoisonGiggles: I want Bonui to be the person who understands him

Papuli: Ikr? C’mon…Bonui stop crying and be spunky, hahahaha

PoisonGiggles: I know. Bonui needs to stop crying. If she want to cry she can cry at the hospital but not at the Han River =.=

Papuli: Hahahahahah Han River..OMG. That scene hahahaha I felt like throwing her in the water hahahhaa

PoisonGiggles: My reaction. Han river = You are so stupid. Hospital = OMG you poor thing not seeing your sister for 2 years!

Next morning Gewi wakes up to find Suho’s car outside the appartments, and they’re both relieved to see Bonui coming home. A missed call from the hospital leads to a new development: Bora moved a finger (Suho touched Bonui’s finger but don’t know if there’s direct body part analogy cause if there is… LOL) and spring comes.

A dress on dress dressed Bonui wonders around smiling, talking to flowers and hugging the shaman while Dalnim’s romance with coffee ahjussi moves an inch and Dalnim informs Suho on Zeze’s connection to Bora’s accident. Bonui goes to Suho to inform him Bora got better and gets a series of bans (quitting, disappearing and not answering his calls not allowed).

Papuli: I like how Dalnim gets annoyed by Amy and her English hahahaha. She is so cute.

Aimee thinks she made a small development with Suho when they cycle together and he puts a plaster on her hand, when in fact her remark about Suho nagging at those he likes leads Suho to admit he worries and thinks about Bonui.

This leads to a DorkSuho cycling his way to Bonui’s flat unintentionally and feeling jealous, not to mention not throwing away the salt she gave him. It also leads him to romance Gewi on camera to stop him from interacting with Bonui and then stuffing her with work to make her go home alone.

PoisonGiggles: I love it how he’s like legs why did you betray me.

Papuli: Hahahahaaha. He’s funny.

PoisonGiggles: I think everybody is just watching for him right now.

Papuli: IKR. I was laughing when Suho is in shorts and Bonui is overdressed hahahah

PoisonGiggles: Ryu Jun Yeol seem like he isn’t doing much on screen but he’s adding so much to the character… I don’t know how. He makes Suho really boyish and sweet.

Papuli: I think its the script that limits him. I think Suho will be the only character people will remember after Lucky Romance ends..hahahaha

Google is Suho’s shaman and alerts him about his feelings for Bonui to which he responds by giving Gewi a hard time about his parents. Aimee gets A+ as a manager defending her client and Suho a complete fail in EQ test in this one.

Papuli: Even Suho is taking tips from the net hahahah. Bonui stop talking to the flowers and get your sass on hahaha.

PoisonGiggles: That is so him LOL need to read stuff to learn. I know, Bonui get sass back but don’t shout. LOL.

Papuli: Hahaha you know..they should show him reading and calculating bed maneuver.

PoisonGiggles: So far Bonui and Suho aren’t on the same page. They’re on different wavelengths.

Papuli: Yeah…I know

PoisonGiggles: Ahh but it’s not gonna be about bedding him already =.= I felt cheated in that aspect LOL. Now they’re so gonna do air kisses for the entire show LOL

Papuli: You know…when I see Bonui pursuing other tiger men…I wished it was more comic than melo damsel in distress hahaha. Air kisses..pwahahahahaha

PoisonGiggles: Amy is better this episode. She got a bit more focus. Her calling off the meeting for Gary because he was uncomfortable.. that was really nice. Shows that she understands.

This results in a rooftop chat about parents and the beginning of a whole other mess called Suho omma. She lies to him about her meeting with chicken ahjussi and he finds out by accident when he’s stalking Bonui. (Chicken ahjussi’s like an IT Clark Kent in this one, wherever they may be going with that plot.)

Another night of hologram Bonui thoughts leads Suho to accompany her the next day first to visit her parents charnel house, and then to the hospital where he acts like a human talinsman and takes her into Bora’s room for the first time. (Which seems to be the new trend for OTPs to have skinship in kdramas.)

PoisonGiggles: I love how he unintentionally drove his car to her place. LOL. “Bonui what are you doing here?” Bahahaha you idiot, she lives there. OMG I wanna hug him.

Random thoughts:
Minirant: the very superficial manner they chose to portray Suho’s dad, though I know two dad stories may be heavy in a drama. (Or is it three dad stories after chicken ahjussi and mum plot unfolds?) The man’s either getting drunk or throwing his son into the sea or farting, and unless they plan to make him a Voltermort they need to humanise him real quick.
We saw Suho and Bonui interact about something other than tigers which was about time. Wish that will go on, though shaman was spotted in the preview. What does he want now?
What is the soundtrack playing when Bora is talking and Suho is not even listening? Help!

PoisonGiggles: I think Bonui is starting to fall for Suho. Catch those stolen glances and smiles. And her crying scene at the hospital was one of my favorite Hwang Jung Eum moments, also it wasn’t annoying and loud.

Papuli: Hahahhaa Giggs. You are now pro-Bonui…

PoisonGiggles: No, I’m Pro-Suho

Papuli: Of course…Suho

PoisonGiggles: Cos did you see his face? That puppy when he looks at Bonui?

Papuli: Yeah.. I know

PoisonGiggles: It’s the kind of feeling… when Junghwan looked at Deoksun and I wanted so bad for him to have her.

Papuli: I know right. Lucky Romance is all  Yeolie. Suho indeed.

PoisonGiggles: He has the power to make u root for him. It’s so dangerous.

Papuli: It’s like first came Junghwan…then Suho and next..who would it be? Ryu Jun Yeol is addictive!!

PoisonGiggles: He is! But is it cos we are biased? No, right?

Papuli: Nah. Lucky Romance…to be lacks romcom elements. The chemistry…the background music….the comic caper.

PoisonGiggles: Seems like it can’t commit on a direction.

Papuli: The writer and PD-nim is all over the place in Lucky Romance

PoisonGiggles: If we were the writers we would’ve made Bonui so idiotic and byuntae in Lucky Romance.

Hours later….

PoisonGiggles: I liked silly lovesick Je Suho. And the hospital scene was good.. only noticed it was good when I watched it with subs bahaha

Fuzzyla: I think its not Je Suho. It’s Ryu Jun Yeol, because I like lovesick Junghwan too. Please, if she the one that he likes, please give her to him.

PoisonGiggles: If Ryu Jun Yeol announces that he’s gonna get married we are going to cry but all he has to do is a Vapp of him looking at his wife and I’m like OK let him have her. Bwahahahaha.

Fuzzyla: We are going to cry. Ahahaha true. Who will be the lucky girl?

More hours and hours later…

Fuzzyla: I watched episode 8. It’s so nothing. I guess it’s better to watch it together with you guys…


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