Lucky Romance 11

Confession: Only one trash unnie has watched this episode with subs so this will be a rant-cap.  Because I feel lonely.  If you can’t take rants, stay out. The spazz is an add-on from other unniedeuls while they read this rant-cap or watch short clips.  We shall call this Imaginary Spazz.

Lucky Romance Episode 11 Recap

We have a replay of the kiss from last episode to remind us where we left off – as if we need another reminder.  Our replay buttons have broken, there are scrunched up tissues on the floor and a barf bag on the side for emergency use. Suho kisses Bonui passionately as she stands there enjoying the kiss like a Totem pole and when she regains motor function she pushes him away.  Jjangyard unniedeul need to have a word with Bonui. Do you see the line up of girls wanting to kiss Je Suho/Ryu Jun Yeol?  

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Suho the Untrained Puppy


PoisonGiggles: I realize I love Lucky Romance for the fan following, not for the drama itself

Papuli: Yep…. I know right

PoisonGiggles: I’m looking forward to next episode just to see oppa’s cute face (of course) and the squeals that are gonna happen online bwhahaha

Papuli: Lucky Romance plot is everywhere and still nowhere. It’s all Yeolie and nothing else to be honest

PoisonGiggles: LOL I think I don’t care about plot anymore 😂  I’m just waiting to see what oppa can do. And then how we freak about his cuteness.. Then the cute gifs Continue reading

Lucky Romance 10

Dalnim’s Diary


Dear Diary, you know that our Company is developing the IF Game right? Well, Depyonim chose Gary Choi as model, but I ask myself, “Why him?”. I mean, I know that he is the international tennis player with fans all over the world, but isn’t the Genius Je Suho a lot more attractive than him?

Today I had a smart thought. I will make my own IF Game. Of course, that man will be the model of my game. I should not say this with my own mouth, but this idea is really brilliant. I will develop it alone, and when it’s done I can show it to him. I hope he will like it, because I am going to make this game to be the best of all.

That’s why, I should follow that man everywhere. Don’t think the wrong way, this is only for the game. I know too little about the man. How can I make a game about that man, if I don’t know him well?  There aren’t too many pictures of him as well. I need pictures of him to make the best game character. I know, I won’t be able to capture the perfect smile he has, even with his pictures as guides, but without guide, it will probably worse, right? So, dear diary, this is not stalking without reason. This is  for the game, and the game only. Remember, I am not a stalker! I am not a… Oh god, give me strength…

Lucky Romance Episode 10 Recap

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Lucky Romance 8

Lucky Romance Episode 8 Recap

Suho worries about Bonui’s farewell messages to everyone while Bonui spends the night by the Han River. Suho does a search by the river and spots a girl with short hair, wearing dress over jeans but it’s not Bonui, it’s just a same dress sense girl. Gewi is pretending not to worry but also looks for her while Bonui is actually by a different river bank thinking about Bora and her parents. Continue reading

With Your Lips Clamped Shut ….. Lucky Kiss ♥♥♥

p = ρgd (p = atmospheric pressure ( 101,325 Pa);ρ = density (of water) ( 1000 kg/m^3 );g = gravity (9.81 m/s^2);d = depth)  , is this what he is thinking? The ability of human lungs to suck in air, the energy exerted in this act, the running out of air, the gasp when the lips tighten over me, making me struggle within. Continue reading

What Lucky Romance Could Have and Should Have Been


PoisonGiggles: Why only seduce on dates? She could have landed a tiger anytime in the day.

Oni: Why can’t she be full time seducing lol

Papuli: Yeah…That would be funny with Bonui being all over Suho 24/7

PoisonGiggles: Lol full time.. That job sounds fun Oni 😂

Oni: Yep, Pap. Like showing him some cleavage every time she enters the office 😂😂😂😂 Continue reading

Lucky Romance 7


Lucky Romance Episode 7 Recap

As we forecast a kiss in this episode, we trash unniedeul had mixed feelings when we started watching the show. We are absolutely torn: we are extremely jealous to the point of wanting to stop the kiss and are a little excited to see the kiss though most would strongly deny it. The following is just the tip of the iceberg of our condition before the show and this pretty much lasted throughout the episode.

PoisonGiggles: Scared and nervous
Oni: Oh god here it is
PoisonGiggles: Omigahhhhhhhhhhh
Fuzzyla: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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Lucky Romance Kiss Expectation

Oni: I think we might have a kiss tonight. *Cries*

Papuli: Hwang Jung Eum better open her mouth hahahaha

PoisonGiggles: And I think.. It’s going to be like the scene I drew 😂

Oni: LOL Yes, Papuli. If they kiss, might as well make it the best one ever Continue reading