Suho the Untrained Puppy


PoisonGiggles: I realize I love Lucky Romance for the fan following, not for the drama itself

Papuli: Yep…. I know right

PoisonGiggles: I’m looking forward to next episode just to see oppa’s cute face (of course) and the squeals that are gonna happen online bwhahaha

Papuli: Lucky Romance plot is everywhere and still nowhere. It’s all Yeolie and nothing else to be honest

PoisonGiggles: LOL I think I don’t care about plot anymore 😂  I’m just waiting to see what oppa can do. And then how we freak about his cuteness.. Then the cute gifs

Papuli: Oh yeah… The morning after the kiss hahaha

PoisonGiggles: OMG morning after kiss ROFL I wanna see that. He’s so gonna pull apart his sofa

Papuli: All awkward or horny hahaha

PoisonGiggles: He’s like an untrained puppy

Papuli: Or look it up on the net for tips on aftermath of a kiss hahaha. Suho needs to be calmed down hahahaha

PoisonGiggles: Maybe he’ll call her into the office and close all the blinds and smile at her like a little boy looking at ice cream

Papuli: Ice cream…OMG. Hahahahahaha Ice cream that is still trying to melt! Okie… Now I’m imagining Yeolie canoodling Hwang Jung Eum like an ice cream hahahaha

PoisonGiggles: Bwahahaha! Holding her like melting icecream in his hands

Papuli: Ice cream with cherries to pop hahaha! Melting ice cream in hands….okie…my brain is exploding now hahaha Giggs…Lucky Romance might just turn into semi-porn here hahaha

PoisonGiggles: Bwahahaha! We have a talent for making this way more watchable than what it actually is 😂

Bannyah: OMG don’t do this to my ice cream 😂 I’m only on frozen yogurt and ice cream on summer. Don’t make me be just on frozen yogurt 😂

PoisonGiggles: Bannyah be the ice cream.. Oppa will cradle you 😂

Bannyah: OMG 😂 He can cradle me anytime 😂 I wouldn’t mind

Bannyah: He’ll freeze

PoisonGiggles: Bwahahaha don’t freeze him

PoisonGiggles: LOL now I imagine you climbing oppa to be cradled 😂

Bannyah: lolololol I don’t need to climb 😂 I’m not that small

PoisonGiggles: LOL still, Bannyah. Koala hugging oppa equals climbing 😂

Papuli: Pwahahahaha Yeolie freezing hahahaha

PoisonGiggles: We need to get him hot not cold.. Don’t freeze him 😂😂

Bannyah: OMG my brain went a lil nuts. Because hugging just turned wrong 😂😂

PoisonGiggles: Bwahahaha! If we were to draw what we think Bannyah is thinking… 😂

Bannyah: Seriously I never thought that hugging is touching with whole body till now 😂



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