Shopping King Louise 3

Today’s editor’s pick for twatch (together watching) is Shopping King Louie. It’s already hitting the 3rd episode, and we’re gonna continue from there, but firstly first, we gotta feed Oni.

Oni : I’m going for snacks first LOL wait XD

Bannyah: Kay. BTW this drama is totally mwoya ige for me. Makes no sense but  Seo In Guk is cute with english and french

Oni : Bwahahahahhahaa. But I like it though it’s light and you dont have to think XD bwahahahha.

Bannyah: Yep its not annoying. its cutely light

Shopping King Louise Episode 3 Recap

With the title, “Her”, the episode is started with both guys said, “In my new beginning, she was there.”. Well they refered to Nam Ji Hyun who played as Go Bok Shil here. Continue from last episode, she left Seo In Guk (Louie/Ji Sung) for work and met her ginseng thief.


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