Suho the Untrained Puppy


PoisonGiggles: I realize I love Lucky Romance for the fan following, not for the drama itself

Papuli: Yep…. I know right

PoisonGiggles: I’m looking forward to next episode just to see oppa’s cute face (of course) and the squeals that are gonna happen online bwhahaha

Papuli: Lucky Romance plot is everywhere and still nowhere. It’s all Yeolie and nothing else to be honest

PoisonGiggles: LOL I think I don’t care about plot anymore 😂  I’m just waiting to see what oppa can do. And then how we freak about his cuteness.. Then the cute gifs Continue reading


What Lucky Romance Could Have and Should Have Been


PoisonGiggles: Why only seduce on dates? She could have landed a tiger anytime in the day.

Oni: Why can’t she be full time seducing lol

Papuli: Yeah…That would be funny with Bonui being all over Suho 24/7

PoisonGiggles: Lol full time.. That job sounds fun Oni 😂

Oni: Yep, Pap. Like showing him some cleavage every time she enters the office 😂😂😂😂 Continue reading

Shim Bonui’s Wardrobe

Jjangyard unniedeul were having a wonderful time talking about how Gong Shim (Minah) of the drama Beautiful Gong Shim might be getting a makeover pretty soon and that lead to this…

2016-06-13 (9)

PoisonGiggles: Oooh a makeover. Hwang Jung Eum (who plays Shim Bonui on Lucky Romance) needs one.

Oni: OMG Yes, please. She desperately needs one.

PoisonGiggles: So that Suho will fall in love with her

Papuli: Hwang Jung Eum needs less baggy clothes

Oni: Burn those denim. Burn it. Continue reading

Lucky Romance Kiss Expectation

Oni: I think we might have a kiss tonight. *Cries*

Papuli: Hwang Jung Eum better open her mouth hahahaha

PoisonGiggles: And I think.. It’s going to be like the scene I drew 😂

Oni: LOL Yes, Papuli. If they kiss, might as well make it the best one ever Continue reading

Kiss Meltdown I

Once upon a time, trash unniedeul were watching Lucky Romance episode 2 together.

Fuzzyla : LOL, this drama has epilogue for each episode.

PoisonGiggles : she slept on the teddy bear outdoors.

Fuzzyla : Oppa lips…

PoisonGiggles : He was about to leave her but he took her inside LOL.

Fuzzyla : I am so distracted with his lips.

PoisonGiggles : Bahahaha. Oppa.

shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz shiz

Continue reading

Can Kim Jung Hwan Swim?


PoisonGiggles: We’re living on a cliff and the byeontae (pervert) lake is below. All we need to do is take one step and we fall in.

Bannyah: ooooo I like that sentence, it’s good 😆

Fuzzyla: Quote that sentence

Toera: The ratio of recap vs. innocent posts on the blog right now fits that sentence 😂

Papuli: PoisonGiggles…that is so good….the wordings Continue reading