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Who we are and what we think about each other



About myself: A nice person who live well with many oppas. Liking Ryu Junyeol, Seo Inguk, and Joowon, in actor section, and for kpop boybands (means that I like all members in it.) FT Island, Shinhwa, and Beast. I think I like too many oppas. Mian not mian.
PoisonGiggles: OMG YOU GUYS. That says it all. Our dramatic and lovable news hunter.
Oni: The rainbow cake. Loud and spazzy unnie but fluffy and delicate inside. Have a long bias list and a selfshipper. A caring person, a great info digger and excel at compiling.
Papuli: Chaos trumps serenity when it comes to her love for her K-Oppas. Adorable, fiesty, humourous and oh so stubborn for her sexy oppas. Byeontae level mild to simmering, only when the need be.
Bannyah: Drama queen, great coy in disguise.  Head manizer in K-land, owns oppas and ahjusshis harem.
Toera: Will share THE Oppa if it’s your birthday, other oppas more frequently cause deep down she’s too kind.

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About myself: Giggle, chuckle, snicker, cackle.  Life’s too short so have some fun.  What am I?  I want to be everything, tries anything, but yet am nothing.  At times, an unintentional fanfic writer.
Fuzzyla: Artistically makes you giggle.
Oni: The Popcorn. Can be both salty and sweet like caramel. Very fun and addicting.  Oppa spazzing donggap-unnie-partner and the meme princess. Uri rising star. Joo Won trash.
Papuli : The quintessential chameleonic charm that illuminates a diabolical possibility of a girl gone wild with her lavender dreams, giggling, chuckling and snickering her way into an artistically comical fandom. Uri yeoja #1.
Bannyah: Unnie frequently mistaeken as donggap. Girl with a nice sense of humor and we both have (same) great taste. 😆
Toera: Genius ideas, guaranteed giggles, and moar. No.1 trends leader.


About myself: RYU || GD || GRAY. The gummy bear. A human chibby that thirst for a lil growth. Very pure, innocent, and hate onions. Ryu Jun Yeol trash.
Fuzzyla: Innocently funny in byeontae things.
PoisonGiggles: Our snacking princess and milk drinker hoping for a growth spurt. She’s innocent like a banana without its peel. My neighbour in our oppa bubble.
Papuli: My silent partner in byeontae crime. A social media whizkid with sleeping patterns akin to a bat, her thirst for Ryu Jun Yeol never seems to cease even with cartons of milk gulped angrily. She may hate onions, but she ain’t innocent. Bare chested Ryu Jun Yeol photos are my witnesses.
Bannyah: Ryu blind.  Thumbelina who will climb oppa and take him on ferris wheel ride. Peeled onions hiding behind bwahahaha milk innocence.
Toera: Innocent till proven byeontae, hungry till the end of time, awesome PD.



About myself: A coquettish cat enticing butterflies with a flapping leaf. A mask within a mask. Two prying minds and one untamed heart ardently exploring the magical depths of K-Oppa /Oppa-Ahjussi ville and then some.
Fuzzyla: A cool unnie to go byeontae with.
PoisonGiggles: Papuli will open your eyes to a whole new world – underground – in her men harem. She reminds us that we’re more worthy than those handsome pieces of walking men statues. Always.
OniThe chocolate truffle. Traditionally made with byeontae ganache center coated in incognito. The queen of multitasking. An unnie I have a lot to learn from. I bow before her
Bannyah: Byeontae master. Knows how to love her ahjussis right 😃 One of the girls *parody of one of the guys* 😆 and my loyal shipper ❤
Toera: Great insights, even greater memes of oppa sights.



About myself: I’m prettier than all those oppas and dongsaengs you call prettier then yourselves *bwahahahahahahaha*. I know how to hate and I hate good LOL
Fuzzyla: A pretty kindhearted no-person.
PoisonGiggles: Cool and confident in regular mode.  Hilarious and entertaining in hate mode. Stingy with her I-love-yous but you know she loves much.
Oni:The frozen yogurt. She can do soft and sweet but her best is when she’s cold and sour. Uri tall ssen unnie with coffee addiction.  An ulzzang and she knows it. Kang Ha Neul trash.
Papuli: Calls a spade a spade.  As candid as a mirror, never mincing her words and loves and hates with as much conviction, come what may. The pretty, sexy tsundere whose loyal love for Kang Ha Neul turned me into an enthusiatic #vaneul shipper.
Toera: The only thing better than her good mood is her kraken mood.


About myself:
Fuzzyla: A Way too modest person for her actual worth.
PoisonGiggles: She has you rolling on the floor with one line and laugh till you cry with her wit
Oni: The golden opulence sundae. Every line that came from her is gold. Very rich with her comments.  An unnie who has the best diversion skill with her cute sulky circle avatar.
Papuli: Forever the Louise to my Thelma. Enigmatic and witty, who not only pose mind baffling questions, but her holistic approach to the theory of two bulls among several cows in the cattle shed is commendable and highly recommended.
Bannyah: She visited legendary Urk land from Descendants of The Sun.  Don’t let her cute sulky avatar fool you; a wise person hides behind it, knows her one liners and is best with it.


About myself:
Fuzzyla: Will make you flattered with her sugar-y words.
PoisonGiggles: Words that feels like a warm hug and a sweet soul to the core.  Though rare, if you hit the right spot, you can make her rant.
Oni: The chocolate lava cake. Warm and sweet.  Very gentle and full of kind words. Gonna support you no matter what. An unnie you seek when you want an advice or a hug.
Papuli: If  Disney ever embarks on making a movie on the sweetest, endearing , caring and most sensible person, I would gladly suggest Ballad’s name in a heartbeat. As calm as a summer sea, she could very well sing and make flowers spring out from the ground. Ramyun is her go-to food when deeply buried in K-drama viewings.
Bannyah: Nice emotional unnie with sweet words.  Shes cheesier than any cheese you’ve ever tasted.  She prefers her chicken fresh and young.
Toera: Wise when she has to, sweet at all times. Our candy unnie.