Uncontrollably Fond 1

We decided to watch this on a whim and liked the episode!  It’s a pleasant surprise to all of us.  We even like Suzy.  This is shocking news.


Kim Woo Bin is at the altar marrying a girl that is not Shin Min Ah, or anyone we know.  Oops, I mean Shin Joon Young.  Soon gangsters interrupt with sticks, cue the fight scene, Joon Young is covered in blood and we hear a gunshot.  Joon Young’s chest explodes with blood but he doesn’t fall to the ground.  “I don’t want to die.”  Joon Young is a famous actor and walks off the set after demanding a script change.  

PoisonGiggles: Kim Woo Bin is handsome
Bannyah: Yeah, he is. Veery handsome. 😀
PoisonGiggles: I don’t get why oppa gets compared with Kim Woo Bin LOL (Oppa = Ryu Jun Yeol in this blog, Yeolie = Ryu Jun Yeol). Kim Woo Bin is more handsome.  Mianhae, oppa, I still love you more than Kim Woo Bin.
Bannyah: Because he’s not the usual flower boy.  He’s handsome by our standards 😆
PoisonGiggles: Exactly. kwb looks skinny here. is losing weight the trend?
Bannyah: He was dreamy with big arms and muscles and netizens trash commented him
PoisonGiggles: Ahhhh that happened? He was bigger in Heirs.
Bannyah: he was bigger like 2 month ago. Heirs was nothing.

PoisonGiggles: “I don’t wanna die”
Bannyah: That part was cool 😆 write new script
PoisonGiggles: LOL oppa should do this…
Bannyah: Jinx 😆
PoisonGiggles: Oppa should say: “I want to end up with Deoksun (Reply 1988)… I’m not doing this… edit script” 😆😆
Bannyah: I was thinking that HAHAHAHAHAH
PoisonGiggles: LOL the pain of being Ryu Jun Yeol fangirls
Bannyah: Pain of loving cameo character 😆😆

Bannyah: Random this commentary girl is cute
PoisonGiggles: She is but her coat is hideous

At the hospital, Joon Young consults his doctor and we find out that he only has a year to live.  He gives the doctor a bit of attitude, refusing to die and accusing the doctor of making a mistake.  


PoisonGiggles: Is he dying? I don’t know the plot for this. All I know is Kim Woo Bin is an actor and Suzy is a producer?
Bannyah: I don’t know it that well either.  Stupid doctors.
PoisonGiggles: K-drama docs are stupid recently (Another Oh Hae Young).  Shamans too.
Bannyah: Now I understand why he doesn’t want to die in this drama
PoisonGiggles: Aww so cool… I refuse to die.
Bannyah: Why is he so good.  I forgot that he is acting.

Suzy, I mean, No Eul receives a call from her Joon-Young-fangirl friend as she was in the rain filming staff of a company illegally disposing waste water.  She gets caught by the company and her footage is deleted.  She’s well known for being a notoriously nosy journalist in the field.


Bannyah: hahahahhahah I can’t
PoisonGiggles: LOL don’t cry over fictional drama character
Bannyah: this friend she is talking to 😆
PoisonGiggles: LOL this friend is so us. Mianhae bwhahahaha! It’s July and still KIM JUNGHWANNNNNN
Bannyah: I’m laughing 😆

PoisonGiggles: This reminds me of oppa-Haeyoungah scene (Another Oh Hae Young)

PoisonGiggles: Ok let’s see if Suzy can emote… It’s been a while watching her
Bannyah: I don’t like her since forever
PoisonGiggles: Same
Bannyah: She’s same as her boyfriend. Overrated.
PoisonGiggles: But her line delivery improved I think.  Ok, she improved… In the last 5(?) years. Bwahahha I avoided her like the plague
Papuli: Suzy is like Park Shin Hye before Doctors hahaha
Bannyah: I never avoided her 😀 even though I don’t like her


While, Joon Young is exercising fully clothed, he gets a call and we find out that he is looking for a lady.  Meanwhile on the streets No Eul looks at a picture of a really handsome Joon Young.


Papuli: ooo…..KWB on treadmill and fully clothed. Wae? Hahahahaha
PoisonGiggles: LOL overclothed is the trend (see Hwang Jung Eum of Lucky Romance)

Papuli: Omo… The beginning plot is somewhat like My Love Eun Dong…  An actor finding his love
PoisonGiggles: Mmm… Maybe it’s gonna be like Eun Dong.  Except Kim Woo Bin dying
Papuli: Suzy looks like Park Shin Hye at times


We have a fluffy friend who takes us on a tour of Joon Young’s really cool house and the ball of fluffiness wakes up Joon Young who was sleeping on the floor.  Ball of fur gets a lecture from Joon Young about eating his expensive dog food while the human owner eats his ramen lamenting that he’s sick because he never gets a good meal.


Papuli: Omo…..Doggggggggg so cuteeee
PoisonGiggles: Fluffyyyyyy I wanna be that dog.
Papuli: That dog is so cuddly like a huge pillow.

PoisonGiggles: OMG what’s with sleeping on floor trend? When you have a bed. Je Suho, now Shin Joon Young… I don’t understand.  Reminds me of the house in Secret Garden… Gimme this house.
Papuli: IKR… I think when u have a bed you yearn for the floor


No Eul made kids cry while washing dishes for her landlady hoping to get a discount for her rent.  We have a candy female lead with a bit of spunk.  Joon Young enters a restaurant dressed like an eskimo and gets a scolding from the owner ahjumma for ordering food. The ahjumma walks away and Joon Young’s father tells him not to give up and keep coming back.  After much debate, we concluded his parents own the store. (After seeing episode 2, that’s not Joon Young’s father.)


PoisonGiggles: I like this unni. She’s so cute.. Love her.
Bannyah: I love her
Papuli: She is one of my favourite actress
Bannyah: Love his glasses
PoisonGiggles: That hoodie… Looks comfy when you wanna escape from the world
Papuli: hahahahahaha Kim Woo Bin… Why not wear a burkha
PoisonGiggles: Is this his mommy?
Bannyah: Are they family?
PoisonGiggles: Taekie appaaaaa
Papuli: Omo…. Yeah Taekie appa looks so young.
Bannyah: She might be Woo Bin’s noona. I don’t think she’s his mom.
Papuli: Hahahaha L’oreal should stop giving weird colors in Korean salons… The guy with red hair hahaha
Bannyah: Hair in this one look so shiny
Papuli: IKR… I love Suzy’s hair
PoisonGiggles: Whatever makeup she’s wearing I want
Bannyah: She’s wearing photoshop makeup. Go get it  😆
PoisonGiggles: Bwahahaha Bannyah

PoisonGiggles: SON!
Bannyah: So that’s his mom
Papuli: Kim Woo Bin’s omma
Bannyah: She looks young for his mom
PoisonGiggles: Mom these days are young tho..
Bannyah: She could pass as my mom but not his
Papuli: Hahahahahaha i can’t get over Taekie appa’s hairstyle
PoisonGiggles: So this is Kim Woo Bin’s appa?  So he got to be appa for Bogummie and Woobinnie?  So lucky.


Back at home, Joon Young is slurping down yet another bowl of ramyun but his appetite is killed by his manager barking at him for not wanting to film a documentary. No Eul gets fired from her job and goes back to her work place with a tray of drinks to kiss ass her way back to employment.  She was fired for accepting bribery from the companies she was trying to bust for pollution.  Cue the alcohol to celebrate unemployment and a caring Im Joo Hwan screaming to mask his concern for her.

PoisonGiggles: What’s with the colour of this drama? Is it just my link?  There’s this green tint
Papuli: Nah… I have that green tint too
PoisonGiggles: Suzy hasn’t annoyed me yet
Papuli: IKR hahaha she’s good in this episode
Bannyah: She’s surpassed Park Shin Hye. She’s more lively than Park Shin Hye.  Park Shin Hye is too stern no matter what she does
Papuli: I know… So true.  Suzy is more animated
PoisonGiggles: WOW Suzy and animated in a sentence. This day has come.
Papuli: Reminds me of Oh Ha Ni from Playful Kiss…..cute and funny
PoisonGiggles: I give it to her. She’s improved.
Papuli: Love her spunk in this episode.

PoisonGiggles: She’s emoting.. OMG rejoice! Im Joo Hwannnn
Bannyah: He’s cute with glasses
Papuli: Im Joo Hwan….aigoooo……now it’s party time. Now it’s the time I would get drunk and take Im Joo Hwan home hahahaha
Bannyah: Why is she calling him ahjussi?

In the next table, Joon Young’s crew is in drunk frustration about their prickly celebrity and Noeul finds out about their problems.  She suggests to try to convince Joon Young but is dismissed by the crew.  

Bannyah: I hate when girls do this in k-drama
PoisonGiggles: Is she gonna be like this entire drama? Noisy
Papuli: Hahahahaha this is like a fish market. Drunk and noisy and you just wanna shut them up
Bannyah: This girl looks like that pretty girl from Lucky Romance
PoisonGiggles: That girl looks like the Zeze Factory girl. Jinx!

A Joon Young fangirl is complaining about a picture of Joon Young at a club surrounded with hot women.  She is in denial (Not sure if she is Oni level or PoisonGiggles level) about the picture and rants with her housekeeper ahjumma.  She’s made a fangirl monster out of her housekeeper ahjumma.  Why is does this girl and her ahjumma feel so familiar?  

Bannyah: Who is this girl?

PoisonGiggles: Fangirl?

Papuli: Hahahahahah fangirl

PoisonGiggles: LOL this girl is my alter ego

Papuli: Hahahahahaah marry aigoo…fangirl

PoisonGiggles: LOL ahjumma is my best friend

Papuli: Bwahahahahahaha this ahjumma cook


Her father disapproves Joon Young as his son-in-law (like all fangirl parents).  When her mother waltz in she feigns innocence and creeps away to the background music of her mom worrying about her daughter who is studying so hard (this mom feels familiar).  Father hugs mother – cue awwwws – and at the store Joon Young’s mother finds fangirl father’s picture on the newspaper and looks at it meaningfully.  Joon Young’s father begs for Joon Young’s sake but gets lightly slapped on the lips.


Bannyah: Omoooooooo ahjussi

PoisonGiggles: This house… looks like… Kim Soo Hyun’s house

Bannyah: This house looks like a part of My Love From Another Star

Papuli: I love the houses. The sets are awesome. Omo… omo… Ahjussi looks so dashing.

PoisonGiggles: awww that was cute

Papuli: Aigoooo… What a hubby

PoisonGiggles: But why do I feel like the ahjussi did something bad so he’s huggy with the wifey?

Papuli: Yeah… Like an affair right? Or scandal
Omo… Is Kim Woo Bin’s omma the assemblyman’s first love??  Yeah I think he might be Kim Woo Bin’s appa
PoisonGiggles: LOL me too, Papuli LOL Poor Taek appa
Papuli: Ooohhhh…is Kim Woo Bin suffering from liver problems like that assembly ahjussi?

Joon Young finds a(n) (un)pleasant surprise at his door.  No Eul is there to convince him to film that documentary and camps at his front door.  Enters a whole Love Actually sequence and Pororo the fluffy dog grooming session.   The next morning, Joon Young drives out but is stopped by a suicidal No Eul that jumps in front of his car to stop him.  She gets in the passenger seat of his car to sasaeng her way into a “yes”.

Papuli: Open the door Kim Woo Bin
PoisonGiggles: Don’t open the door… Lee Min Ho will kill you 😆 Shin Min Ah too 😆
Papuli: Didn’t she break up with Lee Min Ho?
PoisonGiggles: She did?
Bannyah: Nope, false rumor
Papuli: Really? They are still together??
Bannyah: Yep they are

Bannyah: Dog is called Pororo
PoisonGiggles: OMG the doggie is Pororo
Papuli: Pororo aigoooooo! Like the dog Barassi in Let’s Eat. Except I don’t like poms
oisonGiggles: Doggieeee OMG hair dryer… doggie
Papuli: Aigoo… The dog… I wish I was the dog hahahaha! I’m gonna be Papupororo……Kim Woo Bin bathes me and cuddles me
PoisonGiggles: This dog lives better than me
Bannyah: LOL Giggs, this is like some dog you said that lives better
PoisonGiggles: LOL I say that too much these days
Bannyah: You really do
PoisonGiggles: Which other drama has a doggie? Doctors and some other one

Bannyah: Man, girl is freezing outside. Talk to her.
Papuli: IKR Suzy is hungry and cold…
PoisonGiggles: Who cares… let her do what she wants.  As long as doggie is cared for 😆
Papuli: Hahahah she made a snowman. Kdramas can even get the snow to not melt


He drives around dangerously like a person who is asking for a death sentence – irony, since he refuses to die – and that made No Eul carsick. They stop for her to throw up at the roadside.  He tosses some cheques at her and leave here there.

Bannyah: I love this dribing
Papuli: Seriously only in kdrama
PoisonGiggles: LOL I watched Simon and Martina and they’re like… nope not happening in real life too much traffic in Korea.  ROFL
Papuli: Bwahahahahah Suzy must have peed in her pants
Papuli: I like this drama
Bannyah: I even like Suzy here.  This is new.  I mean new for me. 😆
PoisonGiggles: Yeah IKR… I like Suzy here OMG Sun has risen in the west
Papuli: Yeah… Suzy is nice to watch here


As he was driving away he hears on the radio about a girl in an accident.  A classic K-drama U-turn later Joon Young is back at where he left her.  He gets out of the car and snaps at her to recognize him then yells her name.  OMO.  They know each other.  She remembers him too and calls him a son of a bish.  Oh Mai Gat.  I love this cliffhanger.

Papuli: omo… Is that the accident?
PoisonGiggles: Omo he’s worried for her
Bannyah: Isn’t it too early for accident
PoisonGiggles: U-turn. CHECK. Fatal disease. CHECK. Possible birth secret. CHECK.
Papuli: Awww….he is worried and comes back… aigoo… Kdrama love onset bang bang
PoisonGiggles: Candy female lead. CHECK.  We have a drama.
Papuli: Hahahahahaha Giggs you got the entire script here
PoisonGiggles: Kamsahamnida 😆
Papuli: Suzy collapsing and now Kim Woo Bin to the rescue
PoisonGiggles: Man falls in love with woman without knowing and we also don’t know why. CHECK.  Damsel in distress. CHECK.
Papuli: Knight in shiny white SUV
PoisonGiggles: We need a wrist grab now.
Papuli: I love these cliche scenes
PoisonGiggles: They’re doing cliche right
Bannyah: They are not annoying to watch
Papuli: Yep I know, I know
Bannyah: I knew it
PoisonGiggles: They know each other
Bannyah: I so knew it
PoisonGiggles: childhood romance. CHECK.
Papuli: Kim Woo Bin … Lemme hug you ♥
PoisonGiggles: I’m watching this drama. PAK MY LIFE
Papuli: Bwahahahahahahaha love this
Bannyah: Scumbag. That’s a nice confession
PoisonGiggles: Lucky Romance you are so dead
Papuli: Cuss the hell and then kisseuuuuuu
PoisonGiggles: Mianhae oppa, keurigo saranghae… but this is jjang
Papuli: Imma so gonna replay the last scene. Daebak

Random comments

Papuli: Kim Woo Bin’s illness may get cured later hahahah cant have him die hahaaha
Bannyah: It will
PoisonGiggles: Ahhh no just kill him
Bannyah: Then she will be dying
PoisonGiggles: We need fangirl tears
Papuli: Like Eric in Another Oh Hae Young…. I’m gonna die…. I’m gonna die and then he marries hahahaha
PoisonGiggles: Bwahahah Bannyah I like ur plot 
Papuli: Bwahahahahaha OMG Suzy dying..like that hahahahaha…so we’ll have emo love



Bannyah: Seriously, people. This is not something I would watch but I like it. Like, I’m so in shock right now
PoisonGiggles: I don’t know… This is cute… And only first episode
Papuli:  Next episode… School flashback
PoisonGiggles: But it would prolly go downhill… But I like first episode
Papuli: I’m liking it
Bannyah: It might go down like Master of Noodle. But don’t think so
PoisonGiggles: I like it! And I even like Suzy. OMG miracle right here..
Papuli: It won’t outrun Doctors though
Bannyah: I like both the drama and Suzy and it’s miracle.  I like it more than Doctors
Papuli: Me too. Imma watch this drama now.
PoisonGiggles: Me too
Papuli: Yeah… Watch till it gets boring


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