Lucky Romance 9

As if to make all fans go crazy, Lucky Romance 9 repeats the hug scene from the last episode. Outside the hospital, Suho smiles while swaying Bonui that he’s always going to be available in case she wants to visit Bora. They say bye to each other but then soon after Suho runs to Bonui asking her to eat lunch together, playing a guilt card saying that he already drove her and played as her lucky charm all day.

Oni: Try with earphone guys. His voice gaaaaah! 😆
PoisonGiggles: Omo earphones! Oppa voice in my ear ❤

In the restaurant, Suho amazes Bonui by eating seafood that he doesn’t like. He then tells Bonui about his trauma. After lunch, they go to a park for a coffee. Suho sits on the bench while closing his eyes as he waits for Bonui. Bonui leans towards Suho to surprise him teasing us with perfect position for a sudden kiss. Suho asks Bonui about her parents and she tells him about her series of unfortunate events. Bonui expects Suho to make fun of her but instead he touches her heart by sympathizing with her.

PoisonGiggles: Clingy Suho❤

Oni: eeeeeey kkkkkkkk~

Bannyah: Can he be normal for once in drama? 😆

PoisonGiggles: No, he is not normal

Bannyah: He was tsundere in Reply 1988 and now clingy

PoisonGiggles: He’s either swoony or cute. Pick one

Bannyah: I want him to be normal in one drama 😆

Oni: 😂 Define normal, Bannyah

Bannyah: Not tsundere, not clingy 😆

PoisonGiggles: His normal is Youth over Flowers

Oni: Normal is Youth over Flowers? aniya 😆

PoisonGiggles: And his normal is still swoony so that’s not normal

Oni: Yep exactly. BWAHHAHAHAHA

PoisonGiggles: I’d so kiss him here. Bonui take a chance

Bannyah: Me too

Oni: Yep at least on his cheek or forehead 😆😆

PoisonGiggles: Lips, Oni. Just direct aim 😆


Bannyah: What cheek or forehead. Are you crazy?

Oni: I said at least

Bannyah: No at least, go straight.

At home, while praying, Bonui can’t stop thinking about the hug. She keeps reminding herself to only focus on Bora. Meanwhile at Suho’s house, Suho is all giggly recalling about what happened that day. They both have trouble sleeping thinking about each other.

In the morning, Suho contemplates on how he should text her but ends up not doing it at all. Meanwhile Bonui goes to the hospital and sees Gewi there. She tells him about ‘Talisman Suho’, making Gewi feels a bit jealous.

In front of their apartments, they see a man looking like Suho standing outside. Bonui unconsciously tries to fix her bangs and Gewi is pissed. He walks towards the man, ready to give him his piece of mind to only greet with an unfamiliar face that turns out to be a reporter who keeps asking him about his dad.

The next day Aimee, Suho, and Gewi have a meeting to solve the matter. Jump to D-30 before ZEZE releases ‘IF’. Suho emphasizes to ZEZE Avengers that they have to finish ‘IF’ beta version before Gewi leaves Korea and gives them a deadline. The deadline makes  ZEZE Avengers worry they have to cancel the workshop that they’ve planned beforehand but surprisingly Suho gives his blessing.

After the meeting, Suho sees Bonui talking on the phone and tries to eavesdrop. She hangs up and thanks Suho for being considerate of Gewi. He then asks her to eat dinner together but gets rejected. Suho is all sulky. Back to ZEZE office, Suho sees Dalnim and Seung Hyun spazz over graphic Gewi.

Bonui visits her usual shaman and meets Suho’s mom there. Mom asks about ‘the raccoon’ that keeps bothering her son while Bonui trying hard to signal shaman to not tell Mom about it. Right after, they eat together and Mom tells Bonui that someone threw Suho in the sea to teach him how to swim. In front of ZEZE building, Mom again gives a talisman for Suho to Bonui so she can hide it in his book or whatever. There, they meet chicken Ahjussi but Mom pretends not knowing him.

 PoisonGiggles: Notice how our chat dies when oppa is not on screen


Back in Zeze office, Dalnim and Seung Hyun surprised to see a messed up graphic Gewi, accusing male ZEZE avengers that they have something to do with it. Little do they know, it’s all their Je Daepyo’s doing. While crouching under the table, Suho eavesdrops Dalnim and Bonui’s convo about Bonui not going to the workshop since she doesn’t want to be greedy in life.

At night after work, Bonui helps her old boss to hand out flyers. Some jerk pushes her making all the flyers drop on the floor but no worries since Suho comes to the rescue. Suho wonders why Bonui has to help out her old boss and she says that her bad luck also take parts on Boss’s misfortunes. The old Boss suspects Suho’s behavior towards Bonui and tells her about it while she denies it.

The next day, Bonui sees her old boss working as security guard inside ZEZE building. Boss tells her about Suho who offered him the job last night. Inside the elevator, Suho implicitly tries to convince Bonui that she’s not a bad luck but a good luck instead by mentioning her old boss that suddenly got a new job.

On the rooftop, Bonui tells Gewi that she’s not going to the workshop. Gewi asks her to go with him to the TV broadcast but she rejects him because she’s afraid she might bring bad luck. Gewi calls Aimee asking permission to cancel tomorrow training. He is planning to go to observatory with Bonui.

Next morning, Suho keeps checking himself in the mirror, getting all excited about picking up Bonui while Gewi washes his car, preparing everything for his trip with her. They both drive heading to Bonui’s apartment. Suho comes earlier than him and manages to get Bonui to come to the workshop by stating his deadly line “I’ll be your talisman”.

PoisonGiggles:   OMG he’s excited OMG that face. I love how he gets out of the car

Oni:  Buy SUV, get the girl

PoisonGiggles:  Bwahahaha don’t buy a jeep

(Amy’s shoes puke) That dress, though, is love.

Oni:  I love it too

PoisonGiggles:  OMG he’s so proud

Oni:  Oppa is so handsome here, gosh 😆

PoisonGiggles:  OMG that’s what he said! Oppa be my talisman 😭

Oni:  BWAHHAHAHA his ultimate line: “I’ll be your talisman”

PoisonGiggles:  I’m gonna find the mark on his chest (Mirror of the Witch reference)


On the way, inside the car, Bonui asks Suho if he is interested in her, resulting in him losing control of the wheel for a sec. He denies it and tells her that for him she’s just a bug. Suho then throws the question back to her but she doesn’t answer making Suho acting all sulky.

PoisonGiggles: That scene reminded me of Dongryong asking who Deoksun liked LOL (Reply 1988 reference)

Oni: Bwahaha DON’T 😂😂😂

PoisonGiggles: Deok Sun also didn’t answer 😂

Oni: Then Bonui won’t get oppa LOL

PoisonGiggles: Make video of Deoksun and Bonui please. 😂 And say it doesn’t work. Like dafuq if Suho proposed with ring (Note: apologies from Giggs for revisiting Ssangmundong too much)

Finally Suho and Bonui arrive at the workshop place greeting Gewi and Aimee who are already there. Bonui worries about Gewi coming there since he would have a broadcast the next day. Gewi tells her she doesn’t have to worry since she keeps bringing him good luck and asks her to come to the shoot with him again but gets rejected again.

Everyone goes for a quad bike ride except Aimee who is all pretty in the yellow dress. Gewi proposes a bet to Suho that the person who finishes first gets a wish but Suho is not interested. The race begins and somehow Bonui and Suho end up riding a quad back together to the finish line while Gewi places last. Suho rubs salt into Gewi’s wound by giving him a troll smile.

Oni: LOL fixing his hair again

PoisonGiggles: OMG she’s riding wearing that bedsheet? Not very aerodynamic. LOL oppa idiot

Oni: LOL they are so fast forwarding this. Bad editing

Bannyah: Random Bannyah: I wonder is my icecream frozen enough. It’s banana flavour (we lost Bannyah)

Everyone is having lunch together and playing truth game. The spinning bottle purposely pointed out to Bonui by Daekwon because ZEZE Avengers have a bet if Bonui secretly dating Je Daepyo or not and she answers them with a ‘No’ which results with Seung Hyun’s victory as usual.

Suho talks a walk outside and Aimee follows beside him. She reminisces about their past and suggests herself to be his woman. Meanwhile Gewi gets scolded by his mom on the phone because he’s trying to find his dad. Bonui who sees that feels bad and finally agrees to go the broadcast station with him.

Aimee looks so cute afraid of moths releasing all aegyo towards Suho. Even Suho can’t help but to tease her too. Gewi and Bonui accidentally see that cutesy moment and she feels jealous while Gewi notices that slight change to Bonui’s expression.

Bonui finds Dalnim laying drunk on the grass and accidentally takes her to the male’s room sleeping besides Ryangha. Meanwhile ZEZE Avengers carry Suho planning to drop him inside the pool. Bonui who witness that scene rushing to save him but it’s already too late, Suho is already thrown to the pool. Suho walks by himself and finds a secluded place to calm down while Bonui follows him. He asks her to leave him and not to make a fuss about it. Bonui who is worried tells him to rely on her like he did to her.

PoisonGiggles: DalRyang romance is more exciting to be honest

Bannyah: They are sooooo going to wake up hugging each other

Oni: kkkkkkkk true dat

Suho is sitting on the passenger seat while Bonui is behind the wheels. Suho makes sure to tell Bonui that the pool fiasco happened not because of her bad luck but his trauma instead. He then tells Bonui about his past. He feels unwell and vomits outside the car.

Moving on, they end up at Suho’s place with Suho laying down on the couch (I wonder why she doesn’t take him to his bed though, oh well). Bonui writes the frog-snake characters on his hand again wishing him to get well. She then blabbers to herself while sitting beside Suho about her not hating him and whatnot. When she is about to leave suddenly Suho’s hand reaches out to her and asks her to stay with him and to be continued.

PoisonGiggles: Oppaaaa was so hot

Bannyah: Confessioooon

Oni: LOL seriously what are you wearing? 😂😂😂

PoisonGiggles: tablecloth over curtain

Oni: 😂😂😂 plus socks

PoisonGiggles: Upgraded from bedsheet over shower curtain


Suho’s quad bike is stuck. He calls for anyone but no one seems to be nearby. He wishes for a helping hand from faith but then regrets it instantly and blames Bonui for what he just did. Suddenly, Bonui appears out of nowhere with her quad bike to his rescue.

Random Thoughts

Love all Suho’s outfits for this episode except the white T’s at the end. I like how Suho who used to not eating that much keeps eating, I guess thanks to him being in love. Love all adorkable jealousy, checking himself on the mirror private time and the troll laugh. I ship him with check shirts, his pajamas, sleeping mask, pillows, and that cool sofa in his room. The scene when Suho was walking with Aimee near the lake was so pretty and dreamy. Seems like Bonui has a tendency to take someone to the wrong ‘bed’. I have a very little hope for an upgrade on Bonui’s outfits so I’m just gonna let Faith decide.


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