9 Years of FT. Island

Uhm, Hi…

Well, I am alone in this. I can’t expect more when I am talking about kpop. Anyway, this is a post about a pop-rock band called FT. Island. Yes, a band, not boyband, but still filled with cuties. Do you want proof? Let me take you to a video of FT. Island bassist, Lee Jaejin. here.

Cute right? Damn, yes he is (although, I prefer not in that hair colour). He is 91-liner, my same age (not) friend. He is also my bias in the group. In the video he was talking about FT Island 9th Anniversary. Damn, only 25 years old but already working in the industry for 9 years. How awesome! Well, I am not gonna make a recap about the video. If I make one, you won’t watch it. So, I am gonna talk more about the band and it’s awesomeness. Continue reading