Lucky Romance 11

Confession: Only one trash unnie has watched this episode with subs so this will be a rant-cap.  Because I feel lonely.  If you can’t take rants, stay out. The spazz is an add-on from other unniedeuls while they read this rant-cap or watch short clips.  We shall call this Imaginary Spazz.

Lucky Romance Episode 11 Recap

We have a replay of the kiss from last episode to remind us where we left off – as if we need another reminder.  Our replay buttons have broken, there are scrunched up tissues on the floor and a barf bag on the side for emergency use. Suho kisses Bonui passionately as she stands there enjoying the kiss like a Totem pole and when she regains motor function she pushes him away.  Jjangyard unniedeul need to have a word with Bonui. Do you see the line up of girls wanting to kiss Je Suho/Ryu Jun Yeol?  

Imaginary Spazz :

Fuzzyla: Oppa is so handsome in this episode. I wanna put my lips on his. Hmm, but that sentence is soul-less tho. Don’t you think so?

Oni: I wanna hug him and hang on his neck LOL LOL

Bannyah: You’ll kill him if you hang on his neck 😆😆

Bonui breaks Suho’s heart and he returns home like a sad puppy questioning why is love so complicated?  I know right? Fans love Ryu Jun Yeol, Ryu Jun Yeol loves fans we have a happy ending.


 Bonui dreams about hugging and twirling with Suho but awakes when she dreams about pancake-face shaman saying that happiness doesn’t belong to her. Nope, that happiness belongs to fangirls.

Suho omma and Suho appa being petty and taking up screen time. Is it that hard to fill 60 minutes with nothing but Je Suho?

Bora wakes up and her eyelids starts fluttering but she still looks soulless. Annoyed Suho gets a confetti reception from Ryangha for his unsuccessful date. Bonui begs Suho to be her talisman to visit Bora and ties a red string that connect their pinky fingers. Oppa, my dog is dying can you hold my hand?  Suho awkwardly introduces himself to Bora as the man Bonui likes and calls Bonui frustrating. More soulless eye fluttering response.  Bonui receives a necklace with a tiger charm from Suho.



Amy is about to get her standard kdrama break-up haircut when she’s interrupted by a desperate ring-hunting Gary.  These two delusional people talking about love.  Do we sound like this to outsiders when we talk about our oppa?


Fuzzyla: Aimee, Gary, just get married you two

Oni: and Gewi air time screen was head to head to Suho’s mom 😂😂😂


Chicken ahjusshi is not chicken ahjusshi after all, he gets bows from a Coconut CEO and featured on the newspaper more than 20 years ago for being some top programmer.

 Chicken ahjusshi and Suho meets up at Ryangha’s coffee shop.  Suho tries to pay chicken ahjusshi for his father’s sins, asks about his mother’s connection and promises to visit chicken shop with Bonui. *Yawn* I was bored writing this sentence. Chicken shop ahjusshi tells Suho to hold on to those he loves.  Suho beats up Ryangha for being annoying like a cockroach.  Can’t we just have Suho-Ryangha for 20 minutes of the show?

*ignores PoisonGiggles*

T: Are those sock sandals platforms as well?

Oni: LOL I still can’t with those jinjja 😂😂😂

Fuzzyla: I don’t wanna click on the link Toera gave, cos sock sandals gives me shock. but Bonui is always wearing sock sandals since forever

*finally regains some acknowledgement*

Oni: I haven’t exactly watch this scene with sub. I was just oogling oppa that time 😂😂😂 and whats coconut CEO? CEO selling some coconuts? 😂😂

Fuzzyla: I am scared of chicken ahjussi, because of his psychotic eyes. Hello Monster? I Remember You.

Oni: Gapdong 😂

Golden tiger pendant gets admired in the bathroom, Amy walks in and is being annoying all in love with Suho.  Bonui is not pleased.  Amy gives Bonui a hard time at the meeting, which Dalnim interprets as being protective of Gary. But we know that all these three ladies have the hots for one man. That one man interrupts Bonui and Dalnim’s conversation. As Dalnim tries to act cool and struts away in confidence to win Suho’s heart, she doesn’t see that her best friend is getting adorkably stalked by Suho.

Oni: actually what I remember here was just Suho cutely walking backwards. Like seriously, that was so cute 😂😂😂

Gary plays a bunch of songs from ‘I love you’ to ‘I wanna marry you’ and settles with ‘today I don’t wanna do anything’ and asks Bonui to dinner.  If you don’t wanna do anything, you will not. Your wish is granted.  Bonui rejects him quickly and hangs up when she sees her cute, sexy CEO Je walking down the steps from his office.

Oni: I don’t recall this scene at all

Suho: Do you still not have an answer?  I don’t get it because I’m pretty sure you know the answer.  It’s a Yes or No question and the answer is Yes.  *insert cute face*  The answer is that you like me.  *insert cute expression*  It’s yes between 0 and 1.  Coffee or tea?  Yes.  It should always be Yes.

Bonui: I already told you it’s No.

Suho: Wrong!  You got it wrong.  Fine.  I’ll wait.

Suho grabs his beating chest and is scared by Amy waiting and sitting on his bicycle.  This girl is relentless.  I loved her the past few weeks and finally this episode she got on my nerves.  Know when to back off, darling.  This puppy is already drowning in Bonui waters.  Amy begs to be fed.  Suho takes her out to sushi but he only thinks Bonui, eats Bonui, dreams Bonui, slee…p – lets not go there.

Oni: You know what’s weird about this scene?  There was a time when the camera angle focus on Amy’s face only then Suho’s face, that reminded me of the way Shin PD shot that scene when Deoksun taught Taek to curse

PoisonGiggles: What the pak bwahahaha

Oni: 😂😂 I’m serious though LOL That scene reminded me of those LOL

PoisonGiggles: But why?

Oni: I don’t know *shrug*

Gary pokes at the screen of the fridge, letting its voice control his behaviour: cutting tomatoes and bananas which morphed into sandwiches.  Product placement.  Dalnim plays with the second-cutest thing on this show – a puppy, a real one, not the Suho-puppy – in the park at night.  She meets Ryangha to help her out with seducing Suho, oblivious to the fact that the train has left the station.  Ryangha is an ass for leading her on, telling her to lose the weight, braces and glasses if she would like to stand a chance.  I’d argue about that because Suho is smitten by a girl wearing curtains and denim-on-denim.


Oni: But wait, tomatoes and bananas? In a sandwich? Altogether?

Bannyah: Why ruin banana

Oni: That’s disrespectful for banana LOL 😂😂😂😂

*ignores PoisonGiggles*

Bannyah: Out of topic and random but none of you reacted to Park Bogum and Kim Yoo Jung still cuts 😂😂

Oni: I don’t really like Kim Yoo Jung there. 😂😂😂 Bogum looks great though

*irresistable so PoisonGiggles joins in*

PoisonGiggles: I retweeted. And he does look great. But a bit too much makeup.  He’s too pretty.  I don’t wanna stand next to him in pictures.

Suho whistles Reply 1988 Noeul’s song (no, I can’t drop the reference) and Bonui follows it.  Suho’s description: “You follow the whistle version of your favourite song and you find your crush holding something delicious.”  Insert a bunch of cute Suho faces.  Suho: “I will turn all your sad and hurtful memories into a good one.  I’ll make it to be he most intense and last moment.” Bonui kills the mood by talking about Suho’s daddy issues.  *Turns off audio in my head and oogle oppa*

Oni: Despite it’s oppa the one who was whistling, this scene was somewhat creepy.  It could be a horror movie.  I mean, she was alone in the building.

Bannyah: OMG can I puke on this part. I would never date guy like this

Fuzzyla: Bannyah lets puke together

Oni: But oppa was so sweet watching her eat though 😂😂😂

PoisonGiggles: Oni to the rescue 😂😂😂

Bannyah: That’s a lil creepy if you ask me and too cheesy for my taste

Fuzzyla: Euwh. Have you watched sasaeng video of Onew eating? That’s creepy

Bannyah: Like seriously who likes to be watched while eating. And those lines OMG

Oni: Its more like your mom/dad watching you eat expression rather than your lover

Bannyah: Lemme puke once again

Fuzzyla: How about that twilight guy watching Bella sleeping? That’s creepy

Oni: Please remind me to stare at Bannyah while she eats when we all meet up some day

Fuzzyla: I can be Bannyah’s best friend during this time

Bannyah: That too is creepy. I’d send people like that to psycho doc for observation

Oni: “I hate the way you eat” 😂😂😂 and Eric watching Oh Hae Young eating is cute? Okay 😂😂😂😂

(I smell war)

Fuzzyla: He didn’t watch her

Oni: Then he what Fuzzy? Feel her?

Bannyah: I don’t like people watching me eat. It feels like they want to take my food out of my mouth

Fuzzyla: He only ate his own food and look to her once and say that she was pretty and that’s it. He ate again

Oni: Anyway, Bannyah doesn’t like both scenes, Fuzz is somewhat bias to Eric, and I like both scenes 😂😂😂😂

Bannyah: Giggs is suddenly quiet 😂😂

(It’s because I’m typing this recap and stealing all your good comments for this)

Bannyah: Maybe me and Fuzz should stay silent and don’t comment 😂😂

Fuzzyla: Someone here said that it was staring. Nan molla. I haven’t watched it. But Eric didn’t stare. I should send emoticon to show I am okay. Somehow my comment seems too hateful. Go oppa, go oppa,  go!!!

Bannyah: bwahahahahhaha this sounds sarcastic now 😂😂


Armed with his morphed sandwiches, Gary goes to ZEZE to drop it off for Bonui only to find Suho and Bonui being all cute in the office together. He then leaves, probably revolted.  Suho tries to plant his lips on Bonui only to be pushed away – again – and starts rattling off that it was his first time confessing, holding hands and kissing.  Then he embarrasses himself like a five year old babbling.  Bonui leaves and he’s left sulking.

Oni: Are you sure Gewi leaves not because he realized it’s wrong for him to put tomatoes and banana all together in a sandwich? 😂😂😂


That night, Suho must have had a bucket load of cheese in his sushi, and he calls Bonui to tell her he misses her only to be met with her faking bad reception.  Bonui prays for her heart to be numb to Suho’s advances.  The next morning, with the biggest and pinkest t-shirt ever, Gary meets Bonui and talks about nothing important and goes on his sulky morning run.  I wonder what his purpose is on this show.

Suho is being all stalkery and adorable following Bonui into the elevator interrogating her about work and wrapping it up with questions about their dating status. She answers that she’ll settle that tonight before she realizes, mortification follows.  Suho-puppy cuteness ensues.

Bannyah: Why is she annoying and so full of herself. She’s not that big deal to act like that plus she looks super old for her age. But I think I know why she needs to look older than her age because that shows how hard her life was so she got old BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

Checking his messages, Suho finds his omma at his house and he transforms into the hulk, superman and yamakashi to prevent her from seeing Bonui’s pictures on his wall.  He’s like us, except we have him hanging on our wall (imaginary for some of us, real ones for Oni).  Suho omma takes her cue to leave after seeing Suho being defensive.

Oni: Did oppa say “hurry come to me” when he was looking at Bonui’s photos? OMG

The crisis called Suho omma starts digging about Bonui’s background and is offended to find out Bonui rejected her beloved son.  I’m Team Mama Suho on this one.  No one rejects Je Suho.  Je Suho rejects people.  Giorgio Armani lipstick gets featured when Suho omma takes Bonui shopping, but the dear girl needs a wardrobe fix, not a makeup one.  JEDAERO. Do it right.  Fix the clothes.

Blowfish face Suho and a massage chair Ryangha are hanging out chatting about Suho’s love life like a pair of teenage girls with mentions of boiling lava heart.  They squeal like a pair of fangirls when Bonui asks Suho to lunch the next day.  Suho gets excited getting dressed for his date with Bonui while we get excited watching him change.  A bunch of derp faces and multiple replays later, he meets Bonui wearing a maternity outfit who surprises him with the two people who annoys him the most: his parents.

Bannyah: LOLOLOL these two lunatics, Ryangha and Suho.  OMG I’m choking 😂😂 He’s so cute changing 😂😂

Lunch was civil for a few seconds but Suho appa sets off the bomb.  Suho confronts his dad about his trauma and storms out.  He calls Bonui out for that – yes, that’s not cool, girl – disappointed that she lied to him.  On the other hand, she can keep asking him out.  I’m in game if he’s always gonna change his outfit like that every time.  He walks out on her.  Sad faces for everyone.

Epilogue: Bonui lies on her desk smiling that she took Je Suho’s first kiss.  And Ryu Jun Yeol’s first on screen kiss.  She’s liking this too much.  I would be too, if I were her, but as the audience I wish his first on screen kiss happened when *gets gagged and dragged away by Fuzzyla who is out to get me with a vengeance when I mention a certain drama*


This episode bored me.  I was watching for oppa’s derp faces and him being cheesy.  I am no longer watching for plot, I’m watching for oppa and the fangirl group squeals.  The storyline doesn’t excite me anymore.  I’m just happy that I get to see Ryu Jun Yeol on my screen twice a week.  Don’t kill me.  I think I need ice cream because I sound a little (a lot) mad on this recap.


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