Show Me The Money 5 Pt 1


The fifth season of Mnet’s rap survival show “Show Me The Money” started on May 13th. The show features producers Illionaire Records: Dok2 and The Quiett; YG Entertaiment:  Kush and Zion T.; AOMG: Simon Dominic and Gray; Gill of Leessang and Mad Clown. Continue reading


2 Days 1 Night episode 450

Part 2 of Ewha University Special

2016-06-20 (9).png

University Specials have never been my favourite on 2 Days 1 Night, or any other variety show program.  However, this episode in particular struck a chord with me.  The cast were to prepare a short lecture for students on any topic they like with their dinner on the line.  In this episode, only Yoon Shi Yoon, Deffcon and Kim Jung Min’s lectures were aired.  Three other lectures will be aired next week.

Let’s just cut to the chase.  I loved Yoon Shi Yoon’s speech and I am going to share the transcript. In true Jjangyard fashion, I will be making my comments in between as well. Continue reading

Infinite Challenge episode 485

2016-06-20 (4).png

The cast plus two Sams, Hammington and Okyere, were headed for Los Angeles to film with Jack Black but the shoot was cancelled so they had to think on their feet.  They turned it into an early Summer vacation that no one was excited to go on.  After all, their Hollywood summer got turned into a holy woods bummer. OK, bad pun, but they did go into the woods to find a river. Continue reading

Running Man episode 304

The cast from Doctors visits Running Man. We’ve got Park Shin Hye, Lee Kwang Soo’s girlfriend from It’s OK It’s Love Lee Sung Kyung, cute chef of Descendants of the Sun Kim Min Seok and Moo Hyul of Six Flying Dragons Yoon Gyun Sang.

First game has each team trying to transport an opponent’s queen across the platform in the pool.  The Queens defend by trying to attack their piggyback rides. Some strategies include:

The Facial Cleanser

Continue reading