Shopping King Louise 3

Today’s editor’s pick for twatch (together watching) is Shopping King Louie. It’s already hitting the 3rd episode, and we’re gonna continue from there, but firstly first, we gotta feed Oni.

Oni : I’m going for snacks first LOL wait XD

Bannyah: Kay. BTW this drama is totally mwoya ige for me. Makes no sense but  Seo In Guk is cute with english and french

Oni : Bwahahahahhahaa. But I like it though it’s light and you dont have to think XD bwahahahha.

Bannyah: Yep its not annoying. its cutely light

Shopping King Louise Episode 3 Recap

With the title, “Her”, the episode is started with both guys said, “In my new beginning, she was there.”. Well they refered to Nam Ji Hyun who played as Go Bok Shil here. Continue from last episode, she left Seo In Guk (Louie/Ji Sung) for work and met her ginseng thief.


Oni: BTW I don’t know why I feel like the girl’s face kinda I don’t know how to say this like dirty? Like if someone wipe some cotton with make up remover it’d be totally dirty. LOL XD I don’t know if you got me or not.

Bannyah: OMG you reading my mind. I was thinking the same since ep1 XD

Oni: I know right???? I don’t know if they really make it like that since she’s from country side or its really her face like that.

Bannyah: Nah she’s pale. But they made her taned.

Oni: Oh okay then.


But if she was there with another guy, what happen to our adorable puppy at home then? Dun Dun Dun, he met his enemy, a bug who made him left his sanctuary and stayed outside in rainy day.


Outside, he met shabby neighbourhood hyung.  Funnily enough, that hyung was tax swindler whom Inguk met in another drama, called Squad 38. They had a hot photoshoot prior Shopping King (which is right after Squad 38), and it was asjksksfbsfwoofwoofwoof! The tax swindler greeted Inguk using the word “Hello Stranger” which is another title of Gukkie drama. A must watch drama, BTW although taek-ie is a bit creepy there.

Oni: LOL who is this stranger.

Bannyah: I don’t know

Oni: And ingukie just so happy following him XD

Bannyah: But LOLoLOL Their jacket. It’s the same

Oni: I know right? LOL LOL.

Gukkie and shabby neughbourhood hyung is immediately become closed friend. He asked Gukkie’s name and he told him that he didn’t know. But Uh Oh, I saw a hoodie (wo)man watching them.


Oni: I wonder if boknam is dead.

na do, Oni. I think he is though. whose body they buried for Louie’s funeral BTW?

The scene cut back to the previous episode, everyone in the office gossiping about their manager hitting Bokshil, and this combo is just perfect.


Meanwhile Gukkie the puppy and neighbourhood hyung is having a conversation over an odaeng bowl. Yep, Gukkie paid for it with the money Bok Shil left for him. So that’s why he was so nice to our Gukkie puppy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


In a hospital, Cha Joong Won who played by Yoon Sang Hyun watched Bok Shil the patient. Doctor said she had malnutrition. He finally realizes how poor her condition was and put her into the VIP room. BTW  I really like this guy in Kapdong. He was so hot as a detective, had a nice kiss scene too. I think I prefer him looking disheveled than a pretty look like this or the one in Secret Garden.


He met Bok Shil Ahjumma friend who rant about how mean people towards Bok Shil. Lol the guy is looking guilty, Mam. He is the one you talked about.

Bannyah: LOLLOLol  thrown in river. Looool ahjumma is good

Oni: Bahahhahaa I knooow

Bannyah: And why ko bok sil sounds familiar. Was someone before boksil

Oni: I dont think so? Not sure though wbahhaha. Since you watch a lot more dramas than me

Bannyah: I remembered webdrama . Cat’s name was boksil.

Oni: LOL LOL. Oooh Yoo Seung Ho’s cat?

Bannyah: Yeeeep. you see you know it LOL


Cha is not actually that bad. He paid for Bok Shil’s ginseng and he even promoted her to to a new department. Wow.

Bannyah: I want to get job like this. Boom and you have job

Oni: LOL. got to go to dramaworld bwahahhaa

Bannyah: LOLOLOLOl that would be cool.


Bok Shil then went home to a puppy waiting for her. The puppy was so happy for the food she brought home.

Oni:  Seo In Guk totally a puppy XD. Welcoming his master bwahahaha

Bannyah:  Seo In Guk so cute. He never was this cute to me LOLXD

Oni: LOL I know right?

Bannyah: I guess its puppy effect. Reminds me of my dogs. LOL

Oni: They are still alive right? Even with your parents leaving for vacation they are still alive, right? bwahahhaaha LOL LOL

Bannyah: Bwahahahhahahahha.


Puppy used his big mouth to eat outside. He reported to Bok Shil that a bug was taking their home as a hostage. He could not go inside. The angel Bok Shil saved his ass by throwing away the “nice bug”. Puppy has lost it, asking his master not to touch the bug. So cute.

Oni: But why inguk keep eating dirtily LOL


Bannyah: Ahahahhaha. I cant XD

Oni: Bwahahahhahahahaha

Bannyah: I cant. Nwahahahahahhahahha

Oni: OMG LOL I cant

Bannyah: Good I’m not drinking I’d spit for sure.

Oni: Last time was a whole new world, I was laughing so hard too

Bannyah: OMG me too.XDdddd

Oni: XD XD

For sure that scene gave sizzling effect to Puppy. He somewhat remembered Bok Shil’s face when she was threw away mountain snake. He asked if the two have met before, which got denied. Well, she was on TV Puppy-nim, she couldn’t see you.


Meanwhile, grandma was so heartbroken that she could not eat until Louie’s butler offered her the same food which he used to have.

Bannyah:Sunwoo omma

Oni: XD XD

Bannyah: I miss her perm.LOLXD


Seeing how defeated she was, Grandma’s Lady’s Maid threatened Louis’s butler to stay away from her master.

Oni: Bwahahaha LOL LOL LOL. So I guess butler ship is sailing LOL

A wild PoisonGiggles appeared

Poisongiggles: Omo sunwoo omma… Her hair…She’s awesome LOL

Bannyah: Looooooooooool


While his grandma ate an extravagant breakfast, Puppy and Bok Shil had theirs on a convenient store. Loaded with money, Bok Shil told him to accompany her for shopping. He was of course happy with the quest.

Oni: I thought louie suppose to be rich guy who eat classy-ly? LOL

Poisongiggles: Ewwww

Bannyah: He lost memory so eating like pig is fine. XD

Oni: LOL LOL. Well since hes cute I let it goXD

Poisongiggles: What is he supposed to be? Shoping centre chaebol?

Oni: Not sure what busineess his family is? But he’s a super chaebol who like to shop

Well Oni, my theory is: poor Louie eats sloppily because he was hungry. Simple. As a rich kid, he would never experience a thing called hungry because his grandma banned him to feel it. His butler will make sure that he always be full. So now, being poor he can’t contain his excitement to eat food, exotic ones at that because he never tried the poor people foods before.


They went for shopping, the only activity Louie good at. When they were there, all of the best goods were calling Louie, like the usual when he was that rich boy.

They stopped for eating, and curious Bok shil finally asked how he did all of that. Louie told her the truth only to be replied with, “You are crazy.”. Louie got the chance for good comeback when it was revealed that she didn’t know anything about the crazy expensive jacket.


They moved to the famous pretty woman scene, with both of them tried different clothes. My nice friends noticed how my oppa, Ingukie wore my internet initial in his jacket. Many Kamsa for remembering me, guys.

Oni: LOL screencap this. Inguki wearing jacket with “P” on it

Bannyah: LOLoLOL true

Oni: Bwahahahahahhaa

Poisongiggles: Omo P. LOL

P (4).png


Poisongiggles: Nam Ji Hyun dress looks like ds’s LOL. Gets slapped

Oni: I strangely feel okay with that comment LOL

Poisongiggles: LOL i’ve always felt ok with comments like that bwahhaahha. I just like to poke reactions from everyone.

Oni: Wbwahahhahaha

Poisongiggles: Nam Ji Hyun feels like seoul in “What happens to my family.”

I actually thinks so giggs, but I notice Bok Shil uses different satoori from Seoul.

P (8).png


The puppy asked his master to buy him a smartphone. It reminded Bok Shil of her brother who begged for the same item.

Bannyah: Buying note7 while being poor. How cute

Poisongiggles: It’s gonna explode

Oni: LOL bannyah its korean drama price.Bwahahahah

Bannyah: Still its expensive in korea too

Oni: The newest version is the cheapest

Bannyah: XD

Poisongiggles: Maybe they took a plan. Its cheap

Bannyah: Have they changed batery BTW? XD

Oni: LOL it might blow out.


Could not carry anything more, they went straight home even though the shopping was not done yet. Especially for the Royal Puppy who felt tired for the first time in his whole life.


They met Gukkie’s favourite hyung who said Jo Insung was his name. Yeah, right. He then took them to a convenient store and got their stuff delivered instead of being burden for both. It was a new world for Puppy and his Master.

Poisongiggles: What just hapened? Delivery? Makeup is crappy..

Oni: Yeah what just happened? LOL. Yes we were talking about that too

Poisongiggles: No, I think theyre using the cheaper camera. When ratings sky rocket then they get the pretty camera


Bok Shil made a quick visit to the police office and got disapointed when the detective said that her new phone would do nothing for finding Bok Nam.

Bannyah: What is going on with detective guy. Like when did they become this friendly

Oni: Bwahahah maybe cos she always come everyday finding boknam? Maybe. LOL.


Bok Shil decorated their home with all the goods she just bought, including a curtain as a separator between Puppy and Master’s rooms. Well puppy was not very happy about it.

S (1).png


The guy then proceed to complement Bok Shil. In Sung used the word diligent and Puppy thought Bok Shil would make a great maid. O-kay boy.


Bok Shil the maid then found the “special underwear”.

Bannyah: LOL. This one is the special underwear right?

Oni: Yep XDdd. Specially made for him with diamonds bwahahaha

Bannyah: He should talk in english again XDd

Oni: Yes yes

Which strangely gave them idea to call the puppy with the a name Louie.

Poisongiggles: Rooe-yah

Oni: Hahahahahahaa. But he got the name right so at least its getting easier to find him LOL

Poisongiggles: So rooey is his name. Cool.

Oni: Yes and he live in france XD

Poisongiggles: What do you call yourself if you got amnesia?

Oni: I don’t know, What about you? Do you have your name written in your undies?

Poisongiggles: Beahahahhha. reminds me of my undies as a kid… monday to sunday LOL

Oni: Bwahahahhahaha

Poisongiggles: Hi my name is monday

Oni: Friday and sunday is okay I think

Poisongiggles: LOL I pissed off my maid I think. I was like, I’m not wearing this. It’s not Monday today.Ewww this pair andwae


Bannyah: Wednesday is good name.Wednesday adams XD

Oni: Wednesday, so I’m goona call you wendy?

Bannyah: Naaaaah wendy is not it XD

Poisongiggles: LOL defeats the purpose of a perculiar name ahahha

Oni: LOL


Meanwhile Mari the White is having a dinner with her mom and dad. She asked about Louie’s birth secret (another kdrama cliche in case the writer forgot to give the main character an amnesia) which was answered “No” by her mother and left her dad in deep thought.

Poisongiggles: Oooh nice outfit

Oni: Ooh

Bannyah: Ooowh this guy ploted his death 100%

Poisongiggles: This ahjusshi is bad news since forever in Kdramas

Bannyah: I was right LOL

Dinner on the rooftop for BokShil and Louie was Samgyeopsal. Ooopps sawry, I meant dinner for The Neighbourhood Hyung. Well at least he paid for the food by teaching Bok Shil  his wrong knowledge about how companies work. Louie tried to correct him but the real focus there was the meat.

Poisongiggles: Omo yum

Oni: Damn.Hungry. I’m hungry eventhough I’m chewing food

Poisongiggles: I know.. Now I wanna eat meat. LOL

Oni: Yes meaaaat. damn ahjumma ahjussi bwahahhaha

Bannyah: Seriously  hate this when someone eats my food

Oni: I know right? dont touch my foodXD

Bannyah: I could kill for food. Not kidding XDddd

Oni: I believe you LOL

Their dinner got another uninvited guest in a form of Dongnae Hyung’s Mom. Encouraged by her pennyless son, she ate the meat while nagged a la Mother-in-law. Louie tried to defend their meat but he could only preserve 4 pityful pieces of meat.


At home, the meat thief still dare to belittle Bokshil and Louie.

LW3 (211).png

Before sleeping, Louie still tried to assure Bok Shil to trust him to find Bok Nam, her brother who likes to eat meat too.


The next morning was Bok Shil’s first day job at a new department. Louie found that thief Grandma’s dress gave old-fashion vibe for Bok Shil. You don’t say! Well, Bok Shil is too stuborn to be told to change her dress so he made a rose brooch for her instead. Bok Shil looked dugun dugun dugun when Louie put it in her dress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


At work, Cha Ginseng introduced Bok Shil to her coworker. So BokShil will work as an intern with 1 month probation.

Poisongiggles: Oska and Nam Ji Hyun will look terrible. He could be her father

Oni: yes Nam Ji Hyun and osca seems odd as a couple

Of course, the promotion of Bok Shil the cleaner into Bok Shil the intern shocked everyone. One of them went far  to suggest that their boss was probably fancy Bok Shil. Mari the White got even bigger shock. Well, I think shock face is her favourite expression so far.

LW3 (259).png


The people there then tried to figure out how suitable Bok Shil to work behind the desk for the boss to street-casted her. However Bok Shil wasn’t familiar with phone, computer or even online shopping. Cha Ginseng suddenly dropped by to order Bok Shil to buy coffee for him. It seemed like that was her real job-desk. The rest followed his lead and started to order their coffee to Bok Shil.  The simple task was even stressful for Bok Shil. Luckily, Mari the White was there to help her. Bok Shil fell in love with her right away.

Bannyah: This song again

Oni: It was played too before. While gukki staring at Nam Ji Hyun

Poisongiggles: Why do I feel the angel is gonna be a bish

Bannyah: Coz she is. LOL

Oni: Shes on her way to be that. LOL


Jobless Louie was browsing about Louise in their home and got interupted by  Dongnae Hyung to eat his lunch.

Poisongiggles: Damn their food looks good, even at this small icky tble

Bannyah: OMG this pisses me off

Oni: Cos he kept stealing his food?

Poisongiggles: Hes gross tho

Oni: He is

Bannyah: Yep I hate grabby people

Oni: LOL

Bannyah: Lmfao


During the lunch talk, it was revealed that Louie did not know simple housewares. He is for sure is the type of person who never did a kitchen task in his life, Hyung thought. There was only 3 possibilities for this to him, which are:

  1. Louie was locked and never saw the life outside his room for the rest of his life – dismissed because Louie exudes too luxurious feeling.
  2. Louie was sick – dismissed because he looked too healthy.
  3. Louie was rich kid who had everything ready for him

Bannyah: Screencap this for p

Oni: LOL I cant

Bannyah: Bwahahahahha

Oni: Bwahhahaha. Yes that one is correct

Aaaaand, that one is dismissed because he was so amazed at the cheap coffee.

Cha Ginseng’s parent was having a talk about other kids marriage over a funny-taste-food. They were hoping that their own kid would soon go to the altar.

Poisongiggles: Omo that gyeranmari looks good. Gotta learn how to make that LOL

Oni: Omma loves to cook but doesnt taste good.


Their son was actually with a girl BTW. Ah, a mandatory girl fell on top of a man scene. I like it.

Poisongiggles: Shes gonna break his back cos hes so old

Oni: LOL

The hug  left a somewhat impression to Cha Ginseng as he thought of her when he saw woman shoes. He remembered how old Bok Shil’s shoes were.

Bannyah: Halme style shoes

Oni: Bwahahha


At home, a Louie who was watching a tv remembered a little part of him. The tv was showing a road in French which Louie knew by the heart.

Dongnae Insung came later to introduce Bok Shil about a new company he founded and Bok Shil funded. It was a company to find Bok Nam who made her readily signed the paper. Louie is of course going to be one of the employee.

Poisongiggles: Did she even read the contract?

Oni: I know right? *sigh*

Poisongiggles: Feels like a fraud.

Insung bought his mom a meal after getting Bok Shil’s money. He bragged about being accepted into good company.

Bannyah: OMG I finally found something annoying about this drama. Beside making no sense, this ahjumma and son are nerve killers.

Oni: they are.


To our surprise, the next day they really did the job by giving fliers about Bok Nam to passerbys.


But not for long, shopping was their next adventure.

Poisongiggles: I want Seo In Guk’s sweater

Oni: XD. LOL what is it? oh my gd’s songXD

Oni: Please knock is betterXD

Poisongiggles: Yeah I like the pls knock one


After finding good clothes for him and Hyung, Louie was called by a penguin miniature. Strangely this cute little thing was a trigger for his  old memories to comeback. He was having a shock after this.


Grandma is in her magnificent backyard who kept her reminded about Louie. As a kid, Louie used to play with his dog named Koboshi in that very backyard. Too bad, that Koboshi and Louie is passed away now. . . or not.

Yeahahaha, nope because Louie was breathing fine in Bok Shil’s rooftop house. The shock he had after seeing the miniature made him lost his appetite, until Bok Shil cooked him another food. He said that he liked her while chewing it.

Oni: Bwahahhahahaa. Aigoooo spam!

At work, being a good worker she was, she browsed about her company and the family owner. She was so close to know that Louie is the heir of the company, JUST ONE LITTLE SCROLL. Sigh.

Poisongiggles: Hanul

Bannyah: Haneuuuuuuuuuul

Oni: Haneul? Oddie?

Bannyah: Hanul, I added “e”


Bannyah: LOL


Another good worker was Louie who rise first and yelled at Hyung to start working. Hyung took his sweet time to show up. Louie got a mysterious call who told him that they found his identity. The amnesia boy did not think twice when they said that his name is Song Joong Ki and readily paid something off to get his identification back. In case you did not notice, it was a scam.

Poisongiggles: Sjk LOL

Oni: Song joong ki. LOL

Bannyah: Bwahahahhahahahha

Oni: Noooooooooooooo. Damn

Bannyah: OMG he pissed me off now

Poisongiggles: Did amnesia make him stupid?

Oni: Goodness. He is so spoilt since his grandma afraid he’s gonna die

Poisongiggles: Why die? Is it a shaman again?

Oni: What was it again bannyah? LOL. His family cursed?

Bannyah: I forgot

Oni: Anyway he cant live near grandma.

Bannyah: Yep shaman told granny that she’s cursed.


Realisation came late and he felt so guilty that he left the house. He asked Bok Shil to not search for him in a little yellow note.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


He met a dog who was of course reminded him of his previous life. Mindlessly he call it “Koboshi”, and Go Bok Shil came up instead. Get it? Koboshi, Go Bok Shil.

Poisongiggles: Why calling a dog randomly? Lol.

End of the Episode

Poisongiggles: P is right. Too much frosting

Oni: Bwahhahahahaa. Yes its that kind of drama hahahhaa

Bannyah: This drama is all about frosting

Poisongiggles:  Seo In Guk should have a drama reunion with eunji

Oni: But if they do I feel like I’d still see them as their charcters in r97 XD

Poisongiggles: Let them be chaebols LOL

Oni: I want him to back being chaebol soon

Poisongiggles: Eunji as chaebol would be fun

Oni: But eunji has this poor girl vibe. LOL mian eunji

Poisongiggles: Yeah agree. Chaebol who gets mistaken for beggar

Oni: Yeah

Poisongiggles: And  Seo In Guk be poor guy mistaken for chaebol

 Well my thought about the drama until 3 episode I watched so far, is still nice. This drama has potential to be brain-consuming just by looking at the plot (rich boy-poor girl love, amnesia, inheritance thingy, Oh Noooo) but the direction made it lighter. I fancy the job for all comedic scenes, including all the CG to make it better. I also appreciate the characterisation in this drama. Except for mastermind of Louie’s accident, almost all of them has more than 2 sides in them. They look human. They look real. Look at Mari for example, as a second lead she has the potential to be a bish in later episodes (at least in another drama) but not really. She is ambitious at work, ambitious to marry the heir of of the company but she is also nice to a mere ex-cleaning lady, and comically love all the praises for her. She looks harmless for now, and I hope she would stay harmless. I once said to Poisongiggles that this drama has too much frosting (with Inguk’s cuteness as a cherry to topped the cake) but frankly, all the frosting are actually what make it better than similar dramas. This drama seems like a jab at them. A parody for an overused plot in kdrama. Or shall better known as a “homage.” A nice one for me, cos Inguk is such a love.





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