Debut : SF9

FUZZILA: OOT, (Out of Topic) Do you know park haeyoung brother in signal? Lee Jehoon’s brother in signal? He will debut in FNC as idol.

ONI: Owh hyung? I kinda forgot his face though lol omg forgive me, hyung hahahaha. But I probably remember him as soon as I saw him.

FUZZILA: wp-1471923697917.jpg

ONI : Ommo let me guess which one is him.

FUZZILA:The bottom right

ONI: nooo,dont tell me yet.

FUZZILA: sorry

ONI: ah right its hyung. So FNC has a boyband now.

FUZZILA: Hyung is handsome tho.

ONI: he is, but fuzzy would wait till he grow lol, right? XD.

FUZZILA:But he already grows well in signal.

ONI: He kinda look like yoo eun hye here lol, please dont kill me. Like her in coffee prince.

FUZZILA: Still can always trust FNC to give me handsome and pretty idols. None of their idols has plastic surgery and all are beautiful.

ONI: owwh, nice FNC hahaha. Bottom left is nice, kinda look like korean version of Matsumoto Jun XD

FUZZILA: Oh yeah Matsumoto Jun. I dont know many Japanese but i know him. Cos he is pretty.

ONI: I know him cos i watched hana yori dango.

FUZZILA: I liked the one above hyung as well.

ONI: hahahaa the bad boy type with high nose and thick eyebrows are fuzz’s type I see. XD.

FUZZILA: Jjinja? I thought my range is pretty wide. I like many type of them. Lol

ONI: lol you and your oppas harem XD

BANNYAH: aweee they are cute. Although I only know 4 of them, but other 5 are cute too.

FUZZILA: I know only hyung.They have a survival program btw.

BANNYAH: I saw 4 of them in web drama 😀 and hyung was in signal and few dramas before 😀 i like one above hyun and first row middle boy. He is pretty.

ONI: owh lol so they are already featured in drama before I see I see.

FUZZILA:See, above hyung is cute. Kinda looks like Sehun

BANNYAH: this boy above hyung is so tall. and handsome but damn young its crime.

ONI: whats their average age?

FUZZILA:Oh yeah give us their ages.

BANNYAH: Above hyung is 96.oldest is 93, and his voice OMG I forgot that. His voice is for eargasm xD. deep.

ONI: now I wanna hear his voice hahahahahaa

BANNYAH :seriously that boy is full package. Almost 190 tall. Deep voice and handsome. Dunno about dancing and singing.

ONI: heol give us a clip of him talking

BANNYAH: lol find their webdrama and watch xD. Hyung is maknae born in 2000.

ONI:too many dramas list already, just give us clips. Bwahahhaa. Lol I can’t, born in 2000?


ONI: OMG, stay away

FUZZILA:Hyung is maknae? How is hyung a maknae?

BANNYAH: because he is Fuzz.

BANNYAH: One in first row in middle is 93 I like him. and one bottom left is 97 I think if I remember well.

ONI: what about the middle one?

FUZZILA:Oh oni like the middle boy. Omg bottom left is 97? He was the one that I like though…

BANNYAH : which row, Oni?

ONI: Lol I can’t they are kids …I can’t lol. .. but we’ll see. I still wanna see their mv lol. The very middle one Bannyah.

FUZZILA:The middle looks like Chanyeol a bit

BANNYAH : I can’t remember his age. he was in webdrama too. he has nice voice too.

ONI: Lolol are yoou talking about one drama or few dramas?

BANNYAH : They have one

FUZZILA : Okay. One to watch and learn them all.Like exo next door.

ONI: Oh then good to go


every episode is version of girl ending up with different boy

FUZZILA:Oh minah.Lololol. Minah got to be with everyone.

BANNYAH: I watched that when I  was pissed with r88 lol xD

FUZZILA:Lol why didn’t you tell us?

BANNYAH: I did. Toera commented with me how webdrama is better for being short. She watched it with me.

FUZZILA: It looks cute.

ONI: lol I’ll watch it for sure later, i need something cute.

pick your boy lol


ONI: oh is the guy on her right is the one Fuzz talked about?i think I like him more here than in picture hahahahaa.

BANNYAH: yep thats him

FUZZILA:The one next to minah is number 6 on picture right?


FUZZILA: Omo let him be 93 liner.

BANNYAH: he’s not. He’s 96. I told you already. I like him too

ONI: Lol Fuzzy and I just pick the tallest guys.

FUZZILA:Nah. I picked him in the picture too Oni. I am not shallow for height.

ONI: bwahahah I am shallow for height BWAHAHAHHA

BANNYAH: I’m shallow for looks. He is handsome

FUZZILA: I am shallow for boys

ONI: seriously he looks way way better here than in pict or maybe just me BWAHAHHA

BANNYAH: just you.

FUZZILA:Cos now you can see his height Oni.

BANNYAH: he looks the best on pic too

FUZZILA: Like I said, I like the one above hyung.

BANNYAH : Fuzz you have good eye.

FUZZILA: Seriously though, so handsome. Like always, FNC: Good without surgeries. Trusted since FT Island (2007).

ONI: I cant in picture he’s too handsome I dont like it lol.

BANNYAH: hyung is still baby. idk how old is 2000.

FUZZILA:Hyung is really a baby there.

ONI: hyung looks like eun hye in coffe prince, lol here i go again XD.

FUZZILA:Yep he kinda does oni.

BANNYAH: idk how old is 2000 liner.

FUZZILA:My maknae dongsaeng is 2001 and she is starting highschool now. I should give hyung to my dongsaeng. Have to let him go.

ONI: lol lol my dongsaeng was born in 2009.

BANNYAH: I know for 2001 my sibling is 2001. Damn that kid is already taller then me, and only 15 years old. Damn.

ONI: Wait hyung was born in 2000? OMG Are you telling me my bro would be that big in 9 years? Andwae

FUZZILA: damn.

ONI: What did i do when i was a kid not growing tall? lol

FUZZILA:This talk is started off promising but ended depressing.

FYI : About the group

The group above was the first FNC dancing boyband. In a survival show called d.o.b (dance or band), they won the battle against other trainees from the NEOZ SCHOOL FNC training system and will debut soon enough. On August 21st 2016, FNC announced their group name to be SF9 (Sensational First 9). The members are Young Bin (Leader), In Seong, Jae Yoon, Da Won, Ju Ho, Ro Woon (he is the tallest one), Tae Yang, Hwi Young, and Cha Ni (Signal’s hyung), which all are too young for the trash noonas. But hey, noona romance is the trend right?


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