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Shopping King Louise 3

Today’s editor’s pick for twatch (together watching) is Shopping King Louie. It’s already hitting the 3rd episode, and we’re gonna continue from there, but firstly first, we gotta feed Oni.

Oni : I’m going for snacks first LOL wait XD

Bannyah: Kay. BTW this drama is totally mwoya ige for me. Makes no sense but  Seo In Guk is cute with english and french

Oni : Bwahahahahhahaa. But I like it though it’s light and you dont have to think XD bwahahahha.

Bannyah: Yep its not annoying. its cutely light

Shopping King Louise Episode 3 Recap

With the title, “Her”, the episode is started with both guys said, “In my new beginning, she was there.”. Well they refered to Nam Ji Hyun who played as Go Bok Shil here. Continue from last episode, she left Seo In Guk (Louie/Ji Sung) for work and met her ginseng thief.


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Debut : SF9

FUZZILA: OOT, (Out of Topic) Do you know park haeyoung brother in signal? Lee Jehoon’s brother in signal? He will debut in FNC as idol.

ONI: Owh hyung? I kinda forgot his face though lol omg forgive me, hyung hahahaha. But I probably remember him as soon as I saw him.

FUZZILA: wp-1471923697917.jpg

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Lucky Romance 10

Dalnim’s Diary


Dear Diary, you know that our Company is developing the IF Game right? Well, Depyonim chose Gary Choi as model, but I ask myself, “Why him?”. I mean, I know that he is the international tennis player with fans all over the world, but isn’t the Genius Je Suho a lot more attractive than him?

Today I had a smart thought. I will make my own IF Game. Of course, that man will be the model of my game. I should not say this with my own mouth, but this idea is really brilliant. I will develop it alone, and when it’s done I can show it to him. I hope he will like it, because I am going to make this game to be the best of all.

That’s why, I should follow that man everywhere. Don’t think the wrong way, this is only for the game. I know too little about the man. How can I make a game about that man, if I don’t know him well?  There aren’t too many pictures of him as well. I need pictures of him to make the best game character. I know, I won’t be able to capture the perfect smile he has, even with his pictures as guides, but without guide, it will probably worse, right? So, dear diary, this is not stalking without reason. This is  for the game, and the game only. Remember, I am not a stalker! I am not a… Oh god, give me strength…

Lucky Romance Episode 10 Recap

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Another Oh Haeyoung : A Quickie Review


Another Oh Haeyoung is a drama which airs every Mon-Tue in TVN. The premise is simple, about 2 women who share the same name and the misunderstanding surrounding them. Of course you should expect four ways romance, as usual. I was about to make a recap for this drama, but I don’t think I can commit. Well at least for now, because this drama has went to a crazier plot. I remember how much I loved this drama before. I recommended this drama for any k-drama lovers that I know and managed to get quite a handful people to watch it. I even made some memes about this drama in my tumblr. However I can do that no more, my love for this drama has decreasing. I will keep watching for this drama, hoping it will somehow become the fluffy show I remember, but I still can not promise for week to week recaps. So, let me do this in different way, a drama review.

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When trash unniedeul’s trying to branch out to football world, funny things happened. Check out our conversation when watching a match between Germany-Ukraine in European Championship 2016.

NUGU (1)


Fuzzyla : Neuer…Omoooo so handsome. Toera, watch with me!

Toera : hahahhahahahhaa.I’ll take a glimpse.

Fuzzyla : Schweini obsoooo. Yeah it’s okay to only catch glimpse. Football is not too important anyway.

Toera : I can tell you the score though.

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Kiss Meltdown I

Once upon a time, trash unniedeul were watching Lucky Romance episode 2 together.

Fuzzyla : LOL, this drama has epilogue for each episode.

PoisonGiggles : she slept on the teddy bear outdoors.

Fuzzyla : Oppa lips…

PoisonGiggles : He was about to leave her but he took her inside LOL.

Fuzzyla : I am so distracted with his lips.

PoisonGiggles : Bahahaha. Oppa.

shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz

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