Another Oh Haeyoung : A Quickie Review


Another Oh Haeyoung is a drama which airs every Mon-Tue in TVN. The premise is simple, about 2 women who share the same name and the misunderstanding surrounding them. Of course you should expect four ways romance, as usual. I was about to make a recap for this drama, but I don’t think I can commit. Well at least for now, because this drama has went to a crazier plot. I remember how much I loved this drama before. I recommended this drama for any k-drama lovers that I know and managed to get quite a handful people to watch it. I even made some memes about this drama in my tumblr. However I can do that no more, my love for this drama has decreasing. I will keep watching for this drama, hoping it will somehow become the fluffy show I remember, but I still can not promise for week to week recaps. So, let me do this in different way, a drama review.

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