Beastly Butterfly

So yeah…. BEAST IS HAVING A COMEBACK! YAY!!!! One MV is out, and this is a post about it.

Butterfly is produced by Yong Junhyung and DAVII. It is another Beast pre-release song. Beast is known to have strong pre-release songs including “On Rainy Days,” “Midnight,” “Will You Be Alright?” and “Gotta Go To Work” which brought them trophies home. As a biased Beauty, I am sure this one song will top music chart as well. I don’t know much about music, so I’ll pass talking about it in depth. For me Butterfly has a very nice sound, and that’s all I need to know.

The lyric is about them being left (again). Beast lover boys take flying butterflies as analogy to send their love away. It’s well written as they express sadness and hope in one beautiful song.

“Neon areumdapkae naraga”

You fly away beautifully

Huhuhuhuhu…… I won’t fly away from you, beast!!!

They really did a great job with the harmonization. Yoseob and Kikwang did good, as expected. This song is a great match for Yoseob’s voice, I think. I like his voice so much in this song. Leader and Maknae got more lines than usual in this song. Props for them improving their singing skills every time they’re having comeback. Funny thing is, Junhyung didn’t rap in this song. Well, It’s not like every song need rap sprinkles. Sometimes it’s weird to put rap in ballad-y song. However, I prefer Junhyung’s rapping than singing. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t do a good job here though. It was a nice surprise hearing him sing. He did unexpectedly well.

The MV is set in a beautiful garden. They play with butterflies and are pretty as ever. I like their make ups but I am afraid I can’t say the same for their outfits. You really can’t count on my judgement about fashion, but those pants need to go. They look fine however, when the camera is focusing only on their faces.

Junhyung is looking so good in this. I think this is the best look for him. He is number one for me in this MV. Son Namshin is always looking sharp. Doojoon and Yoseob are fine. Kikwang however, *sigh*. Well, there is nothing wrong with him, but the clothes burn him worse than the other guys here. He looks like a child wearing his father’s (or grandmother’s) clothes. I still love you anyway. Look at them, here.

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For reference:

This song is really nice. I hope it does well. Uhm, considering the promise they make for Beauties, I need it to do well. They promised to make Doojon do a butt dance, and of course it needs to be done. Let the craziness out. So, let’s help them win.

Another note I need to point out is….well I miss Hyunseung. Wait, does the lyric describe him? Oh well, I miss him so much. His voice is really unique and stands out in many of Beast’s songs. Don’t forget about his dancing either.


I felt the same mate, same. Truthfully, when the issue first broke out, I didn’t think think that it will lead to his departure. Poor my fangirling heart. I really hope that they will continue being friends, and both Beast and Hyunseung will do well on their own. Fighting to both!!!


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