Lucky Romance 10

Dalnim’s Diary


Dear Diary, you know that our Company is developing the IF Game right? Well, Depyonim chose Gary Choi as model, but I ask myself, “Why him?”. I mean, I know that he is the international tennis player with fans all over the world, but isn’t the Genius Je Suho a lot more attractive than him?

Today I had a smart thought. I will make my own IF Game. Of course, that man will be the model of my game. I should not say this with my own mouth, but this idea is really brilliant. I will develop it alone, and when it’s done I can show it to him. I hope he will like it, because I am going to make this game to be the best of all.

That’s why, I should follow that man everywhere. Don’t think the wrong way, this is only for the game. I know too little about the man. How can I make a game about that man, if I don’t know him well?  There aren’t too many pictures of him as well. I need pictures of him to make the best game character. I know, I won’t be able to capture the perfect smile he has, even with his pictures as guides, but without guide, it will probably worse, right? So, dear diary, this is not stalking without reason. This is  for the game, and the game only. Remember, I am not a stalker! I am not a… Oh god, give me strength…

Lucky Romance Episode 10 Recap

June 25, 2016


I woke up in a man’s arms. I…. I have been tainted. I am a disgrace. I am no longer the pure Dalnim who will wait for that man only. Why did I end up in his arms instead of the genius Je Suho? Seunghyeon told me that Depyonim left with Bonui at night because these stupid silly boys threw him in the water. I should have been there. I should have been the one who dried all the water off his clothes. Why did I drink too much last night? Why? Diary-ah, I promise to you that I will never ever get drunk again.

Ahhhh, Wae does this Gary Choi call me? Ah, not Gary, his name is Gewi. I do not want to copy Aimee’s pronounciation. This is Korea, not America. His name is Gewi, and her name is Aimee.


I check on Je Suho’s house. I am writing as I watch the CCTV video. I installed some cameras there just for the occasion. Remember, this is between you and me, this is only for the game. Oh, Bonui is with him the whole time. Thank god. I hope she takes care of him well. I am worried for that man. He is most definitely not a weak man, but these boys can be silly. I know for sure that they are jealous of him for being such a perfect angel. I wonder what did they do to him last night? He looks really sick. Bonui-ya please nurse him back to health.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, HE COME! Forgive me My Lord, but pak this guy, why does he come to Depyonim’s house? Who the hell he thinks he is? GO AWAY. OMG, HE PUSHED DEPYONIM. Why is this man so rough?  I know he is so stupid, but not to this point. He practically injures a patient. Woah, unbelievable. I am so mad at him.

Omoooo, so cute. He must be playing games with his phone and be the ultimate champion. I want to keep look at him, but I’ve got something to do. I will write more later.

I did it. I told him everything he needs to know. Cooly. I told him that no matter what we did last night, I couldn’t be with him. He couldn’t expect anything from me. I was not the woman for him. It’s not easy to make him understand but I guess I did well. He even gave tip to attract Je Suho. Ah, the time for this man to be useful has come.

I really did good by going out tonight. I met Depyonim in the park. I was too shy to greet him, but I took couple pictures of him from afar. He was so cute smiling at the pictures in his hands. Ah, what kind of pictures were they? I wanna see them too.

June 26, 2016


I went out with Bonui to the park. I was really happy for my best friend. She got 2 men confess to her. Ah, finally things are going well for her. I always pity her, being an orphan in such young age and has to take care of her sister too. I want her to be happy.


Checked on CCTV video, and this woman came. Ah, what’s wrong with that woman? Who ask her to come to our angel’s house? Even I don’t barge in to his house. It’s so rude. Know your place!

June 27, 2016

I was told by the new security guard that ZEZE is such a nice place. Ahahaha, of course I know that. He told me that Depyonim himself asked him to say that. Ah, how cute.

Depyonim is such a cool guy. I know it. He is not at the same level with these stupid boys. Today, he forgave them all. Ah, what a wonderful heart he got. He is so nice. Ah, stop making me fall for you even more. Aing….


Bonui wanted to give up her feeling for the man she likes. Ah, she broke my heart. Well then, I should push myself a little bit harder to the perfect angel. At least one of us needs to succed in Romance Departement. Dalnim-ah Fighting! YOU CAN DO IT!

Omaya! I can’t write anything long for now, because I am still at the office, but… OMG!!!!!! He gave me water! That man gave me water from his personal refrigerator! He is really opening up to me, isn’t he? He even helped me to throw away a piece of trash. How sweet! Kyaaaa!!


I went to Ryangha’s store. Well, I had to say thank you. His advice to be an objective, cold and confident woman around my angel was really working. Yeokshi, he can be useful after all.

Not long after me, Depyonim came to Ryangha’s coffee shop. Ah, Ryangha really is his best friend after all. I dunno why would a perfect man like him befriended him, but it’s a good thing for me. I can always depend on Ryangha’s intuition to get my angel. Be a good friend for him please, Ryangha!!

Ryangha told me that my angel is going out to a café to confess his feeling. Hiks. I don’t wanna see it, but I have to be strong. It’s for the game. I have to see his woman anyway. I have to look with my own eyes, what kind of woman he likes. So, I went out to the café, but nobody was there. I guess the date wasn’t going well for them to leave this early. I am so sorry Je Suho-nim, but please don’t worry, I will be there to mend your heart.

Trash Unniedeul Commentary



Fuzzyla: His hand on her neck… I wanna taste it.

Papuli: You wanna taste what…her neck?? hahahah wae?

Fuzzyla: No, his hands on my neck….We can do kiss later.

Papuli: Ah…then its okie…you scared me for a bit there Fuzzyla, hahahaha. I bet you could kiss oppa goodddd

Oni: I’m heartbroken still.

Fuzzyla: Thank god its not a hot one.

Oni: Not the best kiss but still…

Fuzzyla: I can’t function. I can’t write recap.

Oni: *sigh* I’m mourning. My eyes are teary omg, I’m crazy.

Fuzzyla: Its totally Papuli’s fault for writing that lucky kiss.

Papuli: Hahahahahahah, lucky kiss was the straw.

Bannyah: There will be one or two more kisses and those will look the same as this one.

Papuli: Yep…my money is on Bannyah’s prediction hahaha

Toera: I think so too.


Oni: I’m killing you Fuzzy.

Fuzzyla: Mian, but this gif is totally good.

Papuli: Okie…no matter how many angles you take of that kiss….it is still lame.

Fuzzyla: Hey, I am not defending the kiss. The gif is good. That’s all.

Papuli: Hahahahahaha Fuzz…. I was not talking about you.

Bannyah: Yep. Gif is pretty. I love its colours.

PoisonGiggles: Bwahahaha. I saw the kiss…. Wae bannyah and paps… It was goooooodddd. Omg oppa… So gentleeee. I am now pro at watching kisses for the oppa.

Bannyah: Really?

Toera: I think they should invent a sixth stage of grief and call it the giggs stage.

Fuzzyla: So they’re going to be : (1) Denial and Isolation, (2) Anger, (3) Bargaining, (4) Depression, (5) Acceptance and (6) PoisonGiggles? Bwahahahahha.

Oni: I’m still menbong, I think.

Bannyah: I repeated kiss who knows how many times. I dont like one sided kisses.

PoisonGiggles: Well oppa moved. It wasn’t dead fish.

Buuuuuut,,, is there a kissing scenes in Lucky Romance Episode 10 though? Will you believe in Dalnim’s Diary or Trash Unnideul Commentary? You decide!


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