Another Baeksang Fancam


PoisonGiggles: Jun Yeol oppa looks so happy XD I’m crazy XD
Ahh hand! Get out of the way.  Don’t block my oppa view
Hongie (Ahn Jae Hong)!!! Gummie (Park Bo Gum)! (Lee) DongHwi!
Oppa and Gummie are like meerkats straining their necks to see Shin PD
And tearing up cos of Noeul (Choi Seung Won) 😭 awww he really feels for Noeul
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Baeksang Fancam


PoisonGiggles: Imma break this replay button

Oni: Gosh, Shin PD move! 😂😂😂
Oh, it’s not Shin PD
Sorry 😂😂😂

PoisonGiggles: Fudge this fanvid!  It’s 4 minutes but I keep repeating at the 1 minute mark
I’ve repeated more that five times
Maybe ten
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