Uncontrollably Fond 5

PoisonGiggles: Omo! Date himmmmmmmm. I’d say yes XD
Bannyah: Why am I excited for watching Uncontrollably Fond XDDDDD
Bannyah: “Kill everyone I hate,” I’d do that too
Papuli: Okie…Kim Woo Bin (hereafter KWB) hahahaha me too. Have a list too kept in case
Bannyah: And sleep around too xDDDDD
PoisonGiggles: Yes Woobinnie
Papuli: Hahaha me too. Sleep and eat and smoke
PoisonGiggles: If it’s KWB I’ll say yes

Warning: This post is high on the profanity meter. not for the fainthearted.

Bannyah: OMG I would smoke too if I’m dying why avoid it anymore
Papuli: Pwahahahaha me too hahaha IKR
Bannyah: Like there’s no tomorrow
PoisonGiggles: I’ll spend all my money XD
Papuli: Will you go out with me….Fisherman Joo Jin Mo ahjussi hahahaha I’m dying too
PoisonGiggles: But if I survive I’ll cry bwahahaha no more moola
Papuli: Look at this manager.. Always the one deprived of sex hahaha
PoisonGiggles: Say yes, Suzy ah
Bannyah: LOL I like her answer

Author’s Note:

So you’ve probably notice by now that there isn’t a recap. We decided to stick to what we are good at i.e. chatting like a bunch of trash unnies, and drop writing which isn’t our forte. So watch the episode and comeback here and let this be a spazz/hate guide. Made especially for those lone troopers in the kdrama watchers universe.  You know who you are.

2016-07-20 (3)
PoisonGiggles: C’mon don’t fake it. Yessssss. O-neul-bu-to (from today onwards). Kiss him come on. Post it on Instagram
Papuli: She thinks he’s joking
PoisonGiggles: I know. This is like Jung Hwan’s confession. OK I’ll shut up.
Papuli: Hahahaha I would announce in SNS too
2016-07-20 (11)
Bannyah: Here is guy I can’t stand
Papuli: Omo….Ji Tae (hereafter JT)
PoisonGiggles: Bwahahha OMG she’s funny
Bannyah: She took it seriously OMGGGGGG

2016-07-20 (9)
Papuli: Hahahahaha she is Pororo now
PoisonGiggles: Omo omo she knows! At least she knows, she knowsssssssssssssssssssss (KWB is serious with his confession)
Bannyah: This is daebak
PoisonGiggles: Yessssssssssssssssssss I love you script writer
Papuli: hahahaha No Eul…daebak
PoisonGiggles: Like better than a certain mong face
Papuli: Hahahaha IKR

2016-07-20 (12)
Bannyah: LOL ahjumma xDDDDD
Papuli: Ahjumma looks like from a chinese movie hahaha
Bannyah: This guy annoys me
Bannyah: F*ck you. Not you guys bwahahahahahha! This guy
Papuli: JT hahahahahhahahaha IKR break his glasses.  I bet he won’t be good in bed…just look at him…so slow in his actions hahahaha
PoisonGiggles: You know what’d be daebak… If they both broke up with their boy/girlfriend and start dating each other.  I’m not shipping BinZy IRL but just issue maker XD
Papuli: Pwahahahah Giggs
Bannyah: WTH she asked WTH
Papuli: Imma liking Suzy
2016-07-20 (13)

Papuli: Look at this ramen hair guy
Bannyah: This guy talks too much
PoisonGiggles: I like this guy…
Papuli: Get him a girlfriend, this manager
PoisonGiggles: Bwahahaha he’s so annoying but kinda funny
Papuli: Maybe shut him up. Omo… He doesn’t stop talking
PoisonGiggles: Omo sexy Woobinnie ottokeeee

Bannyah: WTH is she wearing
Papuli: Pwahahahahah that soju noise… I thought someone was peeing hahaha
Bannyah: WTH was this
Papuli: Omo…look at JT…so besotted. Hahahahahaha Suzy got a temper. Ahjumma got hots for him..hahaha. WTF is Suzy doing
Papuli: Hahahah I knew..ahjumma has a soft spot for him. Did she call him “oppa”??
PoisonGiggles: Ahjumma just be a fangirl. Life is easier
Papuli: Hahahahaha KWB called. IKR, Giggs. Hahahhha KWB think he is the hubby

2016-07-20 (19)

PoisonGiggles: hahahahah gae sae (dog bird in Korean, sounds similar to son of a b*tch)
Papuli: Omooooo KWB jellyyyyyyyyy
Bannyah: Who are you to tell him not to call. This guy is pissing me off for nothing specially

2016-07-20 (20)

Papuli: Omo…I like KWB all jelly hahahaha
Bannyah: LOL he’s mad
PoisonGiggles: I love jelly KWB
Papuli: Me too
PoisonGiggles: Please be jelly for me like that bwhahaha. I sound like a geumsapa (falling in love too quickly) XD
Papuli: Pwahahaha no you don’t. Hahahahahah now he knows about “husband”
Bannyah: She doesn’t even like him. She’s no better
PoisonGiggles: go to Woobinie’s arms

2016-07-20 (22)
PoisonGiggles: Bwahahah I love Suzy’s character. I love her message XD
Bannyah: Message different than her words
Papuli: Hahahahahah everyone wants to be Pororo
PoisonGiggles: Pororo though.. gets kicked to the dog house once Woobinnie finds a new bish XD
Papuli: hahahahhaah OMG Giggs

Bannyah: OMG he’s there bwahahahahhahaah
PoisonGiggles: This is so classic early 2000s kdrama but I love it
Papuli: Pwahahahahah look at him sitting all glum in the car. IKR
PoisonGiggles: OMG  ❤ I can’t. I love the feels
Papuli: Hahahahahhahahaha he is right in her face
Bannyah: He loves this
PoisonGiggles: OMO he’s smiling. I love this as much as he does
Papuli: Look at KWB with his questions
Bannyah: OMG I love this! Hahahahah
Papuli: hahahahahahahaha look at Woobinnie. Like a kid who found his favourite toy
PoisonGiggles: Love sick puppy
Papuli: I just wanna hug him now hahaha

2016-07-20 (26)
PoisonGiggles: ❤ omo less crew. Whyyyyyyy he’s so bad boy. I hate him. And love him OMG. What to do with myself.
Papuli: Okie….now he shows attitude after confirming she has no hubby

Bannyah: Aweeeeeeeeeeee I love this. Pororo!!!
PoisonGiggles: That bed… Why is he on the floor?
Bannyah: love this OST❤
Papuli: Pororo illwa palli (come here quick)

2016-07-20 (30)
PoisonGiggles: Omoooooooooooooo meatttttttttttttttttttttttt sorry *shuts up*
Bannyah: Don’t mention meat I’m hungry
Papuli: Hahahahaha he is so brawny. Imma gonna jump him like that dog
PoisonGiggles: OK now KWB>Pororo
Papuli: Omo…the model in KWB shines

PoisonGiggles: This boy will grow up handsome
Bannyah: He will 😀
PoisonGiggles: But he’s gonna age quick cos of his hooded eyes. He’s got eyes like Lee Dong Wook type
Bannyah: He’s cute 😀
Papuli: Yeah he is

PoisonGiggles: Fandom kkk Obessed level 😆 OMG stickers ROFL Too close to Oni. I can’t bwahhahaha This is Oni 😆
Papuli: hahahaha  IKR! Omo…imagine she finds out KWB is her half-bro hahaha
Bannyah: This girl is idiot
Papuli: IKR
Bannyah: I can’t wait for that Paps 😀
Papuli: Me too!!
PoisonGiggles: I want her to know he’s her half bro. I wanna see the flip out XD
Papuli: Future hubby is your oppa hahahaha
PoisonGiggles: Dafuq. LOL Please I’m not related to Ryu Jun Yeol or Joowon.  Lemme check with Mama Giggs to see if I’m adopted.
Papuli: Pwahahaha Giggs you funny
Bannyah: This boy has damn nice voice
Papuli: Yep he does
PoisonGiggles: Out of topic, I wanna adopt Lee Tae Hwan XD
Bannyah: Adopt him and give him to me
Papuli: Omo…this noona dongsaeng pair is so sweet

Papuli: You girl, look at him….guys with electric brush ain’t no good in bed…hahahaha. Don’t marry him..No Eul
Bannyah: Baduk?
Papuli: omo….look at abuji…
PoisonGiggles: Baduk. Flip baduk board
Papuli: Hahahahah yeah he play it
Bannyah: Baduk
PoisonGiggles: Dammit. Hahaha they’re cute
Bannyah: Heoooool
PoisonGiggles: Heollllll
Papuli: Andwae no baduk guy …….No Eul he is not the namja for you!!
Bannyah: OMG this idiot with aegyo voice

PoisonGiggles: Fanclub bwahhahaa BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I can’t
Papuli: Omo….this girl..imma bitch slap her. JT is like that your half-bro silly girl hahahaha
PoisonGiggles: And older brother knows his sister is in love with her half brother XD
Papuli: Pwahahahaha IKR
Bannyah: You go bro. Tell her xDDDDD
Papuli: No webbed feet kids Ha Ru
Bannyah: She’s so stupid I can’t
Papuli: IKR pwahahahahaha listen to ur oppa. Ha Ru… KWB is your oppa too. Same father diff omma
PoisonGiggles: Handsome cos he got them mama genes? XD
Papuli: Yep
Bannyah: You should go to doc yourself. This paked up family
Papuli: Appa looks like he got hit by an iron hahaha

PoisonGiggles: Awww omma… love your son… c’mon… feed him
Papuli: I don’t like omma too you know. What’s her problem…seriously
Bannyah: What a b*tch
PoisonGiggles: Don’ttttt that’s $400! (at torn concert tickets)
Papuli: Why is she so stubborn for that man…KWB appa seriously. What’s wrong with this omma?
Bannyah: She’s stupid
Papuli: IKR he is famous and making money.. coz he’s not a prosecutor…seriously
Bannyah: I hate her for being an idiot obsessed with a man who left her
PoisonGiggles: Who cares. There’s money. Who needs to be prosecutor
Papuli:  His omma is STUPID
Bannyah: I want him to die just to see her suffer I swear
Papuli: hahahaha IKR..she’ll wail then. freaking crazy ahjumma
PoisonGiggles: She’s gonna cry

Papuli: Omo…JT… the guy who thought he had a d*ck. Look at Ha Ru. Seriously girl!! That ain’t your man
PoisonGiggles: OMG ewwwwwwwwwwwww BWAHAHHAHAHHHAA yeah you are raising your daughter wrong XD
Papuli: Is that the housekeeper hahahaha. Abuji is creepy
Bannyah: All this characters should die
PoisonGiggles: No, photo proof andwe. I love housekeeper. She’s so Dorota (Gossip Girl) XD
Papuli: The housekeeper is so sweet

2016-07-20 (47)
PoisonGiggles: Oh no, omma is not here
Papuli: Omma needs a kimchi slap!!!
Bannyah: Irony of life. Father is there
Papuli: IKR don’t tell me abuji goes all fangirl mode too hahaha
PoisonGiggles: Bwahahaha fanboy I wanna see that XD

2016-07-20 (48)

PoisonGiggles: Omo shim kung (heart fluttering)
Bannyah: Aweeee this was cute
Papuli: Hahahhaha kdramas and their heartbeat background music hahaha
PoisonGiggles: I like this.. this is so old school but I like it bwahahah ottoke
Papuli: Me too!! So classic
Bannyah: Me too 😀
Papuli: UF triad!! we are

2016-07-20 (49)
Bannyah: Wife knows
PoisonGiggles: I’d grill marshmallow in that open fire. OMO wife knows
Bannyah: So wife knows son knows. Only he doesn’t. WTH is this bwahahahahahahah
Papuli: Omo…. wife and JT seriously
PoisonGiggles: Only the baby daddy dunno he donated sperm

Papuli: Hahahhahah ahjumma angry. Get out the kimchi
Bannyah: I wanna slap her so bad
Papuli: Me too…. I would slap her. Hahaha Taeki appa got his ramen hair all cracked hahaha
Bannyah: You go taek appa. Taek appa the eternal bear of kdrama. After SW omma now KWB omma. This man seriously.
PoisonGiggles: I love his accent
Bannyah: I love him
PoisonGiggles: I love Taek appa here
Bannyah: Draw it to this witch
Papuli: Yeah tell her!! Taek appa daebak!! Taek appa respect!!!

2016-07-20 (53)
PoisonGiggles: LOL left him hanging
Papuli: Hahahaha this manager is on prozac. So much energy

2016-07-20 (54)
PoisonGiggles: Omo❤
Papuli: Hahahahahaha I love how KWB looks at her. Pwahahaha he is still jelly
Bannyah: Ahahhahahhahah love him
Papuli: Pwahahahaha “he’s hitting on her” hahahahahaha
PoisonGiggles: I’d sweat if I were her… those eyes make me nervous LOL! He was fishing
Papuli: OMG… I love these two
PoisonGiggles: ❤Shin Joon Young ❤

2016-07-20 (58)
Papuli: Pwahahahahahaha good job hahahahaha Joon Young jjang! Ha Ru get out bitch
and take JT with you
Bannyah: I feel like this concert is long like whole episode
PoisonGiggles: Omo is that a confession? OMO I CAN’T. AHHHH
Papuli: Maybe KWB will come out with his album soon
Bannyah: OMG is he going to confess
PoisonGiggles: I CAN’T
Bannyah: OMG
Papuli: Hahahahahahah teddy bear
PoisonGiggles: OMG KYAAAA
PoisonGiggles: OMG OMG
Papuli: This is how you should confess
PoisonGiggles: teddy again. Like last time omo
Papuli: Teddy!!!
PoisonGiggles: Omo I can’t
Papuli: Ha Ru is gonna get bitch slapped now hahaha
PoisonGiggles: Jung Hwan take your ring and shove it up… nah.. cancel cancel… mission abort 😆 omo
Papuli: IKR the school scene
Papuli: OMGGGGG this is so cuteeee

2016-07-20 (60)
Bannyah: Whaaaaat
PoisonGiggles: DYING
Papuli: OMFGGGGG daebak !!!!
PoisonGiggles: Fans dead silent
Papuli: Love this drama
PoisonGiggles: I love this
Papuli: Hahahaha look at Ha Ru’s face
PoisonGiggles: I’m cheap for romances like this. Ottoke… same bear… same one from high school
Papuli: Ha Ru and JT..burn!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bannyah: This is so cute. This is classic!!! Love it hahahaha
PoisonGiggles: Fanclubs are gonna be antis
Bannyah: She’s so pretty on this scene
PoisonGiggles: OMGGGG❤
Bannyah: This is so pretty
PoisonGiggles: This is so cheesy but I like it what should I do OMGGGG
Papuli: This is the kdrama I was waiting for hahahaha
PoisonGiggles: This cheese I gladly shove down my throat
Bannyah: Is this his doing?
Papuli: Ha Ru got burned hahahahaha
PoisonGiggles: I’m so gonna gain weight
Papuli: Hahahahahhaa Giggs

2016-07-20 (61)
PoisonGiggles: This is rewatch material
Papuli: Who posted that school picture?? IKR rewatch again

2016-07-20 (64)
PoisonGiggles: Of course… now we have antis XD
Papuli: Ah…… those antis b*tches aishhhh
PoisonGiggles: Now he has to keep Suzy in his house for her safety kkkk! Classic. Save her, go, she’s gonna die! Save her from rabid fans
Bannyah: Why is she scary? This fangirl
Papuli: Ha Ru is fighting for her oppa hahahahaha seriously
Papuli: Fangirls omo….they are gangsta. Look at those idiotic troupe!

PoisonGiggles: Eeeee why this guy? I want Shin Joon Young to get her
Papuli: Hahahahahaha wae JT wae…go away
PoisonGiggles: Save No Eul

2016-07-20 (67)
Bannyah: Stop them Binieeeeeeeee
PoisonGiggles: Binnieeeeeee hwaiting
Papuli: Take Suzy from JT. Wrist grab!!!! Palli
PoisonGiggles: This is gonna go so wrong on TV cos he said husband
Bannyah: This guy
PoisonGiggles: Omo I love Woobinnieeee
Papuli: OMG I love Joon Young
Bannyah: Omooo he knows him too????
Papuli: Aishhhhh these fangirls. KWB knows who JT really is I guess

2016-07-20 (70)
PoisonGiggles: Let go
Papuli: Omo slowmo hahahaha I like it
PoisonGiggles: Omooooo this would be so juicy if it’s in real life XD
Papuli: Yay!!!!
Bannyah: *clap*
Papuli: let go
Bannyah: This is so good
Papuli: *clap*

PoisonGiggles: No Eul follow Joon Youngie. Go. Ohmaigat I love this drama
Bannyah: OMG I LOVE IT
PoisonGiggles: If it were me I would wrap arms around him
Papuli: Wrist grab!!! Woohoo hahaha me too Giggs. I like this episode. JT got scared hahahaha



PoisonGiggles: Omona bed scene omooooooooooooo

Ending Comments

PoisonGiggles: I’m gonna be so trash for UF
Bannyah: I love this drama so much I can’t believe it
PoisonGiggles: Me toooooo
Papuli: OMG….Joon Young and No Eul..daebak chemistry
PoisonGiggles: And Suzy doesn’t bother me an ounce
Papuli: I’m so gonna rewatch it hahaha



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